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Alcee Henry Collection

Collection 221

Henry, Alcee (1869–1950). Collection, 1903–1965, n.d.

2 feet, 1 inch

Alcee Henry was born 28 June 1869 in Mermentau Cove, Louisiana. He was a farmer based out of Morse, Louisiana. He was married to Euzeid Broussard and they had 5 children. He died at the age of 81 on 4 April 1950 and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Morse, LA.

This collection contains mainly family photographs of the Henry family. Also included are newspaper clippings, correspondence, and personal information. There is a memory book [funeral register] of Henry and other materials as well. There is some material on Angelas Chiasson.


A. Personal 1-01
B. Letters 1-02
C. Printed Materials  
  1. Newspaper Clippings 1-03
  2. Other 1-04
D. Photographs 1-05 through 1-13
E. Oversize — Photographs 2-01 and 2-02


1-01 personal: memory book [funeral] of Alcée Henry, 5 April 1950, obituaries
    printed letter of congratulations from Mr. and Mrs. Alcee Henry to Sidney R. Henry and classmates of the 1926 graduation class at Tulane University Medical Department; LSU Commencement program, 13 May 1943 [Winnie Marie Chiasson card]; Midland High School Commencement program, 24 May 1965 [Willard James Henry]
1-02 letters: 1944-1947
    Father W. A. Perreault to Mrs. Angelas Chiasson, 20 May 1944
Angelas Chiasson [owner of Mauboules Chiasson Mercantile Company] to Mrs. Alice Henry Chiasson, Christmas, 1947 [printed Christmas letter]
1-03 newspaper clippings, 1953-1969, n.d.
    obituaries; family events; Morse history; rice farming; etc.
1-04 published materials
    Louisiana State Board of Health Monthly Bulletin, v.11, #2, November , 1921;
advertisements: Hood’s Sarsaparilla [digestive system]; Peterson’s Red Cross Flavoring Powder, n.d.
prayer card: death of Joseph Marius Chiasson, 9 Feb. 1937
voter card for re-election of Angelas Chiasson as state representative from Acadia Parish, n.d.
1-05 photographs, 1900s-1920s (4 items)
    includes Alice, Morris, and Sidney Henry; Angelas [Chiasson]
1-06 photographs, 1930s (6 items)
    includes: Wilbert Henry as Santa, 24 Dec. 1932; others dated by not identified
1-07 photographs, 1940s (9 items)
    includes: Bobby, Mineral Wells, TX: July, 1941
Mrs. Alcee Henry, Alice and Bobby - 3 generations: Oct., 1942
Bobby: Oct., 1942
Mr. and Mrs. Alcide Hanks: 18 July 1945
Mr. and Mrs. Alcide Hanks and their children
others dated by not identified
1-08 photograph, 1960s (1 item)
    Martha Landry and husband: Nov., 1962
1-09 photographs, n.d. (6 items)
    includes: Sidney Henry; Morris Henry; restaurant; Catholic school class; etc.
1-10 photographs, n.d. (11 items)
    includes: Albert Henry [postcard]; Mr. and Mrs Alcee Henry and 5 children; Alcee Henry with Sidney and Morris; Sis and McBride (playing soldier and nurse); Mr. and Mrs. Alcee Henry and Alice [Barnett Studio]; soldier in uniform - others unidentified
1-11 photographs, n.d. (11 items)
    includes: Gueydan, LA church [postcard]; Alphia Chiasson; Frank Holder with first car in Morse, LA; Sis and Sidney; Alcee Henry; Alice and Angelas with fish; Mr. and Mrs. K. Savoy [postcard] - others unidentified
1-12 photographs (2 items in mounts)
    Lucille Henry, n.d. [Barnett Studio, Crowley]; male in uniform, “From Oversea[s] Service, 1919"
1-13 photographs: unidentified, n.d. (2 items in mounts)
    female high school (?) graduate by Duncan Studio, Jennings, Crowley
probably Angelas Chiasson by New Orleans studio
2-01 photographs [oversize, mounted]
    J. M. Chiasson grave (died 9 Oct. 1937) at Crowley Catholic Cemetery by Barnett Studio
unidentified graduation class, May, 1930 by Duncan Studio [12 graduates]
Graduation Class, 1937 [all identified on back including Winnie Chiasson] by Barnett Studio [19 graduates]
2-02 photographs [oversize, mounted]
    large group in front of Mauboules Chiasson Mercantile Store, Morse, LA, 1933
scrapbook page with photos and clippings of Angelas Chiasson, n.d.