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Marie del Norte Theriot Collection

Collection 127

Theriot, Marie del Norte (1902–1987). Collection, 1699–1973, n.d.

4 feet, 8 inches; oversize

Marie del Norte Theriot was born 14 October 1902 on Bayou du Large, Sunrise Plantation in Houma, Louisiana to parents Marie Daigle Theriot and Charles Otis Theriot. Her schooling included Lafayette Parish School, Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (later University of Southwestern Louisiana; now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) where she received her Bachelor of Arts on 31 May 1921, and Columbia University in New York City where she received her Master of Arts on 28 October 1925. She married Jack G. Hains of Rayne, Louisiana; the couple had no children. Theriot died at the age of 84 on 25 September 1987 and is buried in Resthaven Garden of Memory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Theriot taught French at Southeastern University in Hammond, and later joined the French department at University of Southwestern Louisiana where she taught for many years here. She was also a genealogist. Her interests included history, politics, and the history of Louisiana and Acadiana. In addition, Theriot produced a children's song and dance book entitled Les Dances Rondes.

This collection contains information concerning people, places, and events during and before her life; information on different sections of Louisiana; and information on historical events. It includes postcards, notes, memos, awards presented to her, songs, biographical information on people of the U.S., photographs, and her personal souvenirs.

Marie del Norte Theriot donated the collection.

This collection is part of the Women in Louisiana Collection.

Note: See control file for complete listing of photographs.


A. Historical Information on Acadiana 1-01 through 1-12
B. Acadiana- Personal 2-01 through 2-11
C. Tours 3-01 through 3-02
D. Personal Items 3-03 through 4-03
E. Souvenirs 4-04 through 4-07
F. Miscellaneous 5-01 through 5-10
G. Cajun Stories 5A-01 through 5A-02
H. Cajun Songs 5A-03 through 5A-04
I. Artifacts Box 5A
J. Photographs Boxes 6 through 15
    17-02 through 17-08
K. Volumes 17-09 through 17-11
L. Oversize Box 16, Map Case 43-01


Box 1
  A. Historical Information on Acadiana
    1-01 Bayou Vermilion, 1803-1973
        Information concerns people, places, and events in Lafayette, Louisiana
    1-02 Bayou Vermilion, 1803-1973
    1-03 Bayou Teche, early 1900s
        Material concerns people, places, and events along Bayou Teche during the early 1900s
    1-04 Bayou Terrebonne, 1800-1973
        Material concerns the history of Bayou Terrebonne (Houma, Louisiana)
    1-05 Bayou Terrebonne, 1800-1973
    1-06 Bayou Terrebonne, 1800-1973
    1-07 Bayou Lafourche, 1750-1973
        Information concerns the history of people, places, and events in Lafourche
    1-08 Historical Events, 1904-1972
        Information pertains to some historical events during Marie Theriot's life
    1-09 Historical Events, miscellaneous dates
        Information pertains to some historical events during Marie Theriot’s life
    1-10 Historical Events
    1-11 Historical Events
    1-12 Historical Events
Box 2
  B. Acadiana - Personal
    2-01 Del Theriot and U.S.L., 1900-1973
        re: Del's life and U.S.L.; U.S.L. in general
    2-02 Theriot and U.S.L.
    2-03 French classes at S.L.I., 1929-1933
        re: The history of French education at S.L.I.
    2-04 Le Courrier des Opelousas, n.d.
        Souvenir edition, written in English and French
    2-05 Louisiana - Foreign Names, 1721-1973
        re: Foreign names in Louisiana
    2-06 Louisiana Acadian Cookery, 1970s
        Mainly French recipes from the newspaper series "Le Coin des Acadians Cook Book"
    2-07 Acadiana Camellia Pageant, 1945, 1955
      Le Danses Rondes, 1755-1973
        Del's dance book
    2-08 Table Tolle: Le Lapin, 1961-1973
        Acadian customs
    2-09 Acadian Customs
    2-10 Acadiana History, 1800-1965: Clippings
    2-11 Louisiana History: 1699-1983: Clippings
Box 3
  C. Tours
    3-01 Tour of Europe, 1963
    3-02 Tour of America and Mexico, 1963-1973
  D. Personal Items
    3-03 Biographical Files, 1910-1973
        re: People of the U.S. during Del's life
    3-04 Biographical Files, 1910-1973
    3-05 Biographical Files, 1941
    3-06 Biographical File, 1942
    3-07 Biographical Files, miscellaneous dates
        Death certificate, obituary article, certificate of baptism, college years at Southeastern University
    3-08 Biographical Files, 1985
        Theriot family
    3-09 Acadiana Coast, 1903-1973
        re: Events in Del's life from childhood to old age
    3-10 Genealogy Acadiana, 1877-1969
        Family tree of the Theriots in the Acadiana area
    3-11 Genealogy
        Notes, n.d.
    3-12 Diary, 1905
    3-13 Diary, 1933
    3-14 Diary, 1936
Box 4
    4-01 Correspondence, 1926-1940
    4-02 Correspondence, 1941-1984
    4-03 Correspondence, n.d.
  E. Souvenirs
    4-04 Del's clippings of important events
    4-05 Del's program, book, clippings
    4-06 Del's notes on family, diary, address books
    4-07 Notes on family, etc.
      Tablet of notes concerning parts of Del's collection
      Dance Books (3)
      Collection of Photographs[not in folder]
Box 5
  F. Miscellaneous
    5-01 Miscellaneous: Bookmarks, n.d.
    5-02 Miscellaneous: Handwritten prayer, by Carrie Daigle: “Thirty Days Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary”, 1907
    5-03 Correspondence, miscellaneous dates
    5-04 Publicity - Clippings, miscellaneous dates
    5-05 Postcards, greeting cards, invitations, n.d.
    5-06 Postcards, greeting cards, invitations, n.d.
    5-07 Postcards, greeting cards, invitations, n.d.
    5-08 Postcards, greeting cards, invitations, n.d.
    5-09 Postcards, greeting cards, invitations, n.d.
    5-10 Postcards, greeting cards, invitations, n.d.
Box 5A
  G. Cajun Stories
    5A-01 Cajun Stories, Miscellaneous Material, n.d.
        Handwritten material, news clippings, etc.
    5A-02 Cajun Stories, Miscellaneous Material, n.d.
        Handwritten material, news clippings, etc.
  H. Cajun Songs
    5A-03 Louisiana Songs, Miscellaneous Material, n.d.
        Handwritten, typescript material
    5A-04 Louisiana Songs, Miscellaneous Material, n.d.
        Typescript; composition book - handwritten material
  I. Artifacts
      Reunion, 1938 Patch (red/white)
      Medal, December 1938 (purple medal)
  J. Photographs
Box 6
      Photographs, some unidentified, n.d.
Box 7
      Marie Del Norte Theriot
Box 8
      Marie Del Norte Theriot and Family
Box 9
      Extended Theriot Family
Box 10
      Alphabetical Listing [miscellaneous]
Box 11
      Arranged by Subject, n.d.
Box 12
      Unidentified, n.d.
Box 13
      Unidentified, n.d.
Box 14
      Unidentified, n.d.
Box 15
      First Name Only, n.d.
Box 16
  K. Oversize
    1. Photograph Album, 1923-
    2. Photographs, Marie Del Norte Theriot [2]
    3. Scrapbook, 1943-
    4. Photograph Album, n.d.
Box 17
  F. Miscellaneous
    17-01 Postcards, Newspaper Clippings
  J. Photographs
    17-02 St. Michael’s Church
    17-03 Welham Plantation
    17-04 Little Theatre, New Orleans
    17-05 Brulatour Court
    17-06 Bendel Estate
    17-07 Various Photographs (buildings, nature, person, places)
    17-08 Unidentified Photographs
  K. Volumes
    17-09 Theriot Family Tree, 1964-1973 (Sources and Queries), Pt. 1
    17-10 Theriot Family Tree, 1964-1973 (Sources and Queries), Pt.2
    17-11 Theriot Family Tree, 1700-1963
  L. Oversize
Map Case 43-01
  1. Genealogy Acadiana: Family Tree of Theriots in the Acadiana Area, 1877-1969
  2. Photograph: St. Eloi Plantation
  3. Diplomas  
      Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute Marie Del Norte Theriot, 31 May 1921 [Arts and Science]
      Columbia University, New York City Marie Del Norte Theriot, 28 October 1925 [Masters of Arts]