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Free Trials

PolicyMap is a cloud-based data and mapping platform. The web-based GIS visually displays data through custom demographic maps, tables, reports and 3-layer Maps to quickly analyze large amounts of data. The data collection has over 15000 indicators, including demographics, lending, housing, federal programs, health and education. Coverage includes the geographic U.S., often in Census tracts and block groups. Currently available on campus only. Available through March 2015. Please send feedback to Dupré Library.

LGBT Studies in Video
The LGBT Studies in Video collection features documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and select feature films exploring LGBT history, gay culture and subcultures, civil rights, marriage equality, LGBT families, AIDS, transgender issues, religious perspectives on homosexuality, global comparative experiences, and other topics. Users can browse the collection by people, themes, and topics, and rich playlist functionality allows users to create, annotate and organize clips. Permissions for in-class, on-campus, and remote-access viewing are included. Available through May 3, 2015. Please send feedback to Dupré Library.


This trial has ended. Please send feedback to Dupré Library.