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Henry C. Dethloff Papers

Collection 185

Dethloff, Henry C. (1934–2019). Papers, 1968–1991, n.d.

1 foot, 8 inches

Henry C. Dethloff was on the faculty at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) from 1965 to 1968. He was in the History Department and was the director of the Southwestern Archives and Manuscripts Collection (now the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection). He then went to the History Department at Texas A&M University where he remained until he retired.

Dethloff's major academic interest was agricultural history, especially rice growing and milling. His publication, A History of the American Rice Industry, 1685-1985, is the definitive monograph on this subject. He also has many other publications including a history of Texas A&M University. This collection contains mainly research material and writings on the rice industry.


A. Writings and Research 1-01 through 3-10
B. Publications 3-11 through 4-06
C. Photographs 4-07 through 4-08
D. Miscellaneous 4-09 through 5-03


A. Writings and Research
A History of American The Rice Industry, 1685-1985
  1-01 Drafts: Introduction, Table of contents, Chapter 1, n.d.
      Mostly typed; some handwritten corrections; several versions, many corrections
  1-02 Draft: 1-33; Bibliography; Index, n.d.
      Correspondence with publisher and others; review of draft by J. P. Gaines with notes; illustrations and negatives; corrections
  1-03 Draft: Chapters 2, 4-5, n.d.
  1-04 Draft: Chapters 6-11, n.d.
  1-05 Galley
  1-06 Research materials [notes, photocopies of published material, etc.] for Chapter 1
  1-07 Research materials for Chapter 2
      Includes Salley, Jr., A. S. “The Introduction of Rice Culture into South Carolina”.
Bulletin of the Historical Commission of South Carolina, No. 6. Columbia, 1919
  1-08 Research materials for Chapter 3
  2-01 Research materials for Chapter 4
      Includes corrected version of article
  2-02 Research materials for Chapter 5
  2-03 Research materials for Chapter 6
  2-04 Research materials for Chapter 9
  2-05 Research materials for Chapter 10
  2-06 Research materials for Chapter 11
      Includes letter
  2-07 Research materials for Chapter 12
  2-08 Research materials for Chapter 13
      Includes many originals
  2-09 Research materials for Chapter 14
      Includes correspondence
  2-10 Research materials for Chapter 15
  2-11 Research materials for Chapter 17
      Includes letters
  2-12 Research materials for Chapter 18
  2-13 Research materials
  2-14 Research materials
      Much correspondence; publications; bibliographies
  2-15 Research materials: oral history interviews - cassettes [2 items], 1967, n.d.
      W. D. MacMillan, 12 Jan. 1967
      J. Otto Broussard; J. M. Spicer; L. C. Carter interviewed 2 Feb. 1967
  2-16 Research materials: bibliography notes
Other Dethloff Writings and Research
  3-01 “The Price of Rice: Yesterday and Today,” Rice Journal, article, 1973
      Correspondence; typescript of article; typescript of several vignettes on rice in U.S., no titles, no date
  3-02 “The Rice Revolution in the Southwestern United States, 1880 - 1910,” typescript, 12 pp n.d. [published in Arkansas Historical Quarterly, 1970]; also talk at Southwestern SocialScience Association meeting, 1969:“The Matanuska Colony” [published in Alaska Review, 1967]
      Research materials; correspondence
  3-03 Material on paper read at Agricultural History Symposium, “The Colonial Rice Trade,”1981
      Correspondence; program
  3-04 Dethloff, Henry C. and Allen E. Begnaud: Our Louisiana Legacy. Austin: Steck-VaughnCompany, 1976, revised (Hardback)
  3-05 Dethloff, Henry C. and Allen E. Begnaud. Learning about Louisiana. Austin: Steck-Vaughn Company, 1976, revised (Soft cover)
  3-06 Dethloff, Henry C. and Allen E. Begnaud. Learning about Louisiana. Austin: Steck-Vaughn Company, 1980, 2nd edition (Soft cover)
  3-06.1 Dethloff, Henry C. “The Character, Arrangement and Description of Private Papers, New Orleans”, May 24, 1968. (paper)
Writings of Others
  3-07 Huckaby, James J. “The Rice Industry and Cuba,” M.A. Thesis, USL, August, 1969
  3-08 Babineaux, Jr., Lawson P. “Economic Origins of the Rice Industry of SouthwestLouisiana,” Abstract for M.A. Thesis, USL; title page for History 500 paper, Jan. 1966
  3-09 Campbell, Nancy M. “An Interpretation of an Historic Agricultural Landscape Based Upon an Indigo Plantation in 18th Century Florida.” [Thesis, Texas A&M, n.d.]
  3-10 Teacher’s Guide: A Multi-Ethnic Supplement to Louisiana, The Pelican State; Our Louisiana Legacy and the Story of Louisiana. For St. Landry Parish School Board, 1972
B. Publications
  3-11 McDougald, Bill. ”The Rice Coast,” Southern Living, June 1983: 134-139
  3-12 “Six Decades of Rice Research in Texas,” Research Monograph 4, Texas AgriculturalExperiment Station, June 1975
  4-01 Newsletters, Washington Rice letter, 3 issues
      Cowbell Conference Bulletin, 2 issues
  4-02 The Rice World and Soybean News, 1981-1986, 1 complete and 3 partial issues
      Sent to Dethloff by J. P. Gaines, editor: see letter in 2-14
  4-03 The Rice World and Soybean News, 1987
  4-04 The Rice World and Soybean News, 1988, 3 issues
  4-05 Article on rice from Bryan College Station Eagle, 2 August 1987
  4-06 Texas Agriculture, 1 May 1987: Article “Noted rice breeder honored”
C. Photographs
  4-07 Photographs: Rice industry, unidentified [all copies of historical photographs], n.d.
      Some copies of Barnett Studio photographs; list
  4-08 Photographs: Rice industry, unidentified, n.d.
D. Miscellaneous
  4-09 Correspondence: 1977, 1986 [2 items]
  4-10 Louisiana Life, March/April, 1987
[Material related to Dethloff trip to Far East in 1991 for International Conference of Agricultural Economists]
  4-11 Tourist information, Hong Kong, 1991, n.d.
      Includes material on Hanamaki City Agricultural Cooperative
  4-12 Tourist information, Japan, n.d.
  5-01 Tourist information, Japan, n.d.
  5-02 Tourist information, Japan, n.d.
  5-03 Tourist information, Japan, n.d.
      Scattered material about conference in these folders