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James H. Bradshaw Papers
Collection 246
Bradshaw, James H. (1944 - ). Papers, 1961 - 2006.
3 ft. 2 in., 72 volumes
Jim Bradshaw is a journalist with an abiding interest in local history. He was raised in Lake Charles, LA where he created his first neighborhood newspaper when 10. He graduated from J. A. Landry Memorial High School and then the University of Southwestern Louisiana where he majored in English and journalism with a minor in history. While at USL Bradshaw was a member of the Student Government Association and the Student Union Board of Directors, and edited the Vermilion, the student newspaper. He received the Southwestern Award of Achievement at graduation in 1967. In 1998 Bradshaw received the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the Department of Communication. In 2006 he became an honorary member of Epsilon-Xi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta (International History Honor Society).

Bradshaw has spent most of his career engaged in journalism in Lafayette. He has been Associate Director of the Department of Communications and Managing Editor of The Morning Star for the Diocese of Lafayette. He was editor and general manager of Acadiana Profile for three years. Most of his work has been at the Lafayette Daily Advertiser where he has served at different times as City Editor, Metro Editor, Acting Managing Editor, and senior writer. He has also served on the editorial board and written editorials for the Opelousas Daily World. While holding these responsibilities, Bradshaw has also usually been involved in writing a weekly column which almost always focused on local history. He has won numerous awards for his journalism and his writing about local history.

The collection reflects Bradshaw’s work in journalism and his interest in local history. There are texts for columns he wrote both for the Morning Star and the Daily Advertiser, and editorials for the Daily World. The subject files contain material he has gathered or that was sent to him regarding local history. [Brochures were generally removed and sent to the Louisiana Room for the Vertical File. Photocopies of publications held in the Special Collections Department were also removed.] Vernon Behrhost was a geographer who was very actively involved with water issues. He was an officer in the Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association for many years. He sent items to Bradshaw connected with these issues which are in the collection.
I. Writings  
  A. Columns  
    “Barbs & Gems” [The Morning Star] 1-01 to 1-14
    “Acadiana Diary” [Daily Advertiser] 1-15 to 2-11
    Opelousas Daily World editorials 2-12 to 3–03
  B. “History of Acadiana” [tabloid for Daily Advertiser] 3-04 to 4-22
  C. Other 4-23 to 5-16
II. Personal and Professional 5-17 to 6-08
III. Subject Files 6-09 to 8-68
IV. Vernon Behrhost Materials 9-01 to 9-07
V. Media Box 9
I. Writings  
  A. Columns  
    [Evidently columns were prepared for publication in book which was never completed.]
1-01 Barbs & Gems [Morning Star / Acadiana Catholic] Sept. 9 - Jan. 20: pp. 1 - 77
    Pages numbered in pencil; no year given
1-02 Barbs & Gems: Jan. 27 - July 21: 70 - 162
1-03 Barbs & Gems: July 28 - April 20: 165 - 284
1-04 Barbs & Gems: April 26 - Nov. 9: 285 - 361
1-05 Barbs & Gems: index, pp. 1 - 143; n.d.
    (each entry titled)
1-06 Barbs & Gems: 177 - 303
1-07 Barbs & Gems: 304 - 343
1-08 Barbs & Gems: 4 - 95; n.d.
    Pages numbered in pencil
1-09 Barbs & Gems: 96 - 199
1-10 Barbs & Gems: 200 - 300
    (some entries dated on last page)
1-11 Barbs & Gems: 301 - 384 (incomplete)
1-12 Barbs & Gems: titles; n.d.; n.p.
1-13 Barbs & Gems: same
1-14 Barbs & Gems: dates; n.p.
