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Charles "Chuck" Hamsa Collection

Collection 180

Hamsa, Charles “Chuck” (1938-2016). Collection, 1915-2000

18 feet, Oversize

Charles Frederick “Chuck” Hamsa was born July 17, 1938, in Omaha, Nebraska, to William R. Hamsa, Sr. and Anna Marie Brodegaard Hamsa. He married his wife, Sara, in 1966. They had one son. Hamsa attended the University of Omaha until he joined the U.S. Navy. He received his B.S. in History in 1964. He received an M.S. in Latin American History from the University of Nebraska in January 1969, and an M.S. in Library Science from Kansas State Teachers College in August 1969. Hamsa joined the faculty of Edith Garland Dupré Library at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in the Fall of 1969 as Acquisitions Librarian. He later worked in the Reference Department until his retirement in 1999. He co-authored several bibliographies with Dr. Norman Heard. Charles Hamsa passed away November 28, 2016.

Hamsa’s interests were many and varied. He was active in Acadian Village, Grace Presbyterian Church, Rotary Club and the Masons. His hobbies included blacksmithing, living history, portraying Papa Noel at Christmastime, and collecting political memorabilia.

This collection contains political memorabilia collected by Hamsa from local, state and national election campaigns, including buttons, bumper stickers and other materials. Hamsa was particularly interested in third-party and fringe group candidates.


Box 1  
1915: Paper item for Robert F. Broussard, Candidate for U.S. Senate, Louisiana.
1930s: Button for Ok. K. Allen for Governor (Rare)
1935: Long, Huey Pierce. Memorial Portrait.
    Louisiana Conservationist production (common)
11/21/79 Sample Ballot: Teche Vermillion Fresh Water District
12/2/70 Invitation for an Evening with Spiro T. Agnew, VP, New Orleans
5/21/71 Invitation to Republican Party Crawfish Boil
10/1971 Absentee Voter Procedure, Lafayette Parish
    In French, translated in Lafayette for Frenchman; Michele Jarrell, Residing in Lafayette, to vote
    Sample Ballot (2 sets); Paper information on Ramson Vidrine, Lt. Gov. Candidate; Treen, Governor, 3 Bumper Stickers; League of Women Voters Info on Governor’s Race; Treen, Governor: 6 Paper items; 7 Black Buttons, 1 Blue Button; Jaco LeBlanc, U.S. Senate: 25 Voter Cards, 1 Bumber Sticker; Oubre, Attorney General: Button; Freye, State Superintendent of Education: Voter Card, Bumper Sticker; John Levy for Judge: Paper Item; Chatelain, U.S Senate: Paper Item.
12/4/71 Sample Ballot, Lafayette Plan of Government
1/4/72 Local Invitation for Coffee with Mr. and Mrs. Dave Treen
2/1/72 Dave Treen for Governor: Paper Booklet; Sample Ballot; Mike Thompson State Representative, Bumper Sticker; Charles DeGrav ells, State Representative , Bumper Sticker; Rod Miller for State Senator, Sticker City Council Race; Jude Alsandor; 2 Voter Cards; Lewis C. Jarrell; Paper Item.
4/72 2 Tickets for Republican Fund Raiser
5/1/72 City Council Race
    Mrs. Joe Ann White: 2 Paper Nail Filers; 22 Voter Cards; 14 Fund Raising tickets; 2 Newspaper Informational Forms; Charles R. Pookie Primeaux 1 Voter Card; Sample Ballot
5/9/72 Invitation to Edwin Edward’s Gubernatorial Inaugural Ball
8/9/72 Sample Ballot: Constitutional Convention Campaign. Dr. Joseph Puente, Candidate for Delegate; Personal letter from P.J. Mills to Puente; 18 Voter Cards; 36 “Charge Democrats Charge” Stickers; Vermillion Article: Dr. Bernard vs. Puente; Voter Card for Mike Mayeau, Candidate for Delegate; Bertrand DeBlanc for District Attorney; Paper Flyer, Voter Card
9/30/72 Allen M. Babineaux for District 42 Judge 4 Paper Flyers
11/7/72 Sample Ballot
    Lyons, Pin; 3 Buttons, Toledano, U.S. Senate; Lastrapes for School Board, Voter Card, 1 Bumper Sticker
4/24/73 Sample Ballot: revenue ballot for Lafayette Parish
1974 Efforts to get People in Louisiana to Register Republican: 6 Bumber Stickers, 3 Paper Flyers
2/19/74 Letter from U.S. Congressman Dave Treen to Charles F. Hamsa
    Concerning getting army construction battalion to work at Acadian Village during Summer Camp
4/20/74 Sample Ballot: Approval or Disapproval of 19793 Constitution Convention. Also alternative A or B for Boards of Higher Education: 5 Bumper Stickers “Qui CC73”, 1 Paper Proposal, 1 Button “Be for Be
3/2/74 Invitation for Howard Baker, Rush, and Conally in New Orleans, for La. Republican State Convention: 4 Programs of Convention; Certification Of Delegate Status to Fred Gerwick
8/3/74 Invitation to see Gerald Ford in New Orleans
8/17/74 Sample Ballot: u.s.U.S. Senate, U.S. House, LA Public Service commission, State Board of Education, Various judgeships
9/16/74 Henson Moore for U.S. congress: Paper Item
9/28/74 Sample Ballot: Public Service Commission, State Board of Education
11/5/74 Louisiana Libertarian Party
    Jeremy Millet, Candidate for U.S. Congress; break fee Libertarian Party Emblem; Lapel; 2 wooden Nickels; Millet for Congress; 3 Flyers
1/29/75 Letter from President Ford
3/15/75 Sample Ballot: State Board of Education
8/9/75 Sample Ballots (2): City to annex Broadmour Subdivision (It failed)
10/11/75 Sample Ballot: General Election
    Flyer, Weston Bruce Broussard: Clerk of Court; Robert Chrysler, State Representative: Bumper Sticker, Flyer
12/13/75 Sample Ballot: General Election
    Lafayette Parish Sheriff Race: Carlo Listi: 2 voter cards, 3 buttons, 2 Bumper Stickers; Secretary of State Race: Paul hardy, Flyer
4/3/76 Sample Ballot: Mayor & City Council Race
    Anti-Bowen Flyer (Chatelain died of a heart attack soon after the Election); Billy Cantrell, city council: 4 Voter Cards, John Schneider: Personal Letter Including 1 Voter Card
1976 PAR Citizen’s Guide to the 1976 Election
8/4/76 School Board Race
    Dale Savoie: Voter Card; Pat Jones; Voter Card; Branson for Judge; Iron plate from the Daily Advertiser, used in preparing newspaper Advertising for Brunson to run in newspaper (Pre use of computer Layout); Jerome S. Piccone for Judge (Similar type of Iron Plate for Newspaper advertising), 3 Bumper Stickers, 5 Voter Cards, 7 Other Bumper Stickers, 1 Paper Flyer; Sample Ballot for 8/4/76 Election
11/2/76 Chuck Huff for U.S. Congress (Republican)
    Coloring Book, 9 Voter Cards
11/2/76 Sample Absentee ballot with Clerk of Court
    Instructions; John Breaux; 3 Flyers, 13 Postcards with Breaux and Family, 5 Bumper Stickers
11/3/76 Election Results (Newspaper)
1/29/77 Sample Ballot: School Tax and Newspaper Results
6/28/77 Sample Ballot: Lafayette Revenue Bond
4/1/78 Sample Ballot: Highway Drainage and Construction
9/16/78 Sample Ballot: Senate and Congress, School Board, 3rd District Court Of Appeals Judge, 18th “G” District Judicial Race; Mike Thompson, U.S. Congress: Voter Card, Bumper Sticker, Peter Piccone, 3rd District Judge: Bumper Sticker
11/7/78 Sample Ballot: “G” District Judge and Revenues for parks and Civic Centers
11/7/78 Sample Ballot: “G” district Judge and Revenues for parks and Civic Center
1979 James Brown, Candidate for Lt. Governor
    Pelican Symbol; Cloth “Stick on”, 14 Flyers; (Meeting with USL, 10/22/86)
7/21/79 Sample Ballot: Jail Tax
4/5/80 Mayoral Race:
    Kenneth Brown: Personal Letter, 21 Voter Cards; Dudley Lastrapes: 1 Bumper Sticker, 2 Letters, 1 Voter Card; City Council Race: Dud Hudson: 18 Bumper Stickers; Sample Ballot of 4/5/80 Race.
9/13/80 School Board Race
    Mike Mouton: Voter Card; J.B. Guillory: Voter Card; W. Joe Worley: 16 Voter Cards; Sample Ballot of 9/13/80 Race; Woody Jenkins, U.S. Senate: Flyer.
3/81 La. Republican Party Newsletter
4/4/81 Sample Ballot: Tax Bond
10/17/81 Sample Ballot: city Marshall: don Beaux versus Lloyd “Buddy” Rochon
1/16/82 Sample Ballot: School Tax, Parish Communications Tax
5/15/82 2 Sample Ballots, 1 cent Parish Sales Tax Proposal
1982 Ned Randolph, 8 Congressional District: Flyer & Voter Card
1982 Charles Patterson, BESE Board: Flyer & Voter Card
9/11/82 School Board Race
    Coleen Andus, Voter Card with Writing, Toby Orillion: Voter Card And Letter.
Box 2    
1979 Introduction to Display: 14 items
1979 Governor’s Race
    Edgar Mouton: 16 bumper stickers, 14 smaller bumper stickers, 2 campaign shirts, 6 stick on cloth Lamb emblems, 1 autographed
picture to Mike Hamsa, 1 11 x 14 black and white publicity picture, 3 campaign hats, 4 Grand Opening headquarters invitations, 1 round sticker 8 voter cards, 22 paper items; Greg Nelson, Socialist Worker Party: 9 items; Ken “cousin Ken” Lewis: 1 personally signed letter, 2 voter cards with informational attached; L.D. Knox “None of the Above” fame, 2 newspaper articles, Bubba Henry: 1 campaign shirt, 1 PR package for releases; Jimmie Fitzmorris: 19 press down metal buttons, 1 Fitz label pin, 1 campaign shirt, 4 bumper stickers, 4 paper items, flyers, etc.; Paul Hardy: 1 automobile license tag, 1 campaign shirt, 2 fold up carrying bags [red orange color], 1 Colored Print, 4 bumper stickers, 1 campaign with merged colored picture of candidate, 22 voters cards, 4 paper iems, 16 buttons; Dave Treen: 3 campaign shirts, 2 ball point pens, 4 balloons
5 paper items, 1 automobile license plate, 11 bumper stickers; Louis Lambert: 13 bumper stickers, 1 lapel pin, 2 campaign shirts, 28 paper items, 5 State of Louisiana shaped stickers, 3 small cards with colored picture, 8 voter cards, 17 buttons, 2 “18 x 24” colored picture posters
1979 District 45 House of Representatives Race
    Jaco Luke Leblanc: 17 voter cards; Dud Breaux, 2 bumper stickers, 10 voter cards
  District 44 House of Representative Race
    Ron Gomez: 3 voter cards, 7 picture post cards, 3 bumper stickers, 2 paper items; Harold Hollier: 1 paper item, 3 small bumper stickers, 16 voter cards; Mary Regan: 5 bumper stickers, 6 small stickers, 2 name tags, 7 voter cards; Larry Rochon; 5 bumper stickers, 10 voter cards
  District 43 House of Representative Race
    Mike Thompson: 1 campaign shirt, 4 bumper stickers, 3 voter cards, 2 paper items; Mike Leblanc; 4 bumper stickers, 6 paper items, 2 voter Cards; Carroll Chaisson: 1 bumper sticker, 6 voter cards; Bob McGrew: 1 bumper sticker, 1 voter card: Jean Hurley: 6 bumper stickers, 4 voter cards, 1 paper item, 8 Buttons.
  State Senate Race: Louisiana Legislature
    Allan Bares: 1 “11 x 14” photograph, black and white, 10 paper items, 58 voter cards, 2 cocktail napkins with candidate name, 1 campaign shirt, 8 bumper stickers; Pat Juneau: 8 bumper stickers, 7 buttons, 11 voter cards, 2 match books with candidate name, 5 paper flyers, Dudley Lastrapes: 4 tablets, 5 voter cards, 7 bumper stickers, 1 flyer
  Other Races
    14 paper flyers, 27 voter cards, 7 bumper stickers, 1 button, 1 Photograph, James Brown with Governor Edwin Edwards and hunting Dog.
Box 3    
10/83 The Race for Louisiana Governor
    Dave Treen for Governor: 1 Campaign Hat, 12 Bumper Stickers, 2 Booklets “Keeping the Commitment to Black Louisianans”, 13 Buttons, 10 Flyers of Various descriptions, 2 stickers, 1 Campaign Shirt; Edwin Edwards for Governor: 10 Plastic Cups “Edwards Now”, 2 Blue Plastic Small Footballs, 4 Booklets, 1 Campaign Shirt, 1 Photograph of Rodrique Picture of Edwin Edwards, 18 Buttons, 2 Book of Matches, 5 Stickers, 3 Voter Cards with associated flyer, 1 Personal Letter to Charles F. Hamsa, 3 Bumper Stickers, Floyd Smith For Governor: 1 Announcement for Governor, PR Package, 1 Voter Card; Charley Moore for Governor for Governor: 1 Handwritten, Personal letter to Chuck Hamsa, 1 Platform Statement; MichaelMusmeci, Sr. for Governor: 1 Person letter to Chuck Hamsa, 2 Ball Point Pens; Michele Smith, Socialist Labor Party for Governor: 1Handwritten letter from campaign chairman, 3 flyers on Socialist LaborParty, 1 subscription form to The Militant, 1 issue of the Young Socialist;Ken “Cousin Ken” Lewis for Governor: 1 personal letter to ChuckHamsa, 5 Voter Cards, 2 Flyers on Ken’s Lewis’s Position, 1 copy of Formal announcement for reasons for running.
  Race for parish Sheriff
    Nick Lane: 4 Plastic Cups, 4 Bumper Stickers, 1 Voter Card, 1 Campaign Platform: Release Set; Chris Pettus: 4 Flyers; John Breaux: 2 Voter Cards, 2 Bumper Stickers, 1 Position Statement Packet.
  Parish Council
    Donnie Dugal: 1 Voter Card; Allen Comeaux; 4 Voter Cards, 3 Letters and flyers; Daryl Schouest: 2 bumper Stickers, 1 Volunteer form For helping in election, 8 Voter Cards, 9 Letters and flyers, 1 Additional flyer
  State Senator
    Edgar “Sunny” Mouton: 1 Voter Card, 5 letters and flyers; Allan Bares: 3 letters and flyers, 2 Voter Cards
  State Superintendent of Education
    Dr. Tom clause: 1 flyer
  State Representative
    Kathleen Blanco: 1 Voter Card; Mike Thompson: 1 Voter Card
  Various Judgeships
    Peter Piccione: 3 Voter Cards; Michael Sullivan: 1 flyer of Republican Party endorsing Sullivan; Bennett Gautreaux: 1 form of a telegram
  Various Judgeships
    Peter Piccione: 3 Voter Cards; Michael Sullivan: 1 flyer of Republican Party endorsing Sullivan; Bennett Gautreaux: 1 form of a telegram
  Newspaper Accounts of Election and League of Women Voters’ Statement (5 items)
  Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Booklet on State and Local Elections (5)
  Secretary of State
    Jim Brown: 2 hanger stickers
  Set of Sample Ballots
  Various Yard Signs (7)
Box 4    
3/8/88 City council Race
    Bob Bacon vs. Nancy Mounce: 10 Items dealing with race: Mayor Bowen versus Dudley Lastrapes: 2 Letters; Sample Ballot Set
  Public Service
    Election: Kathleen Blanco versus Devin Hand: 1 Picture of Blanco And her office staff, 1 Privately printed ballot and flyer
  Super Tuesday in Louisiana:
    22 items dealing with the events up and during election
10/24/88 Governor’s Race, 1987 start to 1988: 17 items, 4 pictures, 9 voter Cards, 9 bumper stickers (Roemer was the winner)
12/24/87 Vance Lanier: 1 Flyer
3/8/88 Don Bacque versus Mike Thompson: 17 items
1988 Council for Fiscal Reform for 4/89 Tax Election: 3 items
4/29/89 Tax Amendment Election: 7 items
10/17/89 Constitutional Amendments and Lafayette Sales Tax Election: 5 items
10/90 School Board: Guerico vs. Vidrine: 1 item
1990 State House of Representatives: Theaux vs. Higginbotham: 2 flyers
11/6/90 Sample ballot
10/90 District Attorney (Stransbury vs. Fontenot): 1 bumper sticker
10/6/90 Sample ballots
    Thibodaux for Congress: 2 stickers
10/90 US Senate
    David Duke: 20 items, 1 button, 1 autographed photograph, Personal presentation, 1 plastic erring, with round blue plastic sign for Duke; J. Bennett Johnson: 1 NRA letter supporting Johnson with Bumper sticker
10/91 &11/91 2 Sets Sample Ballots (4 in all); Various Newspaper Accounts; 2 HeartBaton Rouge, Labeling Duke versus Edwin Edwards as “The SilverZipper versus The Silver Tongue”
1991 Louisiana Governor Campaign
9/26/91 State Republicans invite voter card for Clyde Holloway (But national Republican party worked hard to promote Buddy Roemer, who after Governorship election switched to Rep.)
1984 James Brown, Secretary of State Guide to the 1984 Election: 2 copies City Council: dud Hudson Letter; Mayor Dudley Lastrapes: 1 Voter Card; City council: bob Bacon: Postcard, 2 Voter Cards, 3 letters and Flyers
1986 Louisiana House of Representatives: Kathleen Blanco: 2 letters and Flyers; Various School Board Margaret Lowenthal: 3 letters and flyers; James Cain: 5 Voter Cards; David Thibodeaux: 1 letter and flyer: William Carter: 4 newspaper articles or flyers; US Senate: John Breaux: 2 Letters and flyers; Jimie Hayes: 5 letters and voter cards, 3 invitations; Henson Moore: 8 letters and flyers, 1 bumper sticker, 2 voter cards, 2 flyers
5/11/878 Allen Baras letter to C. Hamsa
10/27/87 State Treasurer: Kelly Reilly; Parish Sheriff: Don Breaux; Parish Council: Letter from Conrad Comeaux; State Commissioner of Insurance: Doug Green: 2 flyers; LLA Supports Bill Dodd; letter; Secretary of State: 3 Letters.
1988 Louisiana Libertarian party; PR flyer; Louisiana State Republican Committee letter.
Box 5    
11/1991 Louisiana Governor Race: Aaron Broussard: 1 advertisement; Roemer: 2 items: Fred Dent: 1 bumper Sticker; Edwin Edwards: 5 lapel pins, Campaign headquarters card, 13 silver coins, 15 bumper stickers, 5 Name tags, 3 voter cards, 7 paper items and flyers, 1 yellow plastic Fly swatter, “swat the revolution”, 3 campaign hats; Kathleen Blanco: 3 name tags, 2 bumper stickers, 2 voter cards, 3 flyers and/or letters; David Duke: 17 paper items common photograph, 20 stick on labels, 3 campaign hats, 3 campaign shirts, 5 buttons, 11 bumper stickers, 4 Voter cards
1991 4 Election Bag (duke vs. Edwards) to put over one’s head; Recall ’92: Duke or Edwards 3 copies; Attorney General: 1991: Prolife for BenBagert: 3 bumper stickers, 2 flyers concerning decision to supportBagert; Melinda Schwegmann for Lt. Governor 1991 – 2 voter cards; Senate for State of LA: Alan bares: 1 telegram, 1 personal letter, 2 Bumper stickers, 2 associated flyers; max Jordan: 1 voter card, 2 Effective anti-Bares posters; Carl Tritschler: 2 voter cards; House of Representatives: Don Higginbotham (3 bumper stickers), (Higginbotham) ran unopposed after Don Bacque in 31991 decided not To seek another term)
1991 Parish Council: Bob Auston: Voter Card; Parish Coroner: Shaw for Corner: Voter Card
11/93 Recall ’93: Efforts to recall local mayor: 4 copies
1993 Mardi Gras threw in Gretna: Harry Lee badge
Box 6    
(CPED (Council for Public Education), Button; Acadian Village Buttons for Festival; Lafayette Community concern Membership Drive (2 phone pins And button); Lafayette City Plastic Fire Marshall for Children on tour (Circa 1976); Wednesday Open Weekly campaign by local churches (1975): 6 Buttons; Hiney Wine Button (campaign highlighting Cankton, LA) ; Button, US Cruiser “Columbia” (circa 1920); LA Senator, Paul Foshee (2 wooden Nickels); Louisiana Nature Guardian; 2 Buttons; President Bush Christmas Cards, 1989 and 1990; George Bush PR Material: 1991 Calendar, 4 Paper Items, 2 family colored photographs, 1 colored photograph of George Bush At work w/cabinet; LA State Representative Race, District 45: Sid Turner for State Representative dry, unused sponge, not activated; Chep Morrison for Governor (LA item); old time sticker, paper with glue; Flyer pro-Oliver North And his handling of affairs in the contra Affair: 1987, judge Bork unsuccessful Attempt to get nomination to US Supreme Court: 3 Papers: 1987 President
Nixon: plastic stamps 50 in a sheet of stamps under plastic; Nixon-Lodge Bumper sticker: button issued in New Orleans (1977) with King Tut Exhibit; I believe in Lafayette: 2 buttons; button: Breaux Bridge Centennial: Button with Bell attached: President hoover lapel pin with button-like tab: 21 coins: issued in 1950 by Red Goose Shoes: UL Lafayette Presidents; 4 Bicentennial pennies with explanation sheet; 2 Ron Guidry (Baseball Player) picture buttons; Jr. League’s Talk about Tennis II 3 buttons and used tickets to event; Lafayette Downtown Unlimited Button Reelect Pat Huval Mayor (Henderson, LAA): 2 stickers; PCA Proud coon Asses (4 stickers and/or cards); USL; 1977 Krewe of Baloon (2 coins and 1 flyer), bulldog in wood, button, 3 buttons, 5 clickers, Pre-oil buttons (18), Special Olympics Buttons (3); Superdome opening (2) 3 buttons for local Business
Box 7(campaigns buttons, etc.)
1992: Buchanan (2); Libertarian (3); Socialist (1); Anti-Bush and Desert Storm (6); Perot (2); Anti-Clinton (2); Gene McCarthy (1); Tisch Independent Citizen Party (1); Clinton (1); Brown (1); Bush-Quayle Pictured (1); Bush (1); Tsongas (1); Roemer of Louisiana (1); NRA (1); Duke (1); Support our Troops Cards (5) 1988 Anti-Bush (2); Dukakis-Bentsen pictured (1); Dukakis (2); Hart (4); Patricia Schroeder (3); Jesse Jackson (2); Biden (3); Nunn (2); Genhardt (3); American Independent Party: Bumper Sticker (1); Miscellaneous Democratic Candidates (4); Ceramic Likeness of 4 Candidates (6); Libertarian Party: Bumper Sticker (2), Buttons (4): Ron Paul; Populist Party: David Duke: Bumper Sticker (2), Buttons (4)
Box 8 (campaigns buttons, etc.)
Louisiana Symbol for Democratic Party: Rooster for symbol with rhinestones; 1912: Bull Moose Pin 3rd Party-T. Roosevelt: Years Samples of Brummagen (Counterfeit): Coolidge sticker, Counterfeit Samples (15); 1940: Wilkie and McNary vs. Roosevelt & Wallace: Buttons (55), Ivory and Cast Iron Pins (5), Wilkie Book “One World”, 1948 Truman vs. Dewey: Buttons (15), Henry Wallace “Dixiecrat” (1); 1952: Eisenhower vs Stevenson: Buttons (19), Inaugural Committee, Medallion, along 2ith ribbon, Eisenhower Inaugural, January ’52; 1960: J. Kennedy vs. Nixon: Buttons (15), National States Rights Party-Faubus (1); 1964
Goldwater-Miller: Inaugural Gold Coins (6), Gold Coin Image Pins (5),Bumper Sticker (1), Buttons (6), Wooden Nickel (1); Johnson-Humphrey: Buttons (8), Matchbook (1), Wooden Nickel (2); 1968: Humphrey-Muskie: Buttons (15); Nixon-Agnew: Buttons (24), “Nebraskans for Nixon” Metal Clickers (3), Bumper Stickers (3); Pat Paulsen for President: Concert Flyer and Promotion; Robert Kennedy (assassinated June 1963: Buttons (3); Wallace-LeMay: State Set: Buttons (52) “Alabama Likes…”, Promotional Flyers (2), Buttons &7), Bumper Stickers (2), Wallace Necktie (1), Wallace Auto Plate (1)
Box 9 (campaign buttons, etc.)
1988: Republican Party: Baker-Haig (3), Third Term: Reagan (1), Fantasy Combination: Dole-Dole (2), Bush-DuPont (1), Pat Robertson (5), Nixon “Tanned and Ready for ‘88’ (1), Jean Kirkpatrick (3), DuPont for President (3), Bush for President (17), Dole-DuPont (2); Get Out Jail Free (Anti-Dukakis) (6); Bush: Bumper Stickers (2); Democratic Hopefuls (18); Reagan: Buttons (11), Bumper Stickers (8); Jesse Jackson (4); Communist Party (3); American Independent (3); Socialist Worker (4); Libertarian: Buttons (2), Pamphlets (3); Citizens (1); 1985: Libertarian Party Convention (1); 1986: Anti-Reagan (2); 1986-87: Iran Gate (15); Bork Supreme Court Nomination (4); 1988: Sample Ballot; 1986: Pat Paulsen; 1984: Kathy Whitmore (2), Newspaper (Nov.) Ballot, President Reagan Reelection Efforts; 1984-86 Various Political Cause; 1982: National Republican Party
Box 10 (campaign buttons, etc.)
1972: Republican Convention Site Problems: San Diego: Changed to Miami: Plastic Swizzle Stick for San Diego (3), Gold Colored Republican Party Pins for San Diego (7); Nixon-Agnew: Buttons (37), Bumper sticker (1); Libertarian Party (Started 1972); Buttons (9); American Independent party: First Wallace, who was shot, then Schmitz: Buttons (90); Other Parties: Buttons (15); McGovern-Eagleton, then Shrever: Buttons (17); McGovern-Eagleton then Shriver: Promotional Flyers (90); 1973-74: Impeach Nixon Button (1); Nixon, “I’m Not a Crook Watch” (1), Spiro T. Agnew Watch (1); Republican Party: Ford-Dole: Bumper Stickers (2), Buttons (16), Stickers with Names (8); Democratic Party: Carter-Mondale: Party Platform Flyers, etc. (7), Buttons (2): Libertarian Party: McBride-Bergland: Political Party Platforms *(3), Buttons (3); Kennedy for Lifetime Button (3,000 made by member of the Republican National Convention from Louisiana. I received 2. I sent to American Political Items Collectors for national registration. Most were sold to members of the Massachusetts State delegate at the convention): Buttons (1); Third Party Buttons: (6); 1979: Libertarian Party convention: Buttons for hopeful party candidates (5); Candidate Prospectus Papers (4); 1980: Democratic Party: Carter-Mondale: Buttons (3), Button w/both candidates’ pictured (2); Libertarian Party: Clark: Buttons (7), Party Platform Papers (8), Bumper Stickers (3); Republican Party: Reagan-Bush: Buttons (25), Buttons with Candidates (1), Party Nomination Hopefully (2), Bush VP Cloth Additions (7) ; Citizens Party: Barry-Harris Buttons (5); Socialist Workers Party: Buttons (1), John Anderson-Lucey: Bumper Stickers (3), John Anderson Coloring Book (1), Political Pamphlet (1), Buttons (9); Communist Party: Hall-Davis: Buttons (2); American Independent Party: Rarick-Shearer: Buttons (33), Bumper Stickers (3), Nominating Convention Cloth Streamer (2); 1981: Libertarian Party convention: Buttons for Political Hopefuls (4); 1976: Election Results, Ballot, Ford-Dole Bumper Stickers (3); 1980: Newspaper (Nov.), Right Coalition, Ballot, First Family Cut-out Book, Reagan photos, Carter posters (3), Clark posters (4)
Box 11  
6/25/71 McKeithen’s “Report Card”
5/4/85 Sample Ballot
5/5/85 The Sunday Advertiser
7/20/85 Sample Ballot
1/1/92 Lafayette parish School Board Sales Tax Election
3/10/92 Primary Election Sample Ballots Lafayette Parish “Super Tuesday”:
    Paper Campaign material
4/11/92 Lafayette Parish Run-Off Elections
7/16/92 Ross Perot drops out of Presidential Campaign: Article
7/18/92 Lafayette Parish Elections: Three Tax Renewal: School Budget, Drainage, Airport Maintenance
Aug ’92 David Duke: Insurance Agent for Physicians Mutual Insurance Co.: Article.
Oct ’92 Problems of Duke violating financial disclosure rules
10/1/92 Ross Perot re-enters the Presidential Campaign
10/3/92 Lafayette parish: Copy: Ballot and Pre., Newspaper publicity; Lafayette Parish: US Senate, House of Representatives, Races, Jimmy Hayes campaign shirt, Election results, Duplantier Vs. DesOrmeaux, NRA election alert, sample ballot, voting Precincts, proposed constitutional amendments
Nov. ’92 Presidential
11/3/92 Lafayette Parish General Election (2 sets): Bill Clinton, David Duke,Bush-Quayle, Official Democratic Presidential Ballot, Official Democratic Presidential Poll, Senator Tom Harkin Democratic Senatorial Survey, Louisiana Teacher Bulletin, Sample Ballots, Lafayette City/Parish Consolidate Government Charter Pamphlet, Anti-abortion, Republican Party of Louisiana Perot, Richard Secord, Bush Quayle Photo, American Speaks Bulletin, Bush: Volunteer “Enlistment” Form; Lafayette Parish General Elections: Sample Ballots; City-Parish Consolidation Vote.
Box 12    
  USL Buttons (3), Clicker (2), Magnets (5), Football game ticket (1), Bulldog wood cut-out (1), Letter from Athletic Department.
  Clinton’s Simplified 1040 Form
  3 O.P.A. coins
  Mondale-Ferraro: stickers (12), bumper stickers (4), buttons (3)
  Republican anti-school board bureaucrats advertisement (2)
  Edwards for Governor bumper sticker
  Photograph (colored) of Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Ford w/letter from
Nixon’s daughter.
  Clinton Letter asking for support
  Walter Comeaux: City-Parish President Bumper sticker
  Various Buttons, etc. (42)
Sept. 18th Picture of Reagan and Jerry at Ford Presidential Museum
Fall ’93 The Keynoter “The Adams Family” (The Campaigns of 1796, 1800, 1824, and 1828)
Winter ’93 The Keynoter: Clinton in Arkansas (Local campaigns ’74 to ’94)
1994 The Political Bandwagon (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December editions)
Spring/Summer, ’94 The Keynoter: “The Political Ascent of James Buchanan”
Fall ’94 The Keynoter 1952: The Last Real Conventions
Winter ’94 The Keynoter Indiana: The Mother of Vice President
4/30/94 Lafayette (City): City Judge Race; Bouillion vs. Piccione, Jr.
10/1/94 Sample Ballot
Nov ’94 National Elections
11/8/94 Sample Ballot
1995 The Political Bandwagon (January, February, March, April editions); The Sunday Advocate
1/25/95 Sample Ballot
7/15/95 Sample Ballot
7/15/95 Sample Ballot with n newspaper
Oct ’95 Sample Ballot
10/23/95 Election Results
July ’97 Lafayette Parish newspaper
  Miscellaneous campaign material from other states (in envelopes): Arizona (1); California (1); Nebraska (3); New York (2); Texas (1); unknown (1)
  National Rifle Association button
Box 13    
  Wesley United Campus Ministry pamphlets and flyers; The M.E.P. Center Notes; Wesley Foundation notes and records; Barbara Russell (negatives); Black and white photos; Wesley Foundation: Magnolia Co. Flyers: Wes Club & Wesley Foundation (checks); Folklore as a Key to Cultural Creativeness; Letters from President Bill Clinton and the Duke Duke Report; Inventory of Presidential Cassettes; Political Bandwagon: Dec. ’87, Jan-Dec. ’88, Jan ’89-Dec ’89, Jan ’90, Feb ’91-Dec. ’91, Jan ‘92 To December ’92, Jan. ’93 – Dec. ’93.
1967-1973 Apic Keynoter Vol. VI-XII
1972-1977 Apic Keynoter Vol. XIII-XVI
1977-1983 Apic keynoter Vol. XVII – XVIII
1980-1985 Bull Moose Newsletter: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall editions
1984-1993 The Keynoter: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall editions
1989 Journal entry while in New Orleans
1992 Wes Club Minutes
Box 14    
Photographs: 1-699: For reference see Index
Box 15    
Photographs 700-2063: For Reference see Index
Box 16    
“Vote!” Display Material
Box 17    
  Wade O. Martin, Jr. for Governor; Edwards for Governor; Duke for Governor The Times: article on Puggy; Jack Kemp for President; Clinton-Gore; Mondale-Ferraro
Circa 1972 Warren J. “Puggy” Moity Campaign Yard Sign
    This was autographed in 1986 when Moity got out of jail. This is the only political item extant in Moity’s many political campaigns and editorship of The True Scope of Louisiana
1979 State and Local Election Yard Signs (47): Governor: Fitzmorris, Paul Hardy, Bubba Henry, Louis Lambert, Edgar Mouton, David Treen, Senator: Pat Juneau, Allen Bares; State Representative: Chiassion, R.L. “Bob” McGrew, Larry Rochon; representative: Jean Hurley, Mike Thompson, Regan, Hollier, Ron Gomez, Dud Breaux, Commissioner of Agriculture: Bob Odom
Oct. 1983 Various State and Local yard Signs: Sheriff: Don Breaux, Nick Lane; Governor: Treen, Edwards
Nov. 2000 Official Sample Ballot prepared by W. Fox McKeithen – Secretary of State
Box 18 Bush/ Gore 2000 Presidential Election
Nov. 7, 2000 election poll results
Nov. 10, 2000 Daily Advertiser section A
Nov. 15, 2000 Four-website articles; (humor)
Nov. 20, 2000 Website article (military vote): Drudge Memo on Absentee vote, disqualifications for Democrats
Nov. 21, 2000 Website article article “Jeb’s office Lets off Steam Amid Rising Tensions”
Nov. 22, 2000 Email form Hamsa about Lafayette Parish Superintendent Finalist Rejecting the school boards offer
Nov. 25, 2000 Sample Presidential Election results
Nov. 26, 2000 Website article (Fl. Vote Certification)
Nov. 28, 2000 Website article (humor)
Nov. 29, 2000 Website article (humor): website article (humor)
Dec. 1, 2000 Website article (Supreme Court)
Dec. 3, 2000 The Sunday Advertiser section D
Dec. 4, 2000 Two-website articles Gore/ Bush Presidential Election results
Dec. 5, 2000 The Daily Advertiser section A
Dec. 6, 2000 Gore/ Bush Presidential Election results: website article (humor): Website article
Dec. 8, 2000 2 website articles
Dec. 9, 2000 Five-website articles Supreme Court of the U.S.: George W. Bush ET AL. v. Albert Gore, Jr. ET AL. on Application for Stay
Dec. 10, 2000 The Sunday Advertiser section A: email entitled “Dateline-Dec. 30, 2004” (humor)
Dec. 11, 2000 Six-website articles
Dec. 12, 2000 Four-website article Supreme Court of the U.S.; George W. Bush ET AL., Petitioners v. Al Gore, Jr. ET AL. On Writ of Certiorari to the Florida Supreme Court: emails entitled “Signs don’t Lie”, “Comments”
Dec. 13, 2000 Gore/ Bush Presidential Election results: ten-website articles The Daily Advertiser section A
Dec. 14, 2000 The Daily Advertiser Special Election 2000 Edition section A
Kathy Ashworth for Mayor