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How do I Search for Recordings?




What information does the Library catalog provide about the recordings?

  • Titles of recordings (albums, records, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Titles of songs
  • Names of musicians, bands, performers, composers, artists, recording studios, recording labels, sound engineers, producers, publishers, festivals, concerts, other live performances, and more
  • Place names (city, state, country) of recording studios, publishers and producers, live performances, festivals and other concerts or events
  • Record labels, catalog or issue numbers, and matrix numbers
  • Subjects and keywords for styles and genres of music, dance and other topics
  • Subjects and keywords for musical instruments
  • Notes and credits for instrument and vocal performances
  • Language of vocals, lyrics, liner notes, etc.
  • Information about artwork, cover art, etc.
  • Availability of liner notes and other accompanying materials
  • Other credits

Are all of the recordings in the CCMC listed in the Library catalog?

No. The extensive cataloging of the Cajun and Creole Music Collection is a work in progress. Most of the CDs, LP record albums, DVDs and VHS tapes owned by the CCMC are listed in Dupré Library’s online catalog. For the complete inventory of 45s, 78s and other recordings in the collection, please contact the CCMC Librarian.

View a list of 78rpm recordings here.

How do I search for recordings and music in the Library Catalog... by Name? by Title? by Subject? by Keyword(s)? by Library Collections or Locations? by Format/Media?

  • Author (Names): Search for the name of a performer, band, musician, singer, composer, artist, record label/company, etc.
Author search examples:
  • Allan, Johnnie
  • Balfa Brothers
  • Graeff, Benny
  • Ida, Queen
  • Lanor Records

  • Title Search for the title of a song, recording, CD, album, video, etc.
Title search examples:
  • J'ai été au bal
  • I went to the dance

  • Subject: Use subjects from the Library of Congress subject headings.
  • View a list of examples of Library of Congress subject headings (LC Authorities) used for CCMC recordings.
Subject search examples:
  • accordion
  • ballads
  • Cajun music
  • Creoles Louisiana music
  • fiddle tunes
  • swamp pop music
  • zydeco music

Keyword/phrase examples:
  • Buckwheat Zydeco [name]
  • Cajun dancing [topic]
  • Creole music [topic]
  • I went to the dance [song title]
  • J'ai été au bal [song title]
  • Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band [name]
  • Rounder Records [company or label name]
  • sound recording [format or media type]
  • triangle [instrument]

  • Search by LocationTo limit a search or to search for recordings in a specific Library location, collection, or shelving area: Select or use the Advanced Search option. Go to Location and select from the list provided in the drop down menu.
  • Examples from the list:
    • Cajun and Creole Music Collection = CCMC
    • Cajun and Creole Music Collection-Archival Collection = CCMC-ARCH
    • Traditional Music Collection-General = TRAD-MUSIC

  • Search by Media Type or Format: To limit a search or to search for specific media types and formats (45rpm, 78rpm, LP, CD, DVD, etc.): Select or use the Advanced Search option. Go to Item category 1 and select from the list provided in the drop down menu.

After I get the search results and select specific entries/titles, how do I view all of the information available for these?

The Library catalog has three view or display options: Brief, Full, and All. The default is Full. To view the All information display:
  1. From the Item Details catalog record screen, find and click on one of the Change Display options located in the top area of the page.
  2. At the next screen, select ALL from the View Catalog Display box.
  3. Click O.K. to return to the catalog record screen.
  4. Very important: At the catalog record screen, click on the Catalog button.

Where are Louisiana and traditional music recordings located in the Library?

Locations and abbreviations listed in the Library catalog:             Library Floor Plan & Maps

  • Cajun and Creole Music Collection = CCMC - Floor 3 (in Gaines Center)

  • Cajun and Creole Music Collection-Archival = CCMC-ARCH  - Floor 3 (in Gaines Center)

  • Traditional Music Collection-General = TRAD-MUSIC - Floor 3 (with CCMC in Gaines Center)

  • Louisiana Room = LA-ROOM - Floor 3

  • Video Collection [VHS only] = VIDEO - Floor 2

  • Circulation Department [CDs, DVDs & audiocassettes only] = CIRC - Floor 1