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J. Norman Heard Papers

Collection 149

J. Norman Heard (1922-2013). Papers, 1944-1987, n.d.

3 ft., 36 vols.

J. Norman Heard was a native of Austin, Texas. He was a resident of Lafayette from 1969 until his death. He was married to Joyce Boudreaux and they had three children. Dr. J. Norman Heard was a librarian at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). Heard retired from USL in 1981 to concentrate on civic work and writing. He did historical research and writing for 35 years. He authored several books including Handbook of the American Frontier: Four Centuries of Indian-White Relationships; Bookman’s Guide to Americana; White Into Red; A Study of the Assimilation of White Persons Captured by Indians; The Black Frontiersman: Adventures of Negroes among American Indians, 1528-1918; and Hope Through Doing. He also wrote many historical articles.

Heard was actively involved in the Alleman Center, Vision Lafayette, and Acadian Village. He helped found Acadian Village and Gardens. He devoted his time to Civitan International for more than 15 years, by chartering four local Civitan Clubs including the University and Acadian Clubs. He was active in the Special Olympics. He served on the Civitan International Special Olympics Committee. He also chaired the Acadian Village Fair to raise funds for furnishings those buildings. His primary interest and the focus of his efforts was in helping the mentally retarded. He was very involved in this because his three children were all mentally retarded.

In 1976 he received the President’s Cup for Distinguished Service from the Louisiana Association for Retarded Citizens for his outstanding service. In 1977 he represented Louisiana at the White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals in Washington.

This collection contains material gathered for his book Handbook of the American Frontier, which include handwritten notes for his published book, as well as other books he authored, copies of his books, and information on the organizations for which he volunteered his time. There is also a large number of copied documents related to the German Prisoner of War Camp at Camp Ruston, 1943-1945.

This collection was donated by Dr. Norman Heard.


A. Writings 1-01 through 1-07
B. Photograph 1-08
C. Organizations 1-09 through 1-35
D. Documents  
1. Manuscript Cover Box 2
2. Photocopied Maps Box 2
1. Handwritten notes for Handbook of the American Frontier Volumes 1 through 36


A. Writings
1-01 Writings: Bookman’s Guide to Americana, pp. 1-100
1-02 Writings: Bookman’s Guide to Americana, pp. 101-200
1-03 Writings: Bookman’s Guide to Americana, pp. 201-end
1-04 Writings: White Into Red, pp. ii-50 [corrected pages]
1-05 Writings: White Into Red, pp. 51-100
1-06 Writings: White Into Red, pp. 101-150
1-07 Writings: White Into Red, pp. 151-end
B. Photograph
1-08 Photograph: Alleman Center
C. Organizations
  1. Acadian Village
1-09 agreements, resolutions, etc., n.d.
1-10 correspondence, 1972-1979
1-11 clippings, miscellaneous dates
1-12 serials: Knights of Columbus News, 8 October 1976; Southern Living, April 1979
1-13 pamphlets (5 including dedication of chapel), article: Dunlop, Richard, “Acadian Village; Cajun Country’s Bayous provide fascinating mix,” Chicago Tribune, 19 March 1980
1-14 unpublished: “Around the World Tropical Gardens”, 1 p.; “Project Narrative and Letter of Intent,” n.d. 1 p.; “Acadian Village Project,” 1 p.; “Acadian Village and Round the World Tropical Gardens,” 1 p.; “Acadian Village and Tropical Gardens of the Lafayette Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc.,” n.d., 2 pp.; report of Ad-Hoc Committee chaired by Ed Dauphin, “The Acadian Village and Around the World Tropical Gardens,” n.d., 6 pp
1-15 miscellaneous: history, description, organizational chart; budgets, 1978-1979; job descriptions
C. Organizations
  2. Alleman Center
1-16 general records, board of directors, 1983-1984, standing committee, 1984/1985
1-17 financial records, statements, Fiscal year 1984
1-18 contracts, agreements, n.d.
1-19 correspondence, 1977-1985
1-20 clippings, miscellaneous dates
1-21 services, miscellaneous, 1980s
1-22 schedule of events, n.d.
1-23 articles: DeLapp, Larry R. “Ribbon Cutting Held for Lafayette Group” no source; DeLapp, Larry R. “The Acadian Village of Alleman Center,” no source; Brown, William R., “Hiring Mentally Handicapped Helpful to Mall and Community,” Shopping Center World, June, ?: 12
1-24 pamphlets: New Hope Work Activity Center; Alleman Center
1-25 serials: Lafayette ARC News 1981: March; 1982: September, December; 1983: December
1-26 reports: Residential Services Report, 25 September 1984; Executive Director Report, n.d.; Presentation by Dr. Norman Heard - Behalf of Alleman Center, n.d.
C. Organizations
  3. Vision Lafayette
1-27 general records, directory, subcommittee material, n.d.
1-28 resolution, n.d.
1-29 articles, pamphlets: The Southwest Louisiana Rehabilitative Center [2 copies]; Handicapped American Report, v.9, #22, 23 October 1986; Forum, v.4, #1, Fall 1986
1-30 correspondence, 1986
1-31 services, n.d.
1-32 Human Services Task Force, general information, n.d.
1-33 Human Services Task Force, minutes, 1986/1987
1-34 Human Services Task Force, notice of meetings, 1986/1987
1-35 Human Services Task Force, goals, n.d.
D. U.S. Army Service Forces, Prisoner of War documents related mainly to Camp Ruston, 1943-1945
1-36 through 1-45
1. Manuscript cover - Hope Through Doing
2. Newspaper - The Camp Claiborne News, 20 April 1944, v.11, #42, Camp Claiborne, Louisiana
3. Maps: Camp Claiborne [photocopied: 4 maps]
Vol. 1 through Vol. 36
  Original handwritten notes for entries in A Handbook of the American Frontier