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Mary Wilson Collection

Collection 140

Wilson, Mary (1846 1867). Collection, 1864 1890, 1955

1 reel [Microform]

Material gathered about the visitation of Blessed John Berchmans to Mary Wilson at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau, Louisiana in 1866. The collection contains printed material including biographies of St. John Berchmans when he was canonized, the catechism used by Novitiate Mary Wilson, and pamphlets. There are also handwritten transcripts (in both English and French) of diary entries, depositions, testimonials, and letters. There are also some original letters. The material is not well organized. A very inadequate table of contents is located at the end of the reel. (It is first on the 1971 reel.)

This material was microfilmed by Dennis Gibson for USL in 1974. An earlier microfilming effort was made in 1971. This material is in a different order and the longer printed items are not included. The 1971 film is negative and designated as Reel 2. The originals are owned by the Academy of the Sacred Heart at Grand Coteau.


1. Transcript of material related to life of Mary Wilson, in English and French, not in order
includes: depositions; correspondence; diary extracts; testimonials
2. Sister Mary Wilson's Attestations Concerning Her Miraculous Cure Through the Intercession of St. John Berchmans
3. Affairs de l'Inquiete sur le Miracle Opere par le Bd. J. Berchmans au Grand Coteau
includes: transcripts of letters; pamphlets; depositions
4. Publications [These are interspersed throughout transcripts.]
Catechism of Perseverance on Historical, Doctrinal, Moral and Liturgical Exposition of the Catholic Religion, 1864
Le Musée Saint Jean Berchman á Louvain, 1921
A Miracle on American Soil, n.d.
A Hollowed Spot in the Heart of Louisiana, n.d.