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Mary E. Dichmann Papers

Collection 187

Dichmann, Mary E. (1913–1995). Papers, 1920s–1994, n.d.

13 feet; Oversize

Mary E. Dichmann was born in New Orleans. She was the daughter of Karl Vilhelm Dichmann of Copehagen, Denmark and Ethel Williams Dichmann of New Orleans. Dichmann received her B.A. degree in English in 1935. She then taught high school for two years in Canton, Mississippi. Afterwards, she attended the University of North Carolina, where she earned an M.A. degree in English in 1938. In that same year, she joined the faculty of the Department of English at University of Southwestern Louisiana (then Southwestern Louisiana Institute, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). She received her Ph.D. in English in 1953 from Tulane University. The following year she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, which allowed her a year of post-doctoral study and research in England.

From 1956 to 1974, during a time of rapid growth and expansion, Dr. Dichmann was Department Head of English at USL. Under her direction, the graduate programs for both M.A. and Ph.D. levels were planned and implemented. She was promoted to Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences in 1974. Dr. Dichmann continued to teach English courses while administering the largest college at USL, which included until the recent reconstructing, the School of Music, the School of Art and Architecture, and the Department of Theatre. As Dean, she worked closely with department heads and directors for the continuing improvement of the College’s courses of study and encouraged professional growth and achievement in individual faculty members. During this time, she also served as President of the Louisiana Council of Deans of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities. Upon her retirement from USL in 1983, the Mary E. Dichmann Scholarship was established to provide support each year for an entering freshman majoring in English. Also on this occasion, as a tribute to her significant contributions to the University, she was named Dean Emerita of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences.

During her years at USL, Dr. Dichmann was part of a variety of professional activities. She served on many university committees, playing an active role in the Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities. She also worked with the American Association of University Women (AAUW), where she influenced education for women all over. In 1952, she was selected to receive an AAUW Fellowship to assist her in doctoral studies. Throughout her life, she took an active part in the Lafayette Branch and the Louisiana Division of AAUW, holding the office of president for each.

Dr. Dichmann was well-known in the Lafayette community for her wide-ranging secular and religious activities. She served on the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee for City Planning and the Commission on Women. She was a member of several boards of directors, including Hospice of Acadiana, Bayou Girl Scouts Council, Acadiana Arts Council, the Lafayette Little Theatre, and the Lafayette National History Museum and Planetarium. She was an active member of the Fine Arts Foundation, the League of Women Voters, and Zonta Service Club. She was frequently invited to speak to many civic groups. She was also a member of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, where she became the first woman elected to serve on the Vestry. For many years, she was a member of the Advisory Board of the Episcopal Student Center and Ascension Day School.

Her collection consists of personal files, general correspondence, AAUW material, SACS, and other organizational material.


A. Personal
    1. General 1-01 through 1-32
    2. Financial 1-33 through 2-04
    3. Education 2-05 through 3-06
    4. Speeches & Writings 3-07 through 3-23
    5. Clippings 3-24 through 3-37
B. Correspondence
    1. General & Family 3-38 through 4-30
C. AAUW 4-31 through 8-09
D. SACS 8-10 through 8-43
E. Other Organizations 9-01 through 9-42
F. Other  
    1. Writings, Articles, etc. 9-43 through 9-49; Box 10
G. Photographs Box 11 through 15
H. Oversize Box 16; Map Case


A. Personal
      1-01 Vitas, 1950s-1980s
      1-02 1920s: Confirmation certificate; Junior High School honors certificate ; daybook entries, 1929-1931
      1-03 1930s: Columbia High School; Newcomb College; Tulane University; debate; grades; commencement, teacher licenses, Phi Beta Kappa; semester bill, UNC
      1-04 Canton (MS), schools, 1936-1937
      1-05 1940s: New York University grade report; godparent certificate; post war; reconversion poem
      1-06 United States Navy, 1943-1954; reports; memorandum; orders; Midshipman School
      1-07 Navy Training program newspapers, 1943 (2 issues)
      1-08 Navy Reserve, 1946-1954
      1-09 United States Navy Official Service Record, 1943-1954
      1-10 Tulane University, 1948-1953
      1-11 1950s: Coronation booklet, Elizabeth II, 1953
      1-12 AAUW Fellowship, 1951, correspondence, statements
      1-13 Guggenheim Fellowship, 1954-1958
      1-14 Trip to England, 1955: Trip diary; list of slides
      1-15 Trip to England, 1955: Material from ocean liner
      1-16 Trip to England, 1955: Tourist brochures, etc. ; Includes 1 print, 1826; silhouettes
      1-17 Trip to England, 1955: Receipts
      1-18 Trip to England, 1955: Trip to Europe: Tourist brochures; post cards; trip diary, photographs, etc.
