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J. Carlton James Oral History Collection

Collection 161

James, J. Carlton (1911–1993). Oral History Collection, 1979

1 foot, 5 ½ inches

This collection is the result of a project sponsored by the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and funded by the Louisiana Council for the Humanities and the Acadiana Committee in Human Relations. The project directors were Drs. Patricia Rickels and Matthew Schott with assistance from Barry Ancelet, Elemore Morgan, Jr., and Doris White. The collection contains taped interviews with several participants in Louisiana's civil rights movement. The final product of the project, a slide-tape presentation, "No Gains Without Pains: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Louisiana," is also included. When donating this collection to USL in 1984, the project directors chose to honor Carlton James, a long-time Lafayette educator and civil rights leader. He is one of the people interviewed.

The collection was donated to USL by the Project Directors in 1984. Tapes are recorded on one side only.


A. Tapes Box 1 through 2-01
B. Presentation 2-02 through Box 3
C. Compact discs Box 4


Box 1  
Tape 1 Carlton James
Tape 2 Carlton James
Tape 3 Murphy Bell, J. K. Haynes, Johnny Jones, Vanu Lacour
Tape 4 Murphy Bell, J. K. Haynes, Johnny Jones, Vanu Lacour
Tape 5 Murphy Bell, J. K. Haynes, Johnny Jones, Vanu Lacour
Tape 6 Bird/ Robert N. Perry, Jr., 14 March 1979: also cassette
tape 7 copy 2
Tape 8 Bird/ Robert N. Perry, Jr.
Tape 9 Bird/ Robert N. Perry, Jr.
Tape 10 Overton White
Tape 11 Overton White: also cassette
Tape 12 James Oliver and Alexander Sigur
Tape 13 James Oliver
Tape 14 Wilfred Pierre and Catherine Bonner
Tape 15 Myrtle Cain
Tape 16 Ann Johnson
Tape 17 Annie Smart, 20 March 1979
Tape 18 A. Z. Young
Box 2  
2-01 Transcripts
2-02 Guide to slides
  Box 1 Slides
2-03 Photos of Project Directors
Box 3  
3-01 Script of program
  Tapes 1-6 Program (2 copies)
Box 4 Compact discs [archival copy and user copy)
    contents same as Box 1