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M.A. Broussard Business Records

Collection 10

Broussard, M.A. ( - ). Business Records, 1863, 1868-1889

21 volumes (ca. 4 feet)

Account books and several volumes of bills for M.A. Broussard, merchant of Royville and Youngsville, Louisiana. There is also one volume with instructions for how to make dyes. [Mainly in French.]

Text proper consist of notes and instructions for preparing various dyes from trees, plants, etc.
Front end paper records patients, visits and services rendered (tooth extraction, drug prescribed, etc.) from April to May 1863.
Laid in are two billing records, along with the English language.
Note from N. Bernard.
Gift of Earl Vallot.


v.1 Accounts, 1868-1869
v.2 Accounts, 1870-1871
v.3 Accounts, 1872-1874
v.4 Accounts, 1875-1877 [damaged]
v.5 Bills, 1879
v.6 Accounts, 1879-1880
v.7 Accounts, 1880-1881
v.8 Accounts, 1880
v.9 Accounts, 1880-1888 (working book) [damaged]
v.10 Accounts, 1881-1882
v.11 Daybook, 1881-1882
v.12 Accounts, 1882-1886 (Broussard and Drozin)
v.13 Accounts, 1884-1886
v.14 Accounts, 1885-1887
v.15 Daybook, 1886
v.16 Daybook, 1886
v.17 Receipts for cotton shipped to Leham, Stearne & Company, 1887
v.18 Accounts, 1887-1888
v.19 Bills, 1888
v.20 Accounts, 1888-1889
v.21 Notes and instructions for preparing various dyes
  Endpaper: record of medical treatments, April-May 1863