      1-19 1960s: Lyndon Baines Johnson inauguration program; certificates; Louisiana stamps; USL forms
      1-20 Trip to England, 1968, receipts; trip diary; memo book
      1-21 1970s: Programs, certificates, articles, etc. several Student Evaluations of Instruction reports, guess book signs, 6/8/74
      1-22 1970s: Pocket calendars, 1973: January - April; 1973; 1974: February - April
      1-23 1980s: Louisiana World Exposition, 1984; Certificates, Louisiana Council of Deans of Arts Sciences and Humanities; Newcomb Centennial Award; Major’s Commission on the Needs of Women program and certificate
      1-24 1980s: Calendars, 1982: February - April; 1984: January - April
      1-25 1985: Publication of Class of 1935
      1-26 1980s: Trip to England, 1987, list of accommodations; clipping: Queen Elizabeth II, trip diary
      1-27 1990s: Trip diary, 10/94
      1-28 In the wake of Lewis and Clark tour, 1994
      1-29 N.d.
      1-30 Passports & travel documents
      1-31 Ascension; MED related material, includes history, 1957
      1-32 Programs for Dorians Mardi Gras Ball, 1946, 1947, 1954, 1956
      1-33 Bank deposit book, 1938-1964
      1-34 Financial items, 1940s-50s: Withholding statements; retirement statements; tax statements, insurance, etc.
      1-35 Financial items, 1960s: USL wage statements; USL Credit Union; tax statements; bank statements, etc.
      1-36 Financial items, 1960s: Federal and State income tax returns, 1965-1967
      1-37 Acadian University Investors club material, 1967 [1971] - 1985
      1-38 Financial items, 1970s: Includes salary reduction agreement
      1-39 Financial items, 1980s-1990s
      1-40 Lasserre Drive property and house, 1956-57
      1-41 West End Building property
      1-42 Lasserre St. burglary material, 1984
      1-43 Lasserre St. house insurance, 1969
      1-44 Material related to sale of Erato Street house, New Orleans, 1980; also estate of Ava Williams
      1-45 Ethel Williams Dichmann, Legal and Financial, 1910s
      1-46 Financial material related to succession of Stella Coleman, 1974: 3-7
      2-01 Material related to succession of Ethel Williams Dichmann, 1978: Obits
      2-02 Financial and legal materials re: Clover Williams, 1986-1993
      2-03 Poems, note book of poems by Mary Cripps Williams, n.d. typed by W [Clover Williams], 7/16/74, Williams, AC, “Song of the High Water”, 5/25/1927
      2-04 Book saved by Mrs. M.F. Williams; Boone, Pat et al, The solution to…Crisis America, Van Nuys, CA, 1970
      2-05 Wells College
      2-06 Newcomb: Papers; test booklets
      2-07 UNC: Papers; test booklets; tests: MA exam questions
      2-08 UN Navy Classes - Naval Reserve’ Midshipmen’s School (Northampton, MA)/notebooks
      2-09 New York University: Class notebook, course syllabus (6-8) 1946, exam booklet
      2-10 Tulane: Papers and test booklets, 1948/49 - 1949/50
      2-11 Tulane: Class notes, probably for courses taken 1948-50
      2-12 Tulane: Qualifying exam for Ph.D. candidates, 1950
      2-13 Tulane: Dissertation abstract
      Box 1 MED: Dissertation
      2-14 Tulane: Corrections in dissertation - handwritten notes
      2-15 Tulane: Class notes, n.d.; unknown - paper
      2-16 Tulane: Class notes, research
      2-17 Tulane: Notes in 3-ring binder
      2-18 MED: Class notes: Place
      3-01 Transcriptions of Matthew Arnold material unpublished poems; pocket notebook
      3-02 Satirist: Papers or outlines for papers, n.d. (no school)
      3-03 Paper: Philology in the 18th century, n.d.; no school; handwritten and typed (2 copies), Gentleman’s Magazine
      3-04 Papers: No date, no place
      3-05 Papers: Incomplete, n.d., no place
      3-06 USL computer course, notes, 1964
    Speeches & Writings
      3-07 Speeches: General types, typed, handwritten
      3-08 Speeches: Educational types, most n.d.; many Honors Convocations
      3-09 Speeches: English topics, most not dated
      3-10 Speeches: AAUW
      3-11 Speeches: Written for President Fletcher
      3-12 Speeches: Fragments
      3-13 Articles: Reprints mainly [English types]
      3-14 Articles: Wordaworth’s Recluse; 2 papers, several versions, most typed
      3-15 Writings: Prospectus and outline for book: Anthology un-edited with Paul Nolan
      3-16 Writings: Chapter 2: “The Tale of King Arthur and the Emperor Lucius”: The Rise of Lancelot
      3-17 [Canton High School, 1936]
      3-18 Notes, tests, etc. from courses taught at Tulane, 1950s
      3-19 Syllabus, tests, etc. for courses at SLI/USL, 100 & 200 level courses
      3-20 USL: 300-500 level courses, unspecified
      3-21 USL: English 390
      3-22 USL: Questions for MA and Ph.D. comprehensive exams
      3-23 Other: Poems
      3-24 Clippings: 1930s-40s, MED
      3-25 Clippings: 1950s-60s
      3-26 Clippings: MED, AAUW, 1950s-60s
      3-27 Clippings: MED, 1970s
      3-28 Clippings: AAUW, 1970s
      3-29 Clippings: Med, 1980s-90s
      3-30 Clippings: MED, n.d.
      3-31 Clippings: MED, AAUW, n.d.
      3-32 Clippings: Other, 1930s-40s: Williams family members: Episcopal Church, etc.: Tulane
      3-33 Clippings: Other, 1950s-60s: SLI/USL: English - church, etc.
      3-34 Clippings: Other: 1965-66: New Iberia Air Station, including MED letter to the editor
      3-35 Clippings: Other: 1970s: Family; USL: Biography of friends
      3-36 Clippings: Other: 1980s
      3-37 Clippings: Other: No date
B. Correspondence
    General & Family
      3-38 1920s, no date: Thank you notes to family members
      3-39 1930s
      3-40 1930s: Family, includes letters from Ethel to Mary trip to San Francisco, 1939
      4-01 1932: Condolences telegrams, letters on death of William Dichmann; scrapbook
      4-02 1940s: Includes some US Navy items
      4-03 1950-1954: Includes family
      4-04 1955: March - June, trip to England on Guggenheim Fellowship; family
      4-05 1955
      4-06 1955-1959
      4-07 1960-1964
      4-08 1965-1969
      4-09 1968: Trip to England, mainly family
      4-10 1970-1974
      4-11 Write up for BPW profile, 10/23/1970
      4-12 1975-1979
      4-13 1980s
      4-14 To Clover Williams, Trip to England, 1987
      4-15 1990s
      4-16 No date
      4-17 Family: Ethel to sisters, 1960, 1973, 1977
      4-18 Family: Mary to/from Ethel, 1967-1977 (5 items)
      4-19 Family: General to Ethel, 1967, 1974, n.d. (3 items)
      4-20 Family: Mainly to Ava, 1935, 1959, n.d., Clover (1985) - 1 item
      4-21 Ava Williams materials: Certificate, reminiscence of Biddy at Savert Brier College; business letter
      4-22 Family: Clover: Some correspondence, mainly notes, 1930s-
      4-23 SLI correspondence: 1940s-50s; letter of appointment, etc.
      4-24 USL correspondence, 1960s
      4-25 Louisiana: English Department Chairman’s Association, 1962-65
      4-26 USL, 1970s
      4-27 SLI/USL: Letters, re: Mary named Dean: A - E
      4-28 SLI/USL: Letters, re: Mary named Dean: F - L
      4-29 SLI/USL: Letters, re: Mary named Dean: M - Z
      4-30 USL Correspondence, 1980s
    AAUW: Lafayette Branch
      4-31 Lafayette branch, bylaws, 1961-1987, n.d.
      4-32 Amendments to by-laws: 1973, n.d.
      4-33 Policies: 1972, 1981, n.d. (2)
      4-34 Branch recommendation for amendment to Louisiana Division bylaws, 1973
      4-35 Newsletter (some scattered), 1960s
      4-36 Newsletters, 1970s
      4-37 Newsletters, 1980s [5]
      4-38 Records, 1950s-60s: Yearbooks, correspondence, memos, reports, etc.
      4-39 Cultural Enrichment Program, 1964 [prevention of dropouts]
      4-40 Records, 1970s
      4-41 Fellowship Program, 2/73, focused on life of MED: Skit, slides, clipping
      4-42 Records, 1980s-90s, n.d.; 1991 yearbook
    USL and AAUW
      4-43 Vita of USL faculty active in AAUW [include MED]
      4-44 USL Chapter of AAUW, constitution, 1968; letter from Rougeou
    AAUW: Other Louisiana Branches
      4-45 Baton Rouge: 1961-62, Higher Education report; newsletters, 1976-77 (3)
      4-46 Hammond: 1962-64, yearbook
      4-47 Jefferson Parish/Metairie-Gretna, by-laws, 1959, n.d.
      4-48 New Orleans records, 1945-50, from files of Mrs. Alphonse Schaffer, bylaws, 1961
      4-49 Ruston, newsletter, 1972 (1)
      4-50 Shreveport, 1962-64, yearbooks (2); newsletter (3); clipping, 1967
      4-51 Covington, Mandeville, program for St. Tammany Conference, 1987
    AAUW: Louisiana Division
      5-01 Bylaws, 1959-1987/89
      5-02 Rules of Procedure, 1959-1981
      5-03 Records to 1950s, includes photocopies of documents microfilmed from AAUW Records: Including “A Brief History of the Louisiana Division,” Mrs. C.C. Hansen, 3/57
      5-04 Records, 1960s
      5-05 Records: 2nd Vice President (MED) 1960, mainly dealing with membership
      5-06 Correspondence of Division President, 1961-63 (MED)
      5-07 Material on 1962 state convention (MED President)
      5-08 Louisiana State Division history, c. 1965 (including Hansen material, see 5-03)
      5-09 Fellowship committee material, 1968-72 (MED chair)
      5-10 Correspondence and records, Division President Records, 1968-71 (Not MED)
      5-11 Records, 1970/71 - 1973/74
      5-12 Records, 1974/75 - 1975/76
      5-13 Records, 1976/77 - 1979/80
      5-14 Records, 1980/81 - 1985/86 includes “A Real Life Story” (sent original Lafayette Petroleum Club), n.d.
      5-15 Records, 1985/86 - 1989/90
      5-16 Records, 1985/86 - 1990s
      5-17 Newsletter, Magnolia, 1964-1994 (scattered)
      5-18 Other Serials: President’s Report, Bulletin, 1963-1979 (many scattered)
      5-19 Records, 1971-1975, sent to South Central Region, Vice President
      5-20 Note cards for speech at division orientation, 1981 on history of Louisiana Division, MED and Bolivar Lee Hait
      5-21 Records: No date and miscellaneous
      5-22 MED correspondence, 1950s-1960s
      5-23 MED correspondence, 1970s
      5-24 MED correspondence, 1980s
      5-25 MED correspondence, 1990s
      5-26 MED correspondence, n.d.
      5-27 MED AAUW recognition or endorsement: Letter, 1966, newsletter, 1975
    Division records accumulated by Vice President for South Central Region
      5-28 Alabama: 1967-1971
      5-29 Alabama: 1971-1975
      5-30 Alabama: 1975-1979
      5-31 Alabama: Branch and Division newsletters
      5-32 Kentucky: 1967-71
      5-33 Kentucky: 1972-74
      6-01 Kentucky: Louisville branch: Survey Concerning women Applicants for Admission to DoctoralPrograms in U.S. Universities, 7/1/72 - 6/30/73. 1974 report and correspondence
      6-02 Kentucky: Records, 1973-79
      6-03 Kentucky: Material on Louisville Branch controversy over attitude of president towards ERA, 1976: 1-3
      6-04 Kentucky: Branch and division newsletters
      6-05 Mississippi: 1966-1970
      6-06 Mississippi: 1972-1974
      6-07 Mississippi: 1975-1979
      6-08 Mississippi: Branch and division newsletters, 1976-1979
      6-09 Tennessee: Records, 1962, 1967-71
      6-10 Tennessee: Records, 1972-1975
      6-11 Tennessee: Records, 1975-1979
      6-12 Tennessee: Branch and division newsletters, 1975-1979
    South East Central Region
      6-13 Records: 1960-1971 (3 ring binder: Convention programs, reports, and minutes)
      6-14 Records: Mainly Executive Committee material, 1962-1969
      6-15 Records: 1970-1975
      6-16 SEC Executive Committee notebooks, 1971-75
      6-17 SEC Regional reporter notebook, 1974-75
      6-18 Vice President, correspondence, 1974-1976
      7-01 Vice President, correspondence, 1977-1979
      7-02 Executive Committee materials, 1975-1980
      7-03 SEC Convention material, 1957-69, 1982, 1994
      7-04 SEC Convention material, 1972: Jackson, MS
      7-05 SEC Convention material, 1974: Louisville, KY (Lyle Williams’s folder)
      7-06 SEC Convention material, 1976: Birmingham, AL
      7-07 SEC Convention material, 1975: Memphis, TN
      7-08 Project RENEW’, 1974
      7-09 Project RENEW’, 1976
      7-10 Project RENEW’, 1978
      7-11 Meeting on Regional Identification, n.d., MED remarks read by Bolivar Lee Hait
      7-12 National Charter and Bylaws (biannual) 1961-1985 (incomplete)
      7-13 Memos, re: changing bylaws, 1973, 1987
      7-14 Membership, miscellaneous information, 1970s; branch growth regional membership
      7-15 Membership, 1974, material related to workshop: Atlanta, 18 May; Chattanooga, TN, 12 October, publications (3)
      7-16 Board of Directors: 1975-1979, lists: Reports of meetings, agenda; memorandum, correspondence includes ERA material
      7-17 Corporate Representative, 1965-1974, promotional material; activity calendar; correspondence, memos
      7-18 Centennial Fund Committee: Memos; reports; annual financial report, 1972-73; 1978-80
      7-19 Corporate Representative, promotional material; activity calendar; correspondence, memos, 1978-1986
      7-20 College/University Relations Committee, 1988/Corporate Representatives: publicity pamphlet, Equity Award materials, also AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund; members, list/Louisiana Colleges/universities with/AAUW Chapters; on campus with women, newsletter, 1988-89 (3 Issues)
      7-21 Education committees: “Minutes of the Expectations for Education Committee Meeting.” 25 January 1964
      7-22 Department of Director of Educational Improvement Program, 12/7/75
      7-23 Program Development Committee: Minutes of meeting, 17-19 March 1978
      7-24 Presidents Conference, 1978. Handouts, notes
      7-25 GROW Project [Grassroots Outreach to Women], 1986
      7-26 Conventions: 1961 program; banquet program; “Speakers - Pamphlets - Resource Leaders”; MED convention program committee chair
      7-27 Conventions: Report of 1961 convention Program Committee, typed, many corrections, 2pp.
      7-28 Conventions: Report of National Officers, Administrative Staff, and Committee Chairmen and Associates of the AAUW Educational Foundation to the Biennial convention.
      7-29 Conventions: Speeches, 1961
      7-30 Conventions: [Portland], Statement of Principle: Legislative Item for 1965-57 Biennium
      7-31 Conventions: [Denver], 1963, pocket schedule, speech by Gwendolen M. Carter; letter Mrs. DeanD. Godwin to Pauline Tompkins, re: resolution about tax-exempt status of AAUW
      7-32 Conventions: [Seattle], 1975, convention proceedings
      7-33 Conventions: [Albuquerque], flyer; newsletters; memos; financial statement; press release, “Convention Daily Highlights” (3); banquet program, Foundation Night program; MED notes
      7-34 Conventions: [Houston]: Program guide, press release
    AAUW Educational Foundation
      7-35 Foundation Board packet: 25-28 February 1977
      7-36 Material, 1972-1983; names Honored, 1972-73; 1973-74; Bylaws changes, 20 June 1978; Press Release, October 1983
      7-37 Fellowship Material, 1964-68; College Faculty Program: Letters (3); Questionnaires for former Fellows, 3/66; graduate fellowship agreement, 1966-67; Guide Book, 1975; State and Branch Fellowship diaries, 1966-73
      7-38 Fellowship Program Committee/AAWU Educational Foundation Programs Committee, 1971, 1975-78; Minutes/agenda, 1965-67, letter, 1971, report, 1975
      7-39 Committee on International Fellowship & Awards, 1964-65, 1965-66, MED member
      7-40 Committee on International Fellowship & Awards, 1966/67, MED member
      7-41 Committee on International Fellowship & Awards, 1967/68, MED member
      7-42 Committee on International Fellowship & Awards, 1970/71, MED member
      7-43 Anna Burns application for 1980/81
      7-44 Publications: Report of the XIVth Conference, Mexico City, 1962
      7-45 Newsletters: 1955-1983 [very scattered]; Communique, 1 August 1975; August 1979
      7-46 Committee: AAUW/IFUW Liaison Committee, memo, 1976; Ad Hoc Committee on International Relations, 1976-77 (mainly dues), receipts, notes, letters
      7-47 University Women’s Club (England), proposed amendments of certain rules, c. 1965
      8-01 MED endowment material, 1964, 1971-1981; clippings; charter contributions, etc, letters, etc.; Certificate, 1964: Louisiana Division named AAUW Educational Foundation Fellowship Program gift in honor of MED
      8-02 MED material related to nomination for AAUW Achievement Award, 1982
      8-03 MED, letters: List of people to write letters
      8-04 MED, material related to Travel Program visit to Georgia, 1964; forms; letters; speech; reports
      8-05 MED, reimbursement, 1976, 1978 (2 items)
      8-06 MED, AAUW certificate, 1984
      8-07 Center for Creative Thoughts, 1981; Magnolia, Fall 1974; Foundation Night program, 1981, Letters
      8-08 Study of 1962/63 AAUW Fellows, American & International, 1 page
      8-09 AAUW, miscellaneous bumper stickers
      8-09.1 Certificate: Superintendent of the Department of Police of city of New Orleans. MED Honorary Captain, August 28, 1964. Identification cards included
      8-09.2 Artifacts: AAUW for Era button; AAUW sticker; SACS name tag; dog tag
      8-10 Visitation material, 1960s; Manual for the Institutional Self-Study and Periodic Visitation Program, 1963; correspondence, 1965-67 (4 items); memo from Wharton to JLF, 2/12/64; “The Work and Responsibility of the Visiting committee”, 1913, 6 pp. Checklist for Visiting Team,1962
      8-11 University of Mississippi visit, report, 10/67; memos; Longwood College, draft “Educational Program”, n.d.
      8-12 Manual for Visiting Committee, 1976, 1980, includes Program, Personal Training Conference for Chairmen, June 1-3, 1980; Commission on Colleges
      8-13 Mier material related to review of institutions, 1980s
      8-14 Report of Subcommittee on Accreditation Procedures to the College Commission Self-Study Steering Committee, v.2, Analyses of Responses to Questionnaires on the Self-Study Process, 7/1973
      8-15 Commission on Colleges Steering Committee, Self-Study Summary Report, 1 September 1973
      8-16 Manual for the Institutional Self-Study, n.d.; draft, MED notes and some draft text (Handwritten)
      8-17 Miscellaneous material, 1981-1982; institutional visitation schedule; conference programs/agendas; nominations
      8-18 Interim Report of the Project for the Review of the Process and Standards for Accreditation, 19 June 1981
      8-19 Interim Report to Executive Council Commission on Colleges by Steering Committee for the Review of the Process and Standards for Accreditation, June 1982
      8-20 Steering Committee records, 1979-80: List of members; budget; plan; agenda and minutes, sub-committee reports, correspondence
      8-21 Steering committee records, 1987: Schedule, Jan-June; reports: Sub-committee to Identifythe Essential Elements of collegiate Credentials, 5/81; 6/81; 7/81; Sub-committee to Surveythe State of the Art of Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education, 5/81; 7/81; also agenda, minutes; changes to study committees; study committee review; minutes, correspondence, 5/5/81
      8-22 Steering Committee Records, 1982; agenda; review of objectives
      8-23 Steering Committee Records: Seminars and support, 1981-82
      8-24 Study Committee on Educational Processes, 1981-82
      8-25 Study Committee on Administrative Processes, 1981-82
      8-26 Study Committee on Accreditation Procedures, 1981-82 (2 items)
      8-27 Roster for Study Committees; memos to Study Committee chairs, 1982
      8-28 Criteria for Accreditation - 1st draft, 8/82, distribution list
      8-29 Criteria for Accreditation - Report to Commissions on Colleges Executive Committee, 9/82
      8-30 Criteria for Accreditation - Reflects changes made by Executive Committee at 9/82 meeting
      8-31 Records notes mainly regarding draft of Criteria for Accreditation, timeline, correspondence, summary of seminars, proposed changes- notes
      8-32 Survey on Accreditation, questionnaire; analysis; notes on Steering Committee meeting not on accreditation outcome assessment
      8-33 Accreditation: The Orleans Report - Accrediting Issues; Memorandum - Assessing the Outcome of Higher Education: A Look at the State-of-the-Art, 1979; Report of Two Actions by the Florida Legislature, June, 1975 Pertaining to Accreditation
      8-34 Materials on accreditation process, 1978-80; “Accreditation procedures”, 8/78; “Note to institution contemplating Self-Study, 1980; Revised Procedures for Review of Institutions Seeking Candidacy, 6/82
      8-35 SACS and COPA [Council on Postsecondary Accreditation], 1982
      8-36 Records of Subcommittee to Survey the State of Outcome Assessments in Higher Education, 1980-81
      8-37 Progress Report of the Southern Association Self Study, 12/10/72 (photocopy)
      8-38 Subcommittee to Identify the Essential Elements of Collegiate Credentials, 5/81; Report, 5/4/81; Final Report, n.d.
      8-39 Report of the Study Committee on the Accreditation of Proprietary Institutions, 12/10/?
      8-40 Agenda: Subcommittee to Identify the Essential Elements of Collegiate Degrees, 9/16-17/80
      8-41 Publications: Manual for the Institutional Self-Study Program of the Commission on Colleges, 1974; Standards of the College Delegate Assembly, 12/11/74; 12/14/77; 84th Annual Meeting, 1979
      8-42 Communique, v. 2, no.3, Summer 1987
      8-43 MED personal with SACS: Expense statement, 5/5/81; SACS project expenses notebook, mainly 1982; Memorandum of Agreement between USL and SACS regarding MED release time, 8/10/82
E. Other Organizations
      9-01 Acadiana Neuf: Bylaws, n.d. 3 pp.
      9-02 AAUP, 8/1965-67, n.d. [MED President, 1965-66], correspondence, reports, memos
      9-03 American Assembly - 20th Southern Assembly. “Women and the American Economy.” 1/76
      9-04 American Council on Education Commission on the Education of women, Information & Research Notes, the Education of Women, 3/58
      9-05 ACE - Connections - State-Wide Conference for Louisiana Women in Higher Education Administration, 3/79
      9-06 American Council on Education - Data Planning Committee Minutes, 5/22/1978
      9-07 Bayou Girl Scouts Council, 1987-88 (2 items)
      9-08 Conference of Academic Deans of the Southern States: Proceedings of 43rd Conference, 1974; Program of 46th Conference, 1977; draft of program for 1975 conference of announcement (MED Secretary/Treasurer)
      9-09 Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities: Material on 1983 conference, MED participant, member of nominating committee
      9-10 Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities: Nominating committee records, 1985-86, 1984 MED member as chair
      9-11 Council of Deans of Arts, Humanities, and Sciences: Notes for letter to Clausen, n.d.
      9-12 Delta Kappa Gamma, MED Certificates, 1963, 1988: Initiation; 25 year member
      9-13 Delta Kappa Gamma: Local Chapter President Material, 1988-90; MED identify president of Gamma Alpha Chapter
      9-14 Delta Kappa Gamma: Material on 1989 state convention
      9-15 Delta Kappa Gamma: Alpha Chapter; Yearbooks, 1973-74; 1977-80; Newsletter, v.2, no.2 (9Feb. 1966)
      9-16 Delta Kappa Gamma: Gamma Alpha Chapter, 1987-89; Yearbook 1988-89; Standing Rules, n.d.; Roster, 25 July 1988; budget, expenses, report
      9-17 Delta Kappa Gamma: Other
      9-18 Hospice of Acadiana - records, 1985-1989, n.d.; certificate, 1988; MED on board
      9-19 Institute of International Education: Letter, 9/23/76
      9-20 Intercontinental Biographical Association: Passport (membership information), 1973
      9-21 Louisiana Bureau for Women
      9-22 Louisiana College Writers’ Society Newsletter, 6/77
      9-23 Louisiana Committee for the Humanities: Suggested Themes for 1974-75; Guidelines for AdultEducation in Humanities, 8 pp; “An Essay on the concept of Dialogue”, n.d. 2 pp; LafayetteCommittee for the Humanities, “Discussion Series” [1974]
      9-24 Louisiana Council of Deans of Arts and Humanities, 1979-1988: Constitution; correspondence; minutes; list of members; revision of certification requirements of math and science teachers, 1979; MED certificate, 1981-82
      9-25 Louisiana Coordinating Council for Higher Education: Newsletter, “Coordinating Council Comment”, v.3, no.3 (April 1974)
      9-26 Louisiana Department of Education: Bulletin 996 revision, 1982-83 “Standards for the Approval of Teacher Education Programs”, draft
      9-27 Title III ESEA Communications Skills Project, renew of Beauregard Parish, 1973
      9-28 Louisiana Teachers Association: “USL News”, July 1969
      9-29 Mayor’s Commission on the Needs of Women, 1984/88, n.d.; miscellaneous records; minutes,surveys; publicity; MED certificate
      9-30 Melville Society: Newsletter, 11/74
      9-31 Modern Language Association: Memos from Elections Committee, 26 November 1973 (MEDCo-chair)
      9-32 Modern Language Association: Report by MLA Commission on statues of women, 12/76
      9-33 National Issues Conference, 1976: Women’s Dilemma: “Strategy or Strife”, Plan of Action
      9-34 Phi Beta Kappa - USL Chapter, 1981-83, includes: Correspondence, constitution & bylaws
      9-35 Phi Beta Kappa - Materials related on 1994 Triennial Council (San Francisco)
      9-36 Phi Kappa Phi - USL Chapter records, 1961-73, Certificate, 1984
      9-37 Phi Kappa Phi - USL newsletter, #16, 10/73; MED acknowledgement for contribution to Scholarship
      9-38 Philological Association of Louisiana, material related to 1986 meeting at USL; papers submitted for program; correspondence
      9-39 Sigma Tau Delta, MED certificate and membership card; meeting memo
      9-40 Women in the Mainstream (to establish a Women’s pavilion at Louisiana World Exposition, 1984); Bylaws, n.d.; organizational chart; MED certificate
      9-41 Zonta International - Zonta Club of Lafayette, 1982-88; newsletter, 7 September 1982; records, 1987-88; certificate, 1984
      9-42 Zonta - District X: General records, map, Rules of Procedure, program for conference: 37th;Baton Rouge, 1984; 40th, McAllen, TX, 1987
F. Other
    Writings, Articles, etc.
      9-43 Unpublished: Chapter 1, “The Victorian Society”, 25 pp.; Chapter 2, “The Legend According to Beroul, Eilhart, Thomas, Gottfried, and Brother Robert”, 35 pp. NO AUTHOR
      9-44 Reprints inscribed to MED, A - M
      9-45 Reprints inscribed to MED, R - W
      9-46 Articles in Women (all marked “Collard”); published or unpublished
      9-47 Articles on Higher Education
      9-48 Miscellaneous: Bridewell, William F. “On Being an “A” Student”, 2 pp.; FDP Poem, (on SLI Stationary, Frazar, President)
      9-49 Miscellaneous; notes from presentation by Ed Steimel on “Thirty Point plan” - Education in Louisiana
      Box 10 Artifacts: AAUW for Era button; AAUW sticker; SACS name tag; dog tag
        Columbia High School, South-Orange & Maplewood, N.J. “The 1932 Cardinal”
        Randolph County Profile - 1976; A Handbook of the County, 1976
        Southern Association of Colleges and School. Proceedings, 77th Annual Meeting, December 10-13, 1972. New Orleans, LA
        Southern Association of Colleges and School. Proceedings, 79th Annual Meeting, December 8-11, 1974, Dallas, TX
        Southern Association of Colleges and School. Proceedings, 80th Annual Meeting, December 7-10, 1975. Atlanta, GA
        Southern Association of Colleges and School. Proceedings, 81st Annual Meeting, December 12-15, 1976.Atlanta, GA
        Southern association of Colleges and School. Standards of the College Delegate Assembly. December 1, 1971
        Brother Lawrence, his letters and conversations on the Practice of the Presence of God. No date
G. Photographs
      Box 11-13 Some identified, dated
      Box 14 Slides: unidentified
      Box 15 Scrapbooks, photo albums: some identified, dated
H. Oversize
      Box 16 Plaque:1984 Woman of Achievement, Mary Dichmann, Ph.D. for outstanding service in improvement of the Status of Women. Zonta Club of the Lafayette Area.
      Map Case: 8-06 Photograph: Mary E. Dichmann (portrait)
        Certificates: Dr. Mary Dichmann, September 23, 1961: Honorary Citizen of New Orleans, LA &Dr. Mary Dichmann, April 12, 1975: Honorary Citizen of New Orleans, LA
        Floor Plans: MED, no date
        Certificate of Baptism: Mary Ethel Dichmann, February 15, 1914, St. Paul’s Parish, New Orleans, LA
        Diploma: University of North Carolina, Mary Ethel Dichmann, Masters of Art, August 31, 1938
        Diploma: State of New Jersey, Department of Public Instruction, completed 8th grade, June 24, 1927
        Poster: “For what we have received” From the Picture of Cecil Aldin (3 dogs) (color)