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Bibliography of Plantation Homes of Louisiana
The Louisiana Room of Edith Garland Dupré Library contains many books, periodicals, and manuscripts pertaining to plantation homes in Louisiana. The following bibliography is a listing of many of the collection's materials. For further information, contact Mrs. Jean Kiesel (jkiesel@louisiana.edu), Louisiana Room Librarian.
Books   ·   Manuscript Collection   ·   Periodical Articles

   LaRm   The Architecture of Colonial Louisiana:
   NA           Collected Essays of Samuel Wilson, Jr.  Lafayette,
   7235         LA: USL Center for Louisiana Studies, 1987.

   LaRm   Arrigo, Joseph A.
   F            Louisiana's Plantation Homes: The Grace and the
   370          Grandeur.  Stillwater, MN: Voyageur Press, 1991
  .A77          Photographs and descriptions

   LaRm   Plantations: Forty-four of Louisiana's Most
   NA         Beautiful Antebellum Plantation Homes.  San
  .7613       Francisco: Lexikos, 1983.
   L8A77      Sketches, guide

   LaRm   Barras, Lloyd
   NA          Early Homes of Lake Charles.  Baton Rouge:
   7238        Claitor's Publishing Division, 1975.
  .L26B37      Photographs and descriptions

   LaRm   Cooper, J. Wesley
   F           Louisiana: A Treasure of Plantation Homes.
   370         Natchez, MS: Southern Historical Plantation
  .C6          Publications, 1961.
               Photographs and histories

   LaRm   Cullison, William R.
   NA          Architecture in Louisiana: A Documentary
   730         History.  New Orleans: Howard-Tilton Memorial
  .L8C84       Library, Tulane University, 1983.
   1983        Exhibit catalog

   LaRm   DeCuir, Randy P.
   NA          Avoyelles Homes: A History of Avoyelles Parish
   7235        as Seen Through Its Architecture.  Marksville, LA:
  .L82A864     Gremillion Printing Co., 1975.
               Photographs and histories

   LaRm   DeHart, Jess
   F           Plantations of Louisiana.  Gretna, LA: Pelican
   370         Publishing Co., 1982.
  .D38         Guidebook

   LaRm   Desmond, John
   F           Louisiana Antebellum Architecture.  Baton
   370         Rouge: Claitor's Publishing Division, 1970.
  .D4          Sketches and descriptions

   LaRm   Ferachi, Norman C.
   F           Lost Louisiana.  Baton Rouge: Beauregard Press,
   370         1985.
  .L86         Photographs

   LaRm   Ferachi, Norman C. and Eakin, Sue L.
   F           Vanishing Louisiana.  Baton Rouge: Beauregard
   370         Press, 1977.
  .F4          Photographs

   LaRm   Gleason, David King
   F           Plantation Homes of Louisiana and the Natchez
   370         Area.  Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University
  .G56         Press, 1982.
   1982        Photographs

   LaRm   Hays, Mattie Sue Martin
   F           Louisiana: Sketches of Historical Homes and
   370         Sights.  Baton Rouge: Claitor's Book Store, 1965.
  .H3          Sketches and descriptions

   LaRm   Historic American Buildings Survey, District No.
   NA          18, Louisiana Area.  New Orleans: HABS, 1939-40
   7235        and 1961-64.
  .L8H5        Blueprints

   LaRm   Holmes, Lucile Barbour
   F           Oaklawn Manor.  Franklin, LA: St. Mary
   370         Printers, 1966.
  .H6          History

   LaRm   Huber, Leonard V.
   F           Louisiana: A Pictorial History.  New York:
   370         Charles Scribner's Sons, 1975.

   LaRm   Kane, Harnett
   F           Plantation Parade.  New York: William Morrow &
   374         Co., 1945.
  .K3          Histories

   LaRm   Lane, Mills
   NA          Architecture of the Old South: Louisiana.  New
   730         York: Abbeville Press, 1990.
  .L8L36       Architectural history

   LaRm     Lanusse, Charles Wilbur
   NA          Among the Columns (A portfolio of photographs
   7235        of antebellum homes in the Opelousas area dating
  .L8L2        from 1770 to 1850).  Opelousas, LA: The Author,

   LaRm   Lafayette Regional Planning Commission
   F           Lafayette Parish Historic Sites Inventory.
   377         Lafayette, LA: s.n., 1976.
  .L2L32       Photographs, descriptions and histories

   LaRm   Laughlin, Clarence John
   F           Ghosts Along the Mississippi.  New York:
   370         Bonanza Books, 1961.
  .L3          Photographs

   LaRm   Looney, Ben Earl
   F           Beau Sejour: Watercolors of the Louisiana
   370         Plantation Country.  Baton Rouge: Claitor's
  .L6          Publishing Division, 1972.

   LaRm   Malone, Paul and Malone, Lee
   F           Louisiana Plantation Homes, a Return to
   370         Splendor.  Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co.,
  .M35         1986.
   1986        Photographs

   LaRm   Mamalakis, Mario
   F           If They Could Talk: Acadiana's Buildings and
   379         Their Biographies.  Lafayette, LA: Lafayette
  .L16M315     Centennial Commission, 1983.
               Photographs, descriptions and histories

   LaRm   Martin, F. Lestar
   NA          Folk and Styled Architecture in North
   730         Louisiana.  Volume 1: The Hill Parishes.
  .L8M37       Lafayette, LA: Center for Louisiana Studies,
   1989        University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1989.
   v.1         Architectural styles

   LaRm   Morgan, Elemore M., Sr.
   NA          The Sixties Ended It.  Baton Rouge: Melvin and
   7235        Helen Shortess, 1959.
  .L8M6        Architectural photographs

   LaRm   Newton, Milton B., Jr.
   QE          Louisiana House Types: A Field Guide.  Baton
   3           Rouge: Museum of Geosciences, Louisiana State
  .M4          University, 1971.
   no.2        Sketches and descriptions

   LaRm   Oszuscik, Philippe
   NA          Louisiana's Gothic Revival Architecture.  Baton
   730         Rouge: Claitor's Publishing Division, 1973.
  .L8O85       Architecture

   LaRm   Overdyke, W. Darrell
   NA          Louisiana Plantation Homes, Colonial and
   7235        Antebellum.  New York: American Legacy Press,
  .L8O9        1981.
   1981        Photographs and descriptions

   LaRm   The Pelican Guide to Plantation Homes of
   F           Louisiana.  Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co.,
   370         1989.
  .P57         Guidebook

   LaRm   Page, Marian
   NA          The Shadows-on-the-Teche, New Iberia,
   7238        Louisiana.  Washington, DC: Preservation Press,
  .N375P3      History and description

   LaRm    Return to Elegance: San Francisco Plantation
   F           House.  Reserve, LA: San Francisco Plantation
   370         Foundation, [1979?].
  .S26         Photographs, history and architecture

   LaRm   Smith, Andy
   F           Louisiana Proud: A Historical Pictorial of the
   370         Real Louisiana....  (Baton Rouge: Louisiana Proud
  .S59         Press, 1987-).  vols. 1 and 2
   1987        Pen and ink drawings

   LaRm   Spratling, William Philip
   NA          Old Plantation Houses in Louisiana.  New York:
   7235        William Helburn Inc.;  New Orleans: Pelican Book
  .L8S6        Shop, 1927.

   LaRm   Stahls, Paul F.
   F           Plantation Homes of the Lafourche Country.
   377         Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co., 1976.
  .L25S72      Descriptions, photographs and guide

   LaRm   Plantation Homes of the Teche Country.  Gretna,
   F           LA: Pelican Publishing Co., 1979.
   377         Descriptions, photographs and guide

   LaRm   Stevens, Patricia L.
   F           Louisiana'a Architectural and Archaeological
   370         Legacies.  Natchitoches, LA: Northwestern State
  .G84         University Press, 1982.
   1982        Photographs and architectural descriptions

   LaRm  "Tour des Maisons de l'Acadie."  Louisiana
   F           Heritage Tour, v.10, 1973.
   370         St. Martinville homes

   LaRm   Vals-Denuziere, Jacqueline P.
   F           The Homes of the Planters.  Baton Rouge:
   370         Claitor's Publishing Division, 1984.
  .V3          Photographs and histories

   LaRm   Vignettes of Louisiana History: Sketches and Text
   F           by Louisiana Pen Women.  Baton Rouge: Claitor's
   370         Publishing Division, 1967.
  .N3          Sketches and histories

          Louisiana Historic Preservation and Cultural
  Coll         Commission.  Nomination Forms.
  156          Forms nominating Louisiana sites to the
               National Register of Historic Places

   LaRm   Angers, Trent
   F          "Nottoway: `The White Castle' of Louisiana."
   380         Acadiana Profile, v.11, no.4, 1984-85 Tour Guide,
  .F8A32       pp.78-80.

   stks   -------
   F          "The Spirit of Oak Alley."  Acadiana Profile,
   380         v.9 no.2, March/April 1981, pp.18-23.

   stks   Bacot, H. Parrott
   NK         "Living With Antiques: The Henri Penne Complex,
   1125        St. Martin Parish, Louisiana."  Antiques, v.133
  .A3          no.4, April 1988, pp.906-909+.

   stks   -------
   NK         "Living With Antiques: The Sebastien Louis
   1125        Kleinpeter House in Baton Rouge, Louisiana."
  .A3          Antiques, v.139 no.4, April 1991, pp.730-739.

   micro  Bailey, Lee
   film       "The Last of the Belles: A Bayou Country
   240         Weekend: Plantation-Hopping Around New Orleans."
               Vogue, v.177 no.9, September 1987, pp.536+.

   stks   Banks, William N.
   NA         "Evergreen Plantation: Harold and Matilda
   1           Stream's Antebellum Estate in Louisiana."
  .A565        Architectural Digest, v.43 no.5, May 1986, pp.212-

   stks   -------
   NK         "Feliciana and Baton Rouge, Louisiana."
   1125        Antiques, v.122 no.4, October 1982, pp.800-817.

   stks   -------
   NK         "Louisiana Plantations, the Bayou Country."
   1125        Antiques, v.126 no.1, July 1984, pp. 102-118.

   stks   -------
   NK         "The River Road Plantations of Louisiana."
   1125        Antiques, v.111 no.6, June 1977, pp.1170-1183.

   stks   Bultman, Bethany Ewald
   NK         "Dramatic and Distinctive: A Georgian Revival
   2002        in New Orleans."  Southern Accents, v.7 no.1,
  .S68         January/February 1984, pp.40-51.

   LaRm   Case, Gladys C.
   F          "Christmas Memory."  Louisiana Life, v.1 no.5,
   366         November/December 1981, pp.74-77.

   stks   Conrad, Glenn R.
   NK         "Shadows-on-the-Teche: A Reminder of Another
   2002        Age."  Southern Accents, v.7 no.2, March/April
  .S68         1984, pp.88-95+.

   stks   Dornsife, Samuel J.
   N           San Francisco Plantation House: An Exercise in
   1           Restoration."  Connoisseur, v.197 no.4, April
  .C75         1978, pp.274-282.

   stks   -------
   AP          "Estorge House Echoes a Grand Past."  Southern
   2            Living, v.19 no.6, June 1984, p.51.

   LaRm   Finn, Kathy
   F          "Those Cool, Quaint, Romantic, Mysterious
   366         Louisiana Courtyards."  Louisiana Life, v.3 no.4,
  .L6223       September/October 1983, pp.80-88.

   LaRm   Gallassero, Hilda K.
   F          "Little Taj Mahal: A Love Story."  Louisiana
   366         Life, v.2 no.2, May/June 1982, pp.84-86.

   LaRm   Gleason, David King
   F         "The Plantation Portraits of David King
   366        Gleason."  Louisiana Life, v.3 no.5, November/
  .L6223      December 1983, pp.102-110.

   stks   -------
   AP        "Glimpses of Life at Shadows-on-the-Teche."
   2          Southern Living, v.15 no.5, May 1980, pp.74.

   stks   Goldberger, Joan
   NA        "Live Oak: A Fondly Restored Louisiana
   2002       Plantation House."  Southern Accents, v.7 no.4,
  .S68        July/August 1984, pp.46-55.

   LaRm   -------
   F         "Grevemberg House: Franklin Showpiece."  Acadiana
   380        Profile, v.8 no.2, March/April 1980, pp.44-45.

   stks   -------
   AP        "Heroic Deeds Saved Kent House."  Southern Living,
   2          v.19 no.8, August 1984, p.2La.

   stks   Hudson, Patricia L.
   E         "Boss Man of the Big Plantation." [Arlin Dease]
   171        Americana, v.12 no.1, March/April 1984, pp.56-60.

   stks   Jeffer, Bruce
   AP        "Mini-Holiday." [Southern plantation homes in
   2          Louisiana and Mississippi]  Holiday, v.58 no.3,
  .H592       April/May 1977, pp.28-30.

   stks   Jones, Susan F.
   AP        "Plantation Trail."  Horizon, v.27 no.3, April
   2          1984, pp.26-28.

   LaRm   Kearns, Roxanne
   F         "Laurel Valley Plantation: A Gold Mine of
   380        Lafourche History."  Acadiana Profile, v.7 no.2,
  .F8A32      March/April 1979, pp.26-29.

   micro  Kraus, Barbara
   film      "Historic Homes of the South."  Saturday
   53         Evening Post, v.254 no.2, March 1982, pp.110-112.

   stks   Krotzer, Henry W., Jr.
   NK        "The Restoration of San Francisco (St.
   1125       Frusquin), Reserve, Louisiana."  Antiques, v.111
  .A3         no.6, June 1977, pp.1194-1203.

   stks   Kuhn, Irene Corbally
   TX        "Visiting Plantation Houses--II: From Baton
   1          Rouge."  Gourmet, v.42 no.5, May 1982, pp.18-21.

   LaRm   Lora, Mary Elaine
   F         "Plantations: Sweet Dreams in a Four-Poster
   366        Bed."  Louisiana Life, v.1 no.2, May 1981,
  .L6223      pp.67-77.

   stks   Muse, Vance
   NA        "Magnolia Mound: A Two-Hundred-Year-Old
   7100       Plantation House Lives on in Modern Baton Rouge."
  .H6         House & Garden, v.158 no.5, May 1986, pp.160-161+.

   stks   Nielsen, Barbara
   E         "Louisiana Plantations That Welcome Guests for
   171        the Night."  Americana, v.12 no.1, March/April
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   E         "Plantation Called San Francisco, Louisiana."
   171        Americana, v.7 no.1, March/April 1979, pp.42-47.

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   NK        "Furniture of the River Road Plantations in
   1125       Louisiana."  Antiques, v.111 no.6, June 1977,
  .A3         pp.1184-1188.

   stks   -------
   NK        "Living with Antiques: The Poydras Holden
   1125       Houses in Louisiana."  Antiques, v.127 no.4, April
  .A3         1985, pp.870-877.

   stks   -------
   AP        "Rich Era of the Myrtles." Southern Living, v.13
   2          no.11, November 1978, p.100

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   377        Gazette, v.18 no.4, Winter 1983, pp.147-153.

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   F         "Mansions and Other Historic Homes."  Acadiana
   380        Profile, v.6 no.5, Second quarter 1978, pp.46-57.

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   stks   Trotta, Geri
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   1          Orleans." Gourmet, v.42 no.4, April 1982, pp.24-
  .G75        27.

   LaRm   Warren, Bonnie
   F         "Archie's Place."  Louisiana Life, v.3 no.3,
   366        July/August 1983, pp.78-80.

   LaRm   -------
   F         "A Country Estate with a Story to Tell."
   366        Louisiana Life, v.4 no.3, July/August 1984,
  .L6223      pp.70-75.

   LaRm   -------
   F         "A Dazzling Restoration on the Banks of Bayou
   366        Black."  Louisiana Life, v.3 no.3, July/August
  .L6223      1983, pp.68-69.

   LaRm   -------
   F         "Idea-Shopping in a Shreveport Showplace."
   366        Louisiana Life, v.3 no.3, July/August 1983,
  .L6223      pp.75-77.

   LaRm   -------
   F         "Where the Brennans Have Breakfast."  Louisiana
   366        Life, v.4 no.3, July/August 1984, pp.76-80.

   stks   Zajac, Pat
   AP        "Louisiana's River Plantations."  Southern
   2          Living, v.19 no.3, March 1984, pp.110-119.
Note: Beginning 1985, see the Bayou State Periodical Index (Ref F 366 .B3) for articles published in the following magazines:
  • Acadiana Profile
  • Attakapas Gazette
  • Louisiana Life
  • Southern Accents
  • Southern Living

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