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Raymond S. Rodgers Collection

Collection 229

Rodgers, Raymond S. (1935–2007). Collection, 1966–1972, n.d.

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Raymond Spencer Rodgers was born in Great Britain and spent most of his adult life in Canada. He received his doctorate in public law from Columbia University. In 1966 he began teaching political science at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), where he became involved in the movement to save the Cajun French dialect which was in danger of being lost. He was appointed by Governor John McKeithen to map out the Quebec-Louisiana Cultural Agreement, and was appointed a member of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) by its first President, James R. Domengeaux. Rodgers left Louisiana in 1968 to teach at the University of Winnipeg. He died in 2007.

This collection consists of materials dealing with CODOFIL and French in Louisiana. Included in this collections are his writings and correspondence, organization minutes, by-laws, publications, and reports dealing with French in Louisiana. His paper entitled Political Economy Aspects of the Survival of French in Louisiana was given at Louisiana Academy of Sciences.

Raymond S. Rodgers donated this collection.


A. Correspondence 1-01 through 1-25
B. General Records 1-26 through 1-30
C. Publications 2-01 through 3-10
D. Reports 3-11 through 3-16
E. Programs 3-17
F. Speeches 3-18 through 3-20
G. Biography 3-21
H. Documents 3-22
I. Minutes 4-01 through 4-04
J. By-laws, Regulations, etc. 4-05 through 4-08
K. Legislature 4-09 through 4-11
L. Photographs 4-12
M. Writings 4-13 through 4-19
N. Miscellaneous 4-20 through 4-24


Box 1
    [INCOMING: Letters to Rodgers; OUTGOING: Letters from Rodgers;
OTHER: Letters to other people besides Rodgers]
    1-01 Correspondence: General, 1965 [incoming]
    1-02 Acadiana, 1966 [incoming]
    1-03 University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1966 [incoming/outgoing]
    1-04 Personal, 1966-1968 [incoming/outgoing/other]
    1-05 Tourism Project, 1966-1968, n.d. [incoming/outgoing]
    1-06 General, 1966 [incoming]
    1-07 Acadiana, 1967 [incoming/outgoing]
    1-08 Washington, 1967 [incoming/outgoing/other]
    1-09 Louisiana, 1967-70, n.d. [incoming/outgoing/other]
    1-10 University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1967 [incoming/outgoing/other]
    1-11 General, 1967 [incoming]
    1-12 General, 1967 [outgoing]
    1-13 General, 1967 [other]
    1-14 Acadiana, 1968 [incoming/outgoing/other]
    1-15 Washington, 1968 [incoming/outgoing/other]
    1-16 University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1968, n.d. [incoming/outgoing/other]
    1-17 General, 1968 [incoming]
    1-18 General, 1968 [outgoing]
    1-19 General, 1968 [other]
    1-20 General, 1969 [incoming/outgoing]
    1-21 General, 1970 [incoming/outgoing]
    1-22 General, 1972 [incoming/outgoing]
    1-23 Acadiana, n.d. [incoming/outgoing/other]
    1-24 Washington, n.d. [incoming/other]
    1-25 General, n.d. [incoming/outgoing/other]
  B. General Records
    1-26 General Records: Washington, St. Martinville Post Office Acquisitions, n.d.; invitation, Lions Club of St. Martinville, 17 October 1968
    1-27 Louisiana, invitation, Communique Conpoint, 11 Septembre 1969
    1-28 University of Southwestern Louisiana, Louisiana State Board of Education, College Salary Schedule, 6 August 1966
    1-29 Acadiana, directory listing for mayor’s office planning meeting, n.d.
    1-30 General, list of organizations, Rencontre, 1969; directory listing for The Ways and Means Committee, n.d.
Box 2
  C. Publications
    2-01 Publications: Press release, “Communique”, 24 January 1969
    2-02 Press release, “Communique”, 29 June 1970, 2 July 1970, 14 January 1971
    2-03 Clippings, Feb. 1966- Dec. 1967, n.d.
    2-04 Clippings, General, Jan. 1968- April 1968
    2-05 Clippings, General, May 1968- August 1968
    2-06 Clippings, General, September 1968- December 1968
Box 3
    3-01 Publications: Articles, The Louisiana Elections of 1960; Synopsis of Programs, 1968-69
    3-02 Articles, Louisiana, The Capacity of Louisiana to Conclude International Agreements, and Current Developments, by Rodgers, 1967; Quebec, La cooperation se diversifie, mai 1970
    3-02a Miscellaneous articles, 1937, 1957, 1968, 1995, n.d.
    3-03 Newsletter, Louisiana Broadcast, February 1966
    3-04 Newsletter, ERIC, Bulletin #6, September 1968: ERIC Documents Related to Bilingualism and Bilingual Education. n.d.
    3-05 Newsletter, Quebec - Amerique, Octobre 1967
    3-06 Newsletter, Quebec - Amerique, Janvier 1968
    3-07 Newsletter, L’Office National du Film, Canada, 22 Juillet 1968
    3-08 General, Allocution Du Gouverneur De La Louisiane, M. John J. McKeithen, June-July 1969
    3-09 Newsletter, Quebec - Amerique, Janvier 1969
    3-10 Newsletter, Quebec - Amerique, Mai 1969
  D. Reports
    3-11 Report: University of Southwestern Louisiana, American Association of University Professors, #268-4-63; The University of Connecticut, a survey of the administration of student discipline, n.d.
    3-12 Louisiana, final report, transmitted to the Louisiana Tourist Development Commission, n.d.; Commentary on statement, 15 August 1967, by M.J. Belman, State Dept.
    3-13 Report to Chairman and members, French Heritage Committee, from Rodgers, 2 November 1967
    3-14 Final Report, Selective Inventory and Analysis of Louisiana Tourist Attractions, 28 September 1967
    3-15 Statement by Governor John J. McKeithen on french in the Schools, Etc. as taped in an interview with Radio-diffusion francaise, 16 May 1968
    3-16 Joint Communique, an invitation of the Prime Minister of Quebec, 1969
  E. Programs
    3-17 Programs: Tourism Project, 1966-1967
  F. Speeches
    3-18 Speech: Washington, Synopsis of Speech by James Domengeaux, Council Chairman, 17 October 1968
    3-19 Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals, James Domengeaux, 10 February 1968
    3-20 French Acadian Conference, Louisiana Department of Education, January 20, 1968
  G. Bibliography
    3-21 Biography: Pierre L. C. Asselin, biographical information, n.d.
  H. Documents
    3-22 Document: Memorandum in Support of Demand that Louisiana Portion of NBC Bell Telephone Hour Special (Bill Dana) be Deleted, n.d.
Box 4
  I. Minutes
    4-01 Minutes: University of Southwestern Louisiana, Council of Department Heads, 1967
    4-02 Acadiana, French Heritage Committee, 14 May 1968
    4-03 Acadiana, French Heritage, 12 February 1967
    4-04 CODOFIL, Baton Rouge, LA, 28 October 1968
  J. By-laws, Regulations, etc.
    4-05 By-laws and regulations, etc.: S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., Inc., n.d.
    4-06 Tourist Project, scope, complexity of annual program, 30 June 1967
    4-07 Washington, Le Comite De L’Heritage Francaise, n.d.; Louisiana Tourist Development Commission Agreement, n.d.; Radiodiffusion Francaise, interview with Governor McKeithen, 15 May 1968
    4-08 CODOFIL, 1968, 1970; Agreement, between the Government of Quebec and the State of Louisiana on cultural co-operation, 1967
  K. Legislature
    4-09 Legislature: Regular Session, Act 409, CODOFIL: House bills, correspondence, etc., 1968
    4-10 Same: Regular Session, Act 409, CODOFIL: Correspondence, etc., 1968
    4-11 Submission to the Legislative Committee on Education, Dec. 1967
    [Writings dealing with French Louisiana by Raymond Rodgers]
  L. Photographs
    4-12 Photographs: unidentified men and women holding Acadian flag, n.d.
  M. Writings
    4-13 Writings: The Survival of French in Louisiana, October 1966; Handwritten, later used in newspaper articles [unpublished draft]
    4-14 The Capacity of Louisiana to Conclude International Agreements, and Current Developments, 29 April 1967
      Paper delivered at Louisiana Academy of Sciences meeting in Shreveport
    4-15 The French Heritage in Acadiana: The Fundamental Course of Action Necessary to Preserve the French Language, n.d.
    4-16 Political Economy Aspects of the Survival of French in Louisiana, Spring 1967; Paper given at Louisiana Academy of Sciences
    4-17 [Footnotes] - Political Economy Aspects of the Survival of French in Louisiana
    4-18 Francophone as a Pan-Movement: Politics of Cultural Affinity, dissertation prospectus, by Jeffrey R. Rosner, Johns Hopkins University, February 1968
    4-19 Remarks at the First French-Acadian Conference of the Louisiana Department of Education, January 1968
  N. Miscellaneous
    4-20 Miscellaneous: Stationery, Etat de la Louisiane [draft]
    4-21 Tourism Project, Allons a Lafayette, write-up; Extract from a "Study of Tourism in the U.S.", Life, 19 July 1968, p.65
    4-22 Louisiana, Document Resumes, p.17, n.d.
    4-23 Acadiana, bibliography, Spanish I, Spanish IV, n.d.
    4-24 General, miscellaneous materials, CODOFIL, n.d.