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A. Otis Hebert, Jr. Collection

Collection 277

Hebert, A. Otis, Jr. (1930–1976). Collection, 1960–1976, n.d.

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A. Otis Hebert, Jr. was born in Abbeville, Louisiana on September 22, 1930. He married Elsie Stallworth and had two stepsons. He was a graduate of Abbeville High School in 1948, salutatorian in the class of 98 students. He attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and received a B.A. in Social Science Education in 1952. In July 1952, he entered the U.S. Army and served for two years. In 1958 he received a M.Ed. and a M.A. in History from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. His thesis was entitled: “History of Education in Colonial Louisiana”. Hebert died October 9, 1976, and is buried in Resthaven Cemetery, Baton Rouge.

Hebert taught at Nicholls State University, 1963-1966 and was Director of the Louisiana Department of Archives and Records, 1966-1974. From 1974 to 1976 he was Director of the Center for Acadian Folklore and Culture at USL.

Hebert authored several publications and was active in professional organizations including the Louisiana Historical Association, Society of American Archivists and the Society of Southwest Archivists.

This collection consists of folklore materials, correspondence, photographs, etc. pertaining to folklore in Louisiana.


A. Folklore 1-01 through 1-11
B. Oral History 1-12 through 1-13
C. Writings 1-14 through 1-43
D. Correspondence 2-01
E. Grants 2-02
F. General Records 2-03
G. Biography 2-04
H. Photographs 2-05
I. Publicity 2-06 through 2-15
J. Miscellaneous 2-16 through 2-17


Box 1    
1-01 Folklore: Acadian Folklore Center: report and proposal, 1975
    Includes correspondence, new release, etc.
1-02 Same: Acadian Folklore Center: correspondence, 1975
1-03 Same: Acadian Folklore Center: list of volunteers, 1975
1-04 Same: Acadian Folklore Center: oral history interview information, n.d.
    Includes handwritten and blank forms
1-05 Same: Acadian Folklore Center: workshop, n.d.
    Includes a list of programs
1-06 Same: Center for Louisiana and Acadian Studies, bylaws, 1975-76
1-07 Same: Louisiana Folklore Society, meetings, 1974-75
    Includes programs
1-08 Same: Louisiana Folklore Society, annual reports, 1975
1-09 Same: American Folklore Society, correspondence, 1975
1-10 Same; Miscellaneous, graduate study in folklore, 1974, n.d.
    Includes material from The University of Texas at Austin, 1974
    Includes material from The Indiana University Folklore Archives, n.d.
    Includes material from French Folklore in North America (no other information available)
1-11 Same: Miscellaneous, poems, songs, and stories, recipes, n.d.
    Includes Louisiana Gumbo, by C.H. Dillemuth, recipe
    Includes Louisiana French Folk Songs by Irene Therese Whitfield
    Includes miscellaneous songs
1-12 Oral History: Information sheets/; Bibliography material, 1976, n.d.
    Includes Lafourche Heritage, oral history information sheets
    Includes Bibliography for the Small Oral History Project, compiled by Willa K. Baum, University of California, Berkeley.
    Includes Communaute Radiophonique des Programmes de Langue Francais, bylaws, 1976
    Includes USL Oral History handwritten notes
1-13 Same: Interview forms, location unidentified, 1975
    Lawtell Players (Rural Black French Band)
    Teresa Hughes - Tatter
    Wilmer Blanchard - Pirogue- Bateau Builder
    Richard Waguespack - Duck Decoy maker
    Acadian Weavers
    Syrup Making
    Fiddle Maker
    Black Smithing
    Aldus Mouton and the Wardering aces (White Modern french Band)
    Accordian Maker (Fiddler/Accordian player/BBQ cook)
    Mardi Gras Clown/Hog Butcher
    Cajun Singer Songwriter
    Cat Fishermen/Trapper
    Crawfishing (generally)
    Coteau-Cajun Rock Band
    Auctioneer - Rodeo Announcer
    D.L. Menard and the Louisiana Aces (modern French band) and chair-maker
    Old Time Black French Duo - Carriere’ Bros.
    Balfa Freres (Modern & Old time white french band)
    Clifton Chenier - Commercial Zydeco
    Ivory Semienes Blurs Band (Ghetto Blues, Houston, TX)
    The Cajun Ramblers (youthful modern white french band)
1-14 Writings: Folk Medicine, typescript and handwritten, n.d.
1-15 Same: Folklore in the Louisiana Union Catalog, by Margaret Taylor Lane, 1968
1-16 Same: The Folklore Institute, fall of 1973
1-17 Same: Life in Acadiana (Student Text), 1975-76
1-18 Same: Life in Acadiana (Teacher’s Guide), 1975-76
1-19 Same: Documentation of Contemporary Acadian Culture, a project of the University of Southwestern Louisiana, n.d.
1-20 Same: Critique of Life in Acadiana, (student text and teacher’s guide), n.d.
1-21 Same: Maison Acadienne-Francaise, n.d.
1-22 Same: Cajun Food, n.d.
1-23 Same: The Acadians of Southwest Louisiana, n.d.
1-24 Same: An Archives comes of Age, n.d.
1-25 Same; Superstitions, n.d.
1-26 Same: The Acadians - A Rebel of Breed?, by Glenn R. Conrad, n.d.
1-27 Same: [Acadians], by Baker, n.d.
1-28 Same: The Study of Ethic Minority Groups, n.d.
    Includes typescript and hand written
1-29 Same: The French-American Folklore of St. John the Baptist Parish and Lafourche Parish, by David Ross Bright, Austin, TX - Univ. of Texas
1-30 Same: Louisiana Folksongs, n.d.
    Collected by Dr. Harry Oster, Dept. of English, LSU
    Collected by William A. Owens, Lafayette Parish
1-31 Same: Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulet, by Jarilyn Dupont, 1972
    The University of Texas at Austin
1-32 Same: Cajun Dialect in Folklore, by Christie Smith, 1969
    The University of Texas at Austin
1-33 Same: The Folktale as a Reflection of Culture, 1969
    The University of Texas at Austin
1-34 Same: The Von Netzer Legend - Louisiana Composite Folklore, by Fanchon Lunin, 1967, The University of Texas at Austin
1-35 Same: A Year in Alsatian D’Hanis, by Louis J. Fohn, 1964
    The University of Texas at Austin
1-36 Same: The Folklore of Acadiana, by Patricia Rickels, n.d.
1-37 Same: Music, n.d.
1-38 Same: Cuisine in Acadiana, by Patricia Rickels, n.d.
1-39 Same: The Acadians, the Ethnic Survival, n.d.
1-40 Same: Acadian Folk Culture, n.d.
1-41 Same: Projects, n.d.
1-42 Same: A Sample of North Louisiana Folklore and Legend, by Morgan D. Peoples, n.d.
1-43 Same: Cheniere: The Destruction of a Community, by E. Charles Plaisance University of Mississippi, n.d.
Box 2    
2-01 Correspondence: 1975, n.d.
2-02 Grants: June 10 - September 11, 1975
2-03 General Records: list of names and addresses, handwritten notes, etc.
2-04 Biography: A. Otis Hebert, Jr.
    Includes Professional Vita, Certificate, travel request (USL), etc.
2-05 Photographs: unidentified, n.d.
2-06 Newspaper Clippings: 1960-1974
2-07 Same: 1975-1976
2-08 Newsletters: Administrative Bulletin, USL, September 1975-April 1976
2-09 Same: The American Folklore Newsletter, 1974-1976
    The University of Texas at El Paso
2-10 Other: National Film Board of Canada, n.d.
    Includes materials related to...
2-11 Article: Southwest Louisiana, n.d.
    Includes articles from journal
2-12 Publication: Acadiana Profile, volume 2, no.1, March/April 1970
2-13 Same; Breaux Bridge, Arnaudvile, Cecilia, Henderson, Parks Telephone Directory, July 1966; Mais, Jamais de la Vie!, a folklore collection, January 1976
2-14 Same: Mountain Memories, volume 1, no.1, December 3, 1971
    Appalachian Oral History Project, at Alice College, Pippa Passes, KY
2-15 Same: The Conservation of Books and Papers, by Willman Spawn, n.d.
    Costumes of Acadiana, 1755 Acadian Bicentennial Celebration, 1955
    Congressional Record, Proceedings and Debates of the 93rd Congress, Second session
    Bulletin, National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., v.3, no.3 November 1975
2-16 Miscellaneous: flyer, Les Presses De L’Universite Laval, Les Archives de Folklore, n.d.; Acadians of Louisiana, 200th Anniversary, 1755- Acadian Bicentennial - 1955
2-17 Same: blank forms, (folklore), Christmas card, etc., n.d.