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McCollum Exploration Company

Collection 208

McCollum Exploration Company. Records, 1926–1943, n.d.

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Founded by Burton McCollum (1880-1964), a pioneer in the use of seismography to drill for oil, the McCollum Exploration Company conducted seismographic surveys for petroleum companies in many parishes of Louisiana. This collection consists of geophysical, reflections, torsion balance surveys and other miscellaneous surveys as well and as reports done for each area investigated.


1-01 Geophysical Survey, Woodlawn Area, September 1937
1-02 Preliminary report on Geophysical Exploration of E. Hackberry Dome, February 1930
1-03 Geophysical Survey - Jeff Davis and Woodlawn, September 1937
1-04 Gravity meter - Calcasieu - S. Edgerly and Sulphur, January 1939
1-05 Reflection survey of Big Lake, July and November 1933
1-06 Reflection survey of Big Lake, [final report], February 1934
1-07 Reflection seismography, Calcasieu and Jeff Davis, 1939
1-08 Refraction Survey at Acadia and North Crowley, April 1926
1-09 Refraction Survey of Beauregard Parish, April 1926
1-10 Refraction Survey of Beauregard Parish, April 1926
1-11 Refraction Survey of Calcasieu and Holmwood, October 1930
1-12 Refraction Survey of Calcasieu and Lake Charles, April 1926
1-13 Refraction - Seismic, Cameron, January 1927
1-14 Refraction - Seismic, Cameron Parish, n.d.
2-01 Refraction Survey, Cameron Parish, n.d.
2-02 Refraction Survey, Cameron and Grand Cheniere, November 1926
2-03 Refraction Survey, E. Hackberry and Cameron, December 1926
2-04 Refraction Survey, Supplement E. Moss Lake, September 1933; January 1936
2-05 Progress Report - E. Moss Lake, January 1935
2-06 Refraction Survey, Edgerly and Calcasieau, November 1943
2-07 Refraction Survey, Iberia and Fausse Point, October 1926
2-08 Refraction Survey, St. Martin and Anse La Butte, July 1926
2-09 Refraction Survey, St. Martin Parish, n.d.
2-10 Refraction Survey, St. Mary and Bayou Sale, December 1926
2-11 Reiber Sonograph - Woodlawn Field, n.d.
2-12 Torsion Balance, Acadia and Egan, December 1929
2-13 Torsion Balance, Bon Air and Jeff Davis, n.d.
2-14 Torsion Balance, Calcasieu and English Bayou, February 1933
2-15 Torsion Balance, Calcasieu and Holmwood, December 1929
2-16 Torsion Balance, Cameron and E. Hackberry, n.d.
2-17 Torsion Balance, St. Martin and L. Mongolois, n.d. [North American Exploration
2-18 Torsion Balance, Vermilion and Gueydan, December 1929