  includes printout of column, and may include correspondence, research notes, and personal items [mainly publicity items] all copies or computer printouts
1-15 “Acadiana Diary” (Advertiser) 31 October 1993 - 25 December 1994
1-16 “Acadiana Diary”: 1995 : January - December
1-17 “Acadiana Diary”: 1996: January - December
    also includes other articles by Jim Bradshaw
1-18 “Acadiana Diary”: 1997: January - December
    includes some personal items; research notes
1-19 “Acadiana Diary” 1998: January - June
1-20 “Acadiana Diary”: 1998: July - December
1-21 “Acadiana Diary”: 1999: January - June
1-22 “Acadiana Diary”: 1999:: July - December
1-23 “Acadiana Diary”: 2000: January - June
1-24 “Acadiana Diary”: 2000: July - December
2-01 “Acadiana Diary”: 2001: January - June
    includes articles as Project 2000 Editor
2-02 “Acadiana Diary”: 2001: July - September
2-03 “Acadiana Diary”: 2001: October - December
2-04 “Acadiana Diary”: 2002: January - April
2-05 “Acadiana Diary”: 2002: May - August
2-06 “Acadiana Diary”: 2002: September - December
2-07 “Acadiana Diary”: 2003: January - May
2-08 “Acadiana Diary”: 2003: June - August
2-09 “Acadiana Diary”: 2003: September - December
2-10 “Acadiana Diary”: 2004: January - July
    includes “C’est Vrais”: March - July
2-11 “Acadiana Diary”: 2004: August - December
    includes “C’est Vrais”
2-12 Opelousas Daily World editorials: 2004: October - December
3-01 Opelousas Daily World editorials: 2005: January - February
3-02 Opelousas Daily World editorials: 2005: March - April
3-03 Opelousas Daily World editorials: 2005 May - August
  B. “History of Acadiana” Series
3-04 Vermilion Parish. June, 1997
    working typescript
3-05 Vermilion Parish. June, 1997
3-06 St. Martin Parish, pt. 1. July, 1997
    editorial corrections
3-07 St. Martin Parish, pt. 2. July, 1997
3-08 Acadia Parish. August, 1997
3-09 St. Landry Parish. September, 1997
3-10 Jeff[erson] Davis Parish. October, 1997
3-11 Iberia Parish. November, 1997
3-12 St. Mary Parish. December, 1997
3-13 Lafayette Parish. January, 1998
3-14 Lafayette: The Garden City. February, 1998
3-15 Lafayette: The Growth Years. March, 1998
3-16 SLII to USL. April, 1998
3-17 Beginning Traditions [USL athletics]. May, 1998
3-18 Built Upon Faith [Catholic Church]. November, 1998
4-01 Louisiana French Music. December, 1998
4-02 Our French Heritage: Explorations. January, 1999
4-03 Our French Heritage: Acadie. February, 1999
4-04 Our French Heritage: Exile. March, 1999
4-05 Our French Heritage: Rebirth. April, 1999
4-06 Our French Heritage: Creole. May, 1999
4-07 Our French Heritage: Family. June, 1999
4-08 Our French Heritage: Reunion. July, 1999
4-09 “Don’t Worry, It Will Change” [Weather]. August, 1999
4-10 Historic Hurricanes. September, 1999
4-11 The Flood of 1927. October, 1999
4-12 Acadiana at the Millennium. December, 1999
4-13 100 Years Ago: Acadiana in 1900. January, 2000
4-14 In Memoriam. February, 2000
4-15 Pioneers, Scoundrels, and Characters. May, 2000
4-16 The Home Front: 1940. June, 2000
4-17 The Home Front: 1941. June, 2000
4-18 The Home Front: 1942. July, 2000
4-19 The Home Front: 1943. August, 2000
4-20 The Home Front: 1944. September, 2000
4-21 Home Again, 1946. November, 2000
4-22 Oil Fever. January, 2001
    see also 8-66 for photographs; V. C. for zip disks (converted to CDs)
  C. Writings: Other
4-23 Remembering Our Acadiana Heritage. September, 1994
    text for columns; text for supplement (corrected)
5-01 Carencro - Youngsville: History of Towns in Acadiana
5-02 Louisiana Purchase Project: text for newspaper articles 2002
    includes: e-mail correspondence
5-03 Louisiana Purchase Project: daily and weekly items for Gannet Louisiana newspapers
5-04 Louisiana Purchase Project: page proofs (corrected)
5-05 Louisiana Purchase Project: galley proofs
5-06 Louisiana Purchase Project: spiral bound text with images
5-07 100 Years on the River: The Chotin Family and Their Boats: page proof (corrected)
    letter from Center for Louisiana Studies
    see also V. B. for floppies containing text for book
5-08 Hurricane Lili: several Bradshaw articles
    includes many National Weather Service print-outs
    includes articles, prospectus for news, computer downloads
5-10 Montgomery-Denbo House
    includes articles, emails; Preservation Alliance of Lafayette materials
5-11 Articles (clippings): 1969 - 2002
5-12 Harry Reasoner Report: June - August, 1973 [some based on Barb & Gems columns]
    includes letter
5-13 Harry Reasoner Report: September - November, 1973
5-14 Harry Reasoner Report
5-15 Other
    “What Is a Cajun?” brochure for Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission
    Ed Roy calendar, 1973
5-16 “The Battle of New Orleans” [probably school papers by Bradshaw]
    includes 2 papers; illustrations, drawings
II. Personal and Professional
5-17 Bradshaw Family Genealogy
5-18 Landry High School, 1961-1962
    Diploma; Student Handbook
5-19 The Daily Blurb 1996: July - December [notes from Daily Advertiser editor]
5-20 The Daily Blurb 1997
5-21 The Daily Blurb
    specifically mentions Bradshaw
6-01 Daily Advertiser Play book, 2004
6-02 KPEL Prime Time: advertisement copy
6-03 Correspondence: 1961 - 1976, n.d.
6-04 Correspondence: 1990s
    includes poem by Brad Saloom sent by Yvonne Saloom
6-05 Correspondence, 2000-
6-06 Nomination for AASLH award, 1998
6-07 Certificates, 1959 - 2004
6-08 Miscellaneous
    includes awards, promotions, etc.
III. Subject Files
  [much of material copies: either photocopies or computer print-outs]
6-09 Acadia Parish: Acadia Genealogical and Historical Society
    includes correspondence, brochure, constitution and by-laws
    [newsletter transferred to Louisiana Room]
6-10 Acadia Parish: Miscellaneous
    map; clippings: Rayne Frog Festival, Mowater Veterans’ Memorial, baseball team; correspondence re: Roberts Cove
6-11 Acadiana: Publications
    Warner, Charles Dudley. “The Acadian Land.” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, v. 74, # 441 (Feb., 1997): 334-354; also Jim Dorman’s edited version from Attakapas Gazette
    Forêt, Michael James. “Aubry, Fargault, and the Attakapas Acadians: 1765.” Attakapas Gazette, n.d.: 60-63
    Hambrick, Keith S., (ed.). “Overview - Attakapas - 1817: To the Planters of Maryland and Virginia.” Attakapas Gazette, v. 18, # 3 (Fall, 1983): 135-137
    Comeaux, Malcolm L. “Cajuns and Their Adaptation to a Modern World.” in Frantz, Klaus (ed.) Human Geography in North America: New Perspectives and Trends in Research. Innsbruck, 1996: 7-16
    Comeaux, Malcolm L. “The Acadians of Canada and the Cajuns of Louisiana: Cultural Change over Time and Distance.” in Frantz, Klaus and Robert A. Sauder (eds.) Ethnic Persistence and Change in Europe and America. Innsbruck: University of Innsbruck, 1996: 29-45
    _________________. “The Cajun Barn.” Geographical Review, v. 79,. # 1 (January, 1989): 47-62
    _________________. “The Cajun Dance Hall.” Material Culture, v. 32, # 1 (2000): 37-56
    _________________. “Cajuns in Louisiana.” in Noble, Allen G. (ed.) To Build in a New Land: Ethnic Landscapes in North America. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press: 177-192
    DeVille, Winston. “‘Cajuns’ and Neo-Ethnicity: Concerns of an Acadian-American Genealogist.” Viewpoints, v. 89 # 1 (March, 2001): 51-57
    de Berardinis, Robert. “Comments on Acadian Research.” 2003 (7 pp)
    Viator, Moise and Alida. “Mo Belle Creole: Lyrics, Translation, and Pronunciation Guide.” (unpublished)
    No source. “Appendix B - Settlers and Settlements: Some Acadian Pioneers.”: 205-209
6-12 Acadiana: Cajun Cattle Brands
    Promotional material for Glenda Schoeffler prints
6-13 Acadiana: Acadian flag
    Concurrent resolution; description (photocopies)
6-14 Acadiana: press kit for Shane Bernard’s The Cajuns: The Americanization of a People
6-15 Atchafalaya Basin: Buffalo Cove material, 2003
    includes summary of Corps of Engineers feasibility study; Ben Skerritt, III correspondence; documents; newspaper articles
6-16 Atchafalaya Basin: Henderson Lake Study, October, 2003 prepared by Professional Engineering Consultant Corporation
6-17 Atchafalaya Basin: Atchafalaya Heritage Area material, n.d.
    Joan Williams e-mailed material
6-18 Atchafalaya Basin: general
    Comeaux, Malcolm L. “The Atchafalaya River Raft.” Louisiana Studies, (Winter, 1970): 217-227
    Acadiana Profile, v. 2, # 6 (March/April, 1971) [‘The Atchafalaya Basin”]
    Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries press releases: n.d., 1983 (3)
    Bradshaw article: Advertiser, 29 Sept. 1991
    State Master Plan April, 1998
    Atchafalaya Basin Advisory Committee memos. Spring, 2001 (3)
    Photographs (2) [Sherbourne land]
  Map Case 31-02 Atchafalaya Basin: Map: “A Flood Control Plan for the Lower Atchafalaya River”, n.d.
6-19 Catholic Church: articles on history of Diocese of Lafayette from Morning Star. 1978
    by Kathleen Toups; (typescript, bound)
6-20 Catholic Church: Diocese of Lafayette, Quinquennial Report, 1971-1978
6-21 Catholic Church: Material from special events
    “The Story of a Great Miracle” [Mary Wilson at Grand Coteau], 1950 20 pp
    Dedication of Trade and Agricultural School at Holy Rosary Institute, 23 November 1947 speeches by Thomas J. Arceneaux; Rt. Rev. Jules B. Jeanmard
    Catholic Action of the South, v. 21, # 19 (9 April 1953): “Jules Jeanmard Golden Sacerdotal Jubilee Supplement”
      Gerald Frey, 1973 booklet; Edward O’Donnell, 1994 press packet; Edward Braxton (Diocese of Lake Charles), 2001 press packet
    Advertiser supplement: “Visit of Cardinal Pio Laghi” 17 November 1998
    Invitation to Media Appreciation luncheon hosted by Bishop Jarrel, 2004
6-22 Catholic Church: photographs
    Jules Jeanmard; Gerald Frey; Harry Flynn; Edward O’Donnell; Jude Speyer
6-23 Catholic Church: material on Charlene Richard
    mainly clippings
6-24 Catholic Church: Alexander Sigur
    mainly materials from funeral, 1997: bulletin; text of eulogy; newspaper articles (some by Bradshaw); Diocese press release; biographical material
6-25 Catholic Church: Sister Joanna Valani
    bulletin for funeral service
6-26 Catholic Church: John Paul II material
    newspaper photographs; testimonial letters; bulletin from Memorial Mass at St. John’s Cathedral; Advertiser special memorial addition
6-27 Civil War: Battle of Calcasieu Pass
    articles by Mike Jones [Lake Charles American], 1979 - 1999, n.d. (photocopies)
6-28 Civil War: Battle of Port Hudson
    Harper’s Weekly, 8 August 1863 (reproduction); brochures; booklet
6-29 Civil War: battles involving Louisiana troops (mainly in Trans-Mississippi West)
    computer downloads from several sources
    Union troops at Battle of Sabine Crossroads, 8 April 1864; Confederate troops a Battle of Pleasant Hill, 9 April 1864
6-30 Civil War: Generals - Louis Hebert
    letter; publications (photocopies)
6-31 Civil War: Generals - Alfred Mouton
    some biographical material; Mouton and Polignac at Mansfield; pamphlet on Battle of Mansfield, 1925; photographs; material on Mouton statue in Lafayette (including article by Pearl Mary Segura); Mouton monument in St. John’s Cemetery; articles [material photocopies or computer downloads]
6-32 Civil War: Generals - Camille Armand Jules Marie Count de Polignac
    Hutton, Roy O. “Prince Camille de Polignac and the American Civil War, 1863 - 1865.” Louisiana Studies, (Summer, 1964): 163-189 (photocopy)
    Frankignoul, Daniel J. Prince Camille de Polignac Major-General, C.S.A.: The Lafayette of the South. Brussels: Confederate Historical Association of Belgium, 1995 82 pp
6-33 Civil War: Generals - other
    Franklin Gardner: brief biography (photocopy)
    C.S.A. Generals, A-C (computer download)
    C.S.A. generals who lived in Louisiana
6-34 Civil War: Lowe, Richard. “Texans in the Bayou Country.” typescript, 32 pp
6-35 Civil War: articles from Attakapas Gazette (photocopies)
6-36 Civil War: newspaper and magazine articles
    includes photo of Harper’s Weekly drawing
6-37 Civil War: other publications
6-38 Civil War: primary sources - slave sale deed, 1855 (photocopy)
6-39 Civil War: primary sources
    “Some Documents Related to Affairs at Pensacola, January - August, 1861.” (Full text, no source)
    “Documents Related to Operations in Charleston Harbor, December, 1860 - April, 1861.”
6-40 Civil War: primary sources
    Letters to J. A. Ripley (Vermont regiment) in Louisiana, 1862. 5 letters (computer download, no source)
6-41 Civil War: primary sources
    1863 diary [A. Gordon, 11th Indiana, Co. A] (photocopy)
6-42 Civil War: primary sources
    “A Woman’s Diary of th Siege of Vicksburg.” Century Magazine, v. 30 (Oct., 1885) (computer download made 22 July 1998) 11 pp.
6-43 Civil War: primary sources
    Lloyd Vinton Nanscawen letter (29th Wisconsin, Co. I), April - May 1864 (typescript)
6-44 Civil War: sources - bibliographies
    Old State Capitol
6-45 Civil War: United States Civil War Center, LSU
    newsletters and brochures
6-46 Civil War: general
    calendar, 1861 - 1865; flags of the Confederacy; drawings by Morris Raphael on postcards (7); diagram of Ft. St. Philip, 1 May 1865; postcards and brochures from Memorial Hall, Confederate Museum; brochures, Ft. Jackson; brochures and articles on Camp Moore (photocopies); brochures on Camp Parapet (Jefferson Parish) (photocopy)
6-47 Civil War: cover page or 1st page of material photocopied from Louisiana Room holdings (remainder discarded)
6-48 Floods: newspaper articles 1927: January - April, n.d.
    mainly from Times-Picayune
6-49 Floods: newspaper articles (mainly from Times-Picayune) 1927: May - June
6-50 Floods: Photographs [unidentified: one has Carencro water tower]
    marked on back as if used in newspapers
6-51 Floods: photographs [unidentified, n.d.]
6-52 Floods: Flood Control: Mississippi River
    “The Mississippi River Is Going to Change Course.” Acadiana Profile, n.d.; “Holding Back the River: The Old River Control Structure.” The Magazine [Baton Rouge Advocate], 26 April 1998
6-53 Floods: Flood Control: Lafayette Parish
    Basin/Special Planning Section Planning Division, New Orleans District. “Lafayette Parish, Louisiana Flood Control Study.” 18 June 1996
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. “Lafayette Parish Flood Control Feasibility Study: Project Briefing,” April, 1997 (power-point images)
7-01 French Heritage: Acadie
    post cards: Port Royal, 1606; Le Grand D’Arrangement
    “Notes to Accompany Plan of the River of Annapolis Royal” n.d.
      Bradshaw ancestors noted  
7-02 French Heritage: Nova Scotia
    “The Romance of Government House.” [Halifax], 1983 booklet
7-03 French Heritage: articles
    “Joseph Blanpain.” slug, 11 May 1992, 3 pp.
    Frost, Meigs O. “Strange Romance of Four Sisters, Acadian Exiles, in Teche.” [Prejean Family] New Orleans States (photocopy and typescript)
    Martel, Gabriel J. "History of a Creole Family." n.d. (enlarged photocopy)
7-04 French Heritage: illustrations
    some from books, some from illustrated magazines - no sources given
7-05 Iberia Parish: Avery Island [Petite Anse Island]
    articles, maps, news releases, photographs; guide to Avery Family Papers at UNC-Chapel Hill
7-06 Iberia Parish: Jeanerette
    articles; brochures
7-07 Iberia Parish: Jefferson Island, Lake Peigneur disaster; Delcambre
    articles, brochures
7-08 Iberia Parish: Loreauville
    articles on town, families, St. Joseph’s of Fausse Point
7-09 Iberia Parish: New Iberia
    articles, brochures/maps; Sugar Cane Festival miscellaneous
7-10 Iberia Parish: Iberia Parish
    articles [includes Lady of the Lake Plantation]; published portrait [Francis Bouligny]
see also 7-13
7-11 Jefferson Davis Parish: Jennings
    articles; brochures; maps; clippings
7-12 Jefferson Davis Parish: general
    articles on other towns (Elton, Fenton); people (Rolland Romero); economics
7-13 Lafayette Parish: articles (mainly from Attakapas Gazette)
    Bienvenu, Ralph Roch. “History of the Lafayette Fire Department, 1898-1932.”
    Brasseaux, Carl A. “Recreational Pursuits in Lafayette and New Iberia, 1900-1920.”
    Kennson, Claude. “Lafayette Parish Place Names.”
    Schultz, Jeanne Fortier. “Depression Years in Lafayette Parish.”
    Taylor, Gertrude. “As It Was in the Beginