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Louis Hanemann Photographs

Collection 113

Hanemann, Louis (1870–1935). Photographs, 1895–1910

65 items

This collection contains photographs of New Orleans area at the turn of the twentieth century, taken by a Tulane University medical student. These are photographs of unidentified people, houses, street scenes, etc. There are also pictures of a military camp at the Fairgrounds during the Spanish-American War.

The glass plate negatives were originally stored in five boxes. The arrangement of the prints retains this order. The numbering system indicates collection, box, and negative (i.e. 113-01-01). The prints of each negative box are in one folder. The negatives themselves are arranged by size and stored near the Freeland Collection negatives.

Donated by Louis Hanemann in 1981.


Box 1 Prints made by John Stephan in 1989. 5 folders
Box 2 Negatives, 4" x 5"
    113-01-01 through 113-01-12
    113-02-01 through 113-02-06
    113-04-01 through 113-04-08
Box 3 Negatives, 5" x 7" and 5" x 8"
    113-02-07 through 113-02-14
    113-04-09 through 113-04-12
    113-05-01 through 113-05-12