Year Term Keys Depts
  DEPT Department
  CRS Course
  SEC Section
  AUTH Author
  TITLE Title
  ED Edition
  YR Year of Publication
  PUB Publisher
  ISBN International Standard Book Number
  EST Estimated Enrollment
  R/O Required/Optional
  DATE Date Last Modified
  NOTES Notes
  DEPT Description
  ACCT Accounting
  ACSK Academic Skills
  ADED Adult Education
  ADOS Admin Office Systems and Bcom
  AMUS Applied Music
  ANTH Anthropology
  ARCH Architecture
  BADM Business Administration
  BIOL Biological Sciences
  BLAW Business Law
  BSAT Business Sys Analysis & Tech
  CHEE Chemical Engineering
  CHEM Chemistry
  CIVE Civil Engineering
  CJUS Criminal Justice
  CMCN Communication
  CMPS Computer Science
  CNED Continuing Education
  CODI Communicative Disorders
  COGS Cognitive Science
  COUN Counseling
  CRPL Obsolete - See URPL
  DANC Dance
  DEVP Obsolete - See ACSK
  ECON Economics
  EDCI Curriculum and Instruction
  EDFL Foundations and Leadership
  EECE Electrical and Computer Engr
  ELEE Obsolete - See EECE
  EMGT Engineering Management
  EMHS Emergency Health Science
  ENGL English
  ENGR General Engineering
  ESOL English, Speakers other Lang
  FNAN Finance
  FORL Foreign Literature
  FREN French
  GEOG Geography
  GEOL Geology
  GERM German
  GIS Geographic Info Systems
  GREK Greek
  HCA Health Care Administration
  HIM Health Information Management
  HIST History
  HLTH Health
  HONR Honors
  HRTM Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Mgt
  HUMN Humanities
  HUMR Human Resources
  IBUS International Business
  INDA Obsolete - See ITEC
  INDN Industrial Design
  INDS Interior Design
  IRED Instructional Resources in ED
  ITAL Italian
  ITEC Industrial Technology
  KNEA Kinesiology Activity
  KNES Kinesiology
  LATN Latin
  LBSC Library Science
  LENF Obsolete - See CJUS
  MATH Mathematics
  MBA Masters of Bus Admin
  MCHE Mechanical Engineering
  MGMT Management
  MKTG Marketing
  MLSC Military Science
  MUS Music
  NURS Nursing
  OFAD Obsolete - See ADOS
  PEDA Obsolete - See KNEA
  PETE Petroleum Engineering
  PHED Obsolete - See KNES
  PHIL Philosophy
  PHYS Physics
  POLS Political Science
  PORT Portuguese
  PSYC Psychology
  QMET Quantitative Methods
  RCEA Recreation
  READ Reading
  RHAB Rehabilitation Counseling
  RRES Renewable Resources
  RUSS Russian
  SOCI Sociology
  SPAN Spanish
  SPCH Obsolete - See CMCN
  SPED Special Education
  STAT Statistics
  THEA Theatre
  TLCM Telecommunications
  URPL Urban and Regional Planning
  VIAR Visual Arts
  VIED Vocational Industrial Educ