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Ain Cadjein Literary Manuscripts

Collection 167

Cadjein, Ain (Anonymous). Literary Manuscripts, 1983–

5 inches

Material on literature presented in Cajun French prepared by anonymous individual and delivered to a radio station in Ville Platte (KVPI). Included are translations of literary excerpts, poems, etc. into Cajun French and a grammar of Cajun French.

Photocopy. Original is in possession of KVPI. Collection secured by Mario Mamalakis for USL.


1-01 Messages from Ain Cadjein to radio station, 1983-
1-02 Vernacu-Literary Cajun, 1st edition
1-03 Vernacu-Literary Cajun, 3rd edition
1-04 Translation: The Odyssey of Homer, Book 1
1-05 Miscellaneous translations
1-06 Miscellaneous translations