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Louisa Nixon Photographs

Collection 264

Nixon, Louisa ( – ). Photographs, 1912–1950

1 ft.

Jeannette (Mrs. John W.) Lundy, Louisa Nixon’s grandmother, purchased a house in the 1940s. These items were found in the attic. Except for the Hadacol tokens, all are photographs.


  1. West Hutchinson, Crowley, showing Catholic Church and stand pipe.
  2. Pieux fence, Mermentau.
  3. Jean Castex Home. Photographed in 1978.
  4. Portrait of John H. Fendrich, from National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, vol.G, p.418.
  5. Portrait of unidentified young man. F.F. Carter, Lafayette, La., photographer.
  6. Trade Wind Hotel, Last Island, La. (copy).
  7. 3 snapshots taken by Wilmot Dalferes:
    a. Rural house with pieux fence, group on porch
    b. Yard with azaleas
    c. Azaleas
  8. Louisiana Association of Acadians on pilgrimage to Nova Scotia, 1930. Group at White House with President Herbert Hoover.
  9. Panoramic photograph of men mostly on horseback, wearing sashes. Some hold lances. Other men standing in front are in courir-type costumes. Early tournoi?
  10. Louisiana Tax Commission in Session, Aug. 12, 1912. Ewing, Baton Rouge, photographer.
  11. Negatives, safety film.
  12. Hadacol tokens, 1948, 1950.