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Cahanin Store Ledgers

Collection 241

Cahanin Store Ledgers, 1838–1840, 1847–1850

2 volumes

This collection consists of two ledgers from the Cahanin Store in Opelousas. Volume 1, dated 1838-1840, contains 480 pages.

The second ledger is dated December 1847 to 1850 and contains 549 pages. This manuscript kept the sales record of a general store, with many thousands of named accounts and what they bought. There are over 10,000 entries for such products as whiskey, tobacco, quinine, wines, clothing, fabrics, and much more.

Volume 1 was donated by Linnie C. Herpin. Volume 2 was purchased from Charles Apfelbaum Rare Manuscripts & Archives.


A. Ledgers Box 1 & 2


Box 1
Ledger: Cahanin Store Ledger, 1838-1840. 480 pages
Box 2
Ledger: Cahanin Store Ledger, 1847-1850. 349 pages