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M.A. Broussard Business Records

Collection 10

Broussard, M.A. ( – ). Business Records, 1863, 1868–1889

21 volumes (ca. 4 feet)

Account books and several volumes of bills for M.A. Broussard, merchant of Royville and Youngsville, Louisiana. There is also one volume with instructions for how to make dyes. [Mainly in French.]

- Text proper consist of notes and instructions for preparing various dyes from trees, plants, etc.
- Front end paper records patients, visits and services rendered (tooth extraction, drug prescribed, etc.) from April to May 1863.
- Laid in are two billing records, along with the English language.
- Note from N. Bernard.

Gift of Earl Vallot.


v.1 Accounts, 1868-1869
v.2 Accounts, 1870-1871
v.3 Accounts, 1872-1874
v.4 Accounts, 1875-1877 [damaged]
v.5 Bills, 1879
v.6 Accounts, 1879-1880
v.7 Accounts, 1880-1881
v.8 Accounts, 1880
v.9 Accounts, 1880-1888 (working book) [damaged]
v.10 Accounts, 1881-1882
v.11 Daybook, 1881-1882
v.12 Accounts, 1882-1886 (Broussard and Drozin)
v.13 Accounts, 1884-1886
v.14 Accounts, 1885-1887
v.15 Daybook, 1886
v.16 Daybook, 1886
v.17 Receipts for cotton shipped to Leham, Stearne & Company, 1887
v.18 Accounts, 1887-1888
v.19 Bills, 1888
v.20 Accounts, 1888-1889
v.21 Notes and instructions for preparing various dyes
  Endpaper: record of medical treatments, April-May 1863