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Julien Carl "Dutch" Reinhardt Papers

Collection 100

Reinhardt, Julien Carl "Dutch" (1907-1989). Papers, 1931-1989, n.d.

10 feet, 8 inches; Oversize

In 1931, Julien C. "Dutch" Reinhardt was hired by Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) to handle an assortment of jobs. He was a University of Iowa graduate and a native of Centralia, Illinois. Reinhardt was associated with SLI and USL Athletics for more than a half-century. He was Head Basketball Coach for 27 years, compiling a career mark of 346-253. His numbers of all-time wins is the second highest among Louisiana coaches. Reinhardt, who retired as a coach in 1957, was a member of the Helms Foundation Hall of Fame, Sugar Bowl Basketball Classic Hall of Fame, USL Hall of Fame, and the Louisiana Association of Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. He also served at USL as football coach, tennis coach, sports director, health and physical education instructor, director of barracks, and trainer. He retired after 58 years at USL. As a teenager, Reinhardt worked as a junior counselor at the Red Arrow Camp for boys on Trout Lake, near Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. He returned to camp each summer for more than 60 years. In September 1989, his battle with cancer ended. Reinhardt, 82, died at a hospital near Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. His wife of 51 years, Martha, and their two sons, Rollie and Jimmie, survived him.

This collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, schedules, program information, statistics, rosters, journals, and a very large collection of photographs and negatives about SLI/USL athletics. About three quarters of the photographs and negatives are unidentified. There is also information about the U.S. Olympic Trials of 1968, when Reinhardt was trainer there. These are arranged by subject and year.

There is also a separate list containing material from this collection that has been removed and put in two other collections.

Martha and James Reinhardt, wife and son of “Dutch” Reinhardt, donated this collection.


A. Athletic Sports
    1. Basketball Box 1-1 thru 4-5
    2. Football 4-6 thru 5-13
    3. Track & Field 5-14 thru 5-48
    4. Baseball 5-49 thru 5-67
    5. Weightlifting 5-68 thru 5-72
    6. Golf 5-73 thru 5-76
    7. Boxing 5-77 thru 5-84
    8. Bowling 5-85 thru 8-86
    9. Gymnastics 6-1 thru 6-6
    10. Volleyball 6-7
    11. Badminton 6-8
    12. Tennis 6-9 thru 6-15
    13. Trampoline 6-16
B. Conferences
    1. Gulf States Conference 6-17 thru 6-21
    2. Southland Conference 6-22
C. Athletic Associations
    1. National Athletics Trainers Association 6-23 thru 6-38
    2. Southern Association 6-39
    3. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics 6-40 thru 6-43
    4. Southeastern Trainers Association 6-44
D. Other
    1. Training Room 6-45 thru 7-19
    2. Louisiana Hall of Fame 7-20 thru 7-32
    3. Insurance 7-33 thru 8-22
    4. SLI/USL Athletic Department 8-23 thru 8-67
    5. USL Athletic Facilities 8-68 thru 8-77
    6. Personal 8-78 thru 8-82
    7. Miscellaneous 9-1 thru 9-60
E. Binders
    1. Basketball No. 1 thru 6
    2. Football/Basketball 7 thru 9
    3. Football 10
    4. Miscellaneous Sports 11
    5. Baseball/Golf 12
F. Oversize Items
    1. Athletic Injury Information Chart  
    2. Photographs/Drawing  
    3. Film Strip  
    4. Certificate  
    5. Framed photographs [large]  
    6. Unframed photographs [large]  
[Note: Oversize Framed & unframed photographs are located on Range 19b (LaRm)]


Reinhardt, Julien Carl "Dutch" (1907-1989). Papers, 1931-1989, n.d.