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Irene Whitfield Holmes Papers

Collection 104

Holmes, Irene Whitfield (1900–1993). Papers, 1919–1978

5 inches

Irene Whitfield Holmes was born on 26 October 1900 in Rayne, Louisiana. She was born on the west side of Riceland Road, which is the dividing line between Lafayette and Acadia Parishes. Her family lived on a rice-livestock farm, La Belle Savanne in Acadia Parish between the towns of Duson and Rayne. She was the second of seven girls and three boys. Holmes graduated from Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1919. She received her M.A. degree from Louisiana State University and later attended the University of Chicago, receiving her Ph.D. with honors in 1924.

Dr. Holmes received awards and certificates as an educator. In 1938, she authored “Louisiana French Folk Songs”, which was published by LSU Press. She was also a member of many organizations.

This collection contains a small amount of correspondence, writings (many of which are autobiographical and were published), awards, certificates, and other materials.

This collection is part of the Women in Louisiana Collection established by Vaughn Baker.


A. Correspondence 1-01
B. Writings 1-02 through 1-09
C. Personal 1-10 through 1-14
D. Miscellaneous 1-15


A. Correspondence
  1-01 1938, 1966, 1970-1978, n.d. (10 items)
      John A. Lomax; Mathé Allain
B. Writings
  1-02 “A Few Facts about Mardi Gras in Acadia during the 20th Century,” n.d. 4 pp.; typescript
  1-03 “Acadian Music and Dances,” n.d. 9 pp.; heavily edited; typescript
  1-04 “An Old-fashioned Visit in Europe,” n.d. 19 pp.; typescript [describes 1930 trip sponsored by Bureau of University Travel, Newton, Mass.]
  1-05 “Childhood on a Farm in Acadia Parish in the Early 1900s,” n.d. 14 pp.; typescript
  1-06 “Graduation SLII, USL, 1919,” n.d. 5 pp.; heavily edited; typescript
      Another copy, “Graduation USL—1919,” n.d. 5 pp.; typescript
  1-07 “Lafayette Circa 1913-1923,” n.d. 7 pp,; heavily edited; typescript
      Copy of letter from Charles N. Hefner to Emily Latimer, 10 April 1975 thanking Mrs. Holmes for writing about her memories and the Planetarium for publishing the article
  1-08 “L’Origine du Théâtre et un Résumé du theater avant 1830; un Esquisse brève du romantisme,” class project typed in bound notebook, n.d. [in French] (Professor’s comments written on 1st page)
  1-09 Louisiana’s Acadians: My tribute to them,” n.d., heavily edited, 5 pp.; typescript
      2nd copy: 7 pp.
C. Personal
  1-10 Materials regarding writings
      Bibliography: Listing of where articles published: several in Attakapas Gazette; several by Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium; one in Lafayette Advertiser
      Louisiana French Folk Songs material: agreement from LSU Press, 1938; flyer; review in Brazilian magazine and English typescript translation, 1940; program for Lafayette Parish Council of Teachers of English luncheon honoring Distinguished Acadiana Authors, 30 Sept. 1972; New Orleans Public Library list of books on Southern Country Folk Music, Sept. 1975
      RSVP Newsletter, March, 1975 mentions Holmes article in The Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium Newsletter
  1-11 Awards and Certificates, 1924-1974, n.d.
  1-12 Certificate: Lafayette Parish Schools Certificate of Merit, 1963-1964 Session
  1-13 Personal: Passport, photographs (2)
  1-14 Education
      The University of Chicago: The Undergraduate Course Book (1921-1924); transcript; program for Convocation Prayer Service, 24 Aug. 1924; Commencement program 29 Aug. 1924 (incomplete)
      University of California: transcript for courses taken 1926-1927
      Louisiana State University: M.A. degree diploma, 1935
D. Miscellaneous
  1-15 Program for Oberammergau Passion Play, 1930
      [See 1-04: article on 1930 trip to Europe]