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Albert Tate, Jr., Genealogical Papers

Collection 145

Tate, Albert, Jr. (1920–1986). Genealogical Papers, 1800–1989, n.d.

32 feet, 5 inches; oversize

Judge Albert Tate, Jr, born in Ville Platte on 23 September 1920 and died in New Orleans on 27 March 1986, was a federal and state judge who served as a member of numerous judiciary committees and councils. At the time of his death, he was a member of the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Aside from his legal career, he also had an interest in genealogy, especially the early settlers of Southwest Louisiana.

This collection contains Judge Tate’s genealogy research, including correspondence, family files, articles, research material, census, work files, original documents, microfilms, microfiche, and other miscellaneous items. The correspondence arranged in alphabetical order reflects his attempts to gather information on the early settlers of Southwest Louisiana. The family files, also arranged in alphabetical order, contain various documents, correspondence, articles, publications, notes, and newspaper clippings regarding the different families named on each file. The published articles and work files contain articles that Judge Tate researched and wrote himself, though it is unclear if all were published.

The general research material files contain clippings, articles, correspondence, notes, copies of documents and records, and maps. The census files contain mostly information on the Spanish enumerations, with many of the files labeled with individuals' names. These files refer to the census but contain information on the labeled individual. The miscellaneous family work files contain notes, correspondence, and copies of records that refer to the name on the files.

Mrs. Albert Tate, Jr. donated the collection.


A. Correspondence 1-01 through 4-12
B. General Correspondence 4-13 through 5-03
C. Family Files (1 of 2) 5-04 through 8-13
D. Additional Family Files 8-14 through 13-03
E. Published Articles 13-04 through 13-53
F. Articles - Work Files 14-01 through 14-40
G. General Research Material 15-01 through 17-01
H. Census (1 of 2) 17-02 through 19-04
I. Miscellaneous Family Work Files 19-05 through 19-13
J. Original Documents 19-14 through 19-17
K. Miscellaneous 19-18 through 20-08
L. Census (2 of 2) 20-09 through 20-17
M. Microfilms and Microfiche 20-18 through 20-19, Reels 1-12
N. Family Files (2 of 2) 20-20 through 27-03
O. Oversize Box 27 through Box 30, Map Case 9-01


Tate, Albert, Jr. (1920-1986). Genealogical Papers, 1800-1989, n.d. (PDF)