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Seola Arnaud-Edwards Collection

Collection 257

Arnaud-Edwards, Seola (1913-1977). Collection, 1950s-1960s, 1999

1½ feet; 11 volumes

Seola Arnaud-Edwards was a native of Arnaudville, Louisiana. She compiled and published a book of photographs taken by the Rev. Daniel L. Bernard, former Pastor of St. Francis Regis Catholic Church in Arnaudville.

Father Bernard, a native of Broussard, came to Arnaudville in 1938 when he was named assistant pastor at the Church. In 1944 he was named Pastor. He was an avid amateur photographer. In the 1950s and 1960s, he trained his lens on parishioners getting baptized, celebrating Christmas, staging plays, holding Mardi Gras balls, making first communion, singing in the choir, performing weddings, and much more. After his death, the photographs were preserved and assembled by Ms. Arnaud-Edwards into Father Bernard’s Parish Album, which was published in 1999.

This collection consists of all the negatives, positive prints, and identification of each photograph. A copy of the finished product is also included in this collection.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Seola) Edwards of The Woodlands, Texas donated the collection, which was delivered by Dr. Florent Hardy of the Louisiana State Archives.


A. Book Material Box 1
B. Negatives Box 2
C. Volumes Volumes 1-11


Box 1  
Father Bernard’s Parish Album
1-01 Book: layout material, 10/1999
1-02 Book: Blue Line (part 1)
1-03 Book: Blue Line (part 2)
1-04 Book: Blue Line (part 3)
1-05 Book: First copy (part 1)
1-06 Book: First copy (part 2)
1-07 Book: First copy (part e)
Box 2  
Father Bernard’s Parish Album
Negatives for photographs that are published in book.
Father Bernard’s Parish Album
Volume 1: Miscellaneous, pages beginning with the cover through page 60.
Volume 1a: Arnaudville Historical Society: negatives of batch 1 thru batch 6d; positive photographs included also.
Volume 2: Miscellaneous, pages 61 thru 121.
Volume 3: Weddings: pages 122 thru 188.
Volume 4: Weddings: pages 189 thru 229. Photos from 1950s-1960s.
Volume 5: Plays: pages 230 thru 310. Plays, photos from the 1950s-1960s.
Volume 5a: Weddings, 1950s-1960s. Msgr. Bob Angelle, negatives of weddings
Volume 6: Children – Index, pages 331 thru 441.
Volume 7: St. Catherine Church, 1950s-60s
Volume 7a: St. Catherine Church, 1950s-60s (copy)
Volume 8: Published book: Father Bernard’s Parish Album. Compiled by Seola Arnaud-Edwards. (hard bound copy)