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Acadia Parish Arts Council Collection

Collection 280

Acadia Parish Arts Council. Collection, 1979-1987, n.d.

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The Acadia Parish Arts Council was a local chapter of the Acadiana Arts Association (now Acadiana Center for the Arts). The APAC was a non-profit organization whose purpose was to promote, develop, support, encourage, and advance the local art community. Mildred (Mitzi) Kiesel was the treasurer for APAC from 1979-1988. She kept the account books for her husband’s electric company and for a number of organizations that she was involved in. Mitzi was born in Brooklyn New York on May 13, 1923. She moved to Crowley Louisiana in 1947 with her husband Fred Kiesel. They had three boys, Alan, Eric and Brian. Mitzi lived in Crowley until her passing on May 28, 2006.

This collection contains financial records, correspondence, programs, pamphlets, news clippings, by-laws, tickets to performances, invitations, and artifacts from the Acadia Parish Arts Council.

Donated by Alan Kiesel.


A. By-laws 1-01
B. General Records 1-02 thru 1-04
C. Financial Records 1-05 thru 2-10
D. Correspondence 2-11
E. Programs 2-12 thru 2-15
F. Documents 2-16 thru 2-19
G. Publicity 2-20 thru 2-26
H. Miscellaneous 2-27 thru 2-30
I. Artifacts Box 3


Box 1  
1-01 By-laws: Facts about Acadia Arts Council, n.d.
1-02 General Records: member information: directories, lists, meeting booklets, 1980, n.d.
1-03 General Records: Rules: International Rice Festival, Arts/Craft show, 1982
1-04 General Records: Schedules, Arts in Education, 1981-1986
1-05 Financial Records: financial notes, 1981-1982, n.d.
1-06 Financial Records: financial notes, 1982-1987
1-07 Financial Records: budgets, 1979-1985
1-08 Financial Records: dues collected, 1986-1987
1-09 Financial Records: expenses, 1978-1982
1-10 Financial Records: expenses, 1983-1984
1-11 Financial Records: expenses, 1985
Box 2  
2-01 Financial Records: expenses, 1986-1987
2-02 Financial Records: First National Bank of Crowley, deposit slips, 1979-1983
2-03 Financial Records: First National Bank of Crowley, deposit slips, 1984-1987
2-04 Financial Records: First National Bank of Crowley, bank statements, 1981-1982
2-05 Financial Records: First National Bank of Crowley, bank statements, 1982-1987
2-06 Financial Records: Acadia Savings & Loan, bank statements, 1983-1987
2-07 Financial Records: First National Bank of Crowley, checks, 1979-1983
2-08 Financial Records: First National Bank of Crowley, 1983-1984
2-09 Financial Records: First National Bank of Crowley, checks, 1984-1986
2-10 Financial Records: First National Bank of Crowley, checks, 1984-1987
2-11 Correspondence: 1979-1987
2-12 Programs: Workshop, “Legal and Accounting considerations managing a nonprofit, cultural organization,” 1981
2-13 Program: “CART: Community Artists Residency Training”, n.d.
2-14 Program: Workshop, “Fundraising Techniques”, n.d.
2-15 Program: programs, 1978-1987
2-16 Documents: Grant Application, 1987-1988
2-17 Documents: Grants Program Trends Triennial Report, 1985
2-18 Proposal: AAC to provide half the expenses for band camp scholarship
2-19 Documents: Louisiana Arts Council, update (funding cuts), 1982
2-20 Publicity: Pamphlets, n.d.
2-21 Publicity: Le’ Guide, January/February 1982
2-22 Publicity: USL…for Today, Tomorrow, the Future; USL Foundation, n.d.
2-23 Publicity: “Disabled USA”, volume 4, no.8, 1981
2-24 Publicity: Newsletters, 1981-1985
2-25 Publicity: News clippings, 1981-1985
2-26 Publicity: CAA Yearbooks, 1980-1986
2-27 Miscellaneous: Calendars, 1982, 1987
2-28 Miscellaneous: Cards, business cards, member cards, membership drive cards, RSVP cards, n.d.
2-29 Miscellaneous: Tickets, 1982-1987
2-30 Miscellaneous: Invitations, 1983-1986