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Henry Garland Dupré Papers

Collection 21

Dupré, Henry Garland (1873–1924). Papers, 1898–1924

7 ½ inches

Henry Garland Dupré was born on 28 July 1873 in Opelousas, Louisiana. He was the eldest son of Marie Celeste Garland and Laurent Dupré. He attended Tulane University and graduated with a law degree in 1892. He was admitted to the bar and began practice in New Orleans in 1895. He was never married. He died 21 February 1924 and was interred in the Dupré family vault, Catholic Cemetery, Opelousas, Louisiana. One of his sisters was Edith Garland Dupré, who was a member of the first faculty at Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute.

Dupré served in the Louisiana legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives. He was a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1900-1910. On 8 November 1910, he was elected to a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives where he served until his death. He had extensive knowledge of parliamentary law and served on the Judiciary Committee and the Rivers and Harbors Committee.

This collection contains correspondence, mainly with family. Many of the letters are typescripts prepared when William H. Fulham was working on a publication of Dupré’s biography and letters entitled The Gentleman from Louisiana (1965). Dates are often supplied on letters probably when the family was preparing them for publication. There are also speeches, clippings and other documents related to Dupré.


A. Correspondence 1-01 through 1-19
B. Personal 2-01 through 2-05


A. Correspondence
Correspondence with family
1-01 Dupré, H. Garland, 1899-1903, n.d.
1-02 Dupré, H. Garland, 1904-1905
1-03 Dupré, H. Garland, 1906-1910
1-04 Dupré, H. Garland, 1911-1913
1-05 Dupré, H. Garland, 1918-1919
1-06 Dupré, H. Garland, 1920
1-07 Dupré, H. Garland, 1921
1-08 Dupré, H. Garland, 192: January - June
1-09 Dupré, H. Garland, 1922: July - December
1-10 Dupré, H. Garland, 1923
1-11 Dupré, H. Garland, 1924
1-12 Dupré, H. Garland, n.d.: originals, some with typescripts
1-13 Dupré, H. Garland, n.d.: typescripts and fragments
Correspondence with others
1-14 others, 1903 - 1918
1-15 others, 1920 - 1921
1-16 others, 1922
1-17 others, 1923
1-18 others, 1924
1-19 condolences, 1924: February - April
  • letters, telegrams, resolutions, clippings
B. Personal
2-01 speeches, 1899 - 1915, n.d.
  • 1899 election in New Orleans, typed
  • Memorial address for Samuel Louis Gilmore, 1908 (typed); Samuel Douglas McEnery, [1910], (published)
  • Congressional speeches: “The Sugar Schedule,” 14 March 1912 (printed); “The One Hundredth Anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans,” 8 Jan. 1915 (typed, printed)
  • Enfranchisement of aliens, n.d. (handwritten)
2-02 materials from Congressional Record involving Dupré including memorial
2-03 legal and financial documents, 1894 - 1919, n.d.
voter registration documents, poll tax receipts, receipt
2-04 clippings, 1900 -1924, n.d.
2-05 miscellaneous, 1898 - 1922, n.d.
  • Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, program for 16th annual banquet, 30 Dec. 1898
  • HLD on program; autographed by some attendees
  • Invitation from Governor to attend 100th anniversary of the Transfer of Louisiana by France to the United States, 18-20 Dec. 1903
  • Invitation from Ladies of the Louisiana Historical Society to Ball in celebration of 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Transfer, 18 Dec. 1903
  • Democratic primary election results, 14 Sept. 1920 [handwritten]
  • Statements about HGD campaign activities from headquarters: 26 Aug. and 9 Sept. 1922
  • Committee assignments, [Louisiana legislature?], n.d. (handwritten, poor condition)