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Laptop Charging Lockers Policy

Laptop Charging LockersThirty (30) laptop charging lockers are available in the alcove behind the Gloria S. Cline Bibliographic Instruction Lab (Bib Lab) SMART Classrom on the 1st Floor of Dupré Library. The lockers provide power outlets for charging laptops. They can be secured with a user-selected, three-digit combination.

The laptop charging lockers were purchased through a STEP Technology Grant for the use of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette students and are intended for charging of laptops. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Stickers on each unit provide instructions for locking and unlocking the lockers.
  • Users are responsible for locking the lockers securely, scrambling their codes, remembering the number of the locker they use, and the combination they set.
  • As a recommended precaution, users should place their name either on the laptop or on a note placed in the charging locker.
  • The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Edith Garland Dupré Library assume no responsibility for loss or damage to personal items left in the charging lockers.
  • Dupré Library personnel check the laptop lockers on a regular basis. Anything other than electronic devices stored in these lockers will be disposed of or, if deemed of value, treated as Lost & Found items.
  • All lockers must be cleared by the last day of finals every semester. After that time, electronic devices left in the lockers will be removed and treated as Lost & Found items.
  • Assistance with the laptop charging lockers is offered by Dupré Library personnel (not student aides) at the Circulation Desk.
  • Reclaiming contents of a locker with the assistance of Dupré Library personnel entails specific identification requirements, proof of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette affiliation, and demonstrated knowledge of ownership.
  • University Police handles all reclamation requests that do not meet the identification and affiliation requirements for use of the laptop lockers.

[ Last Revised on April 9, 2019 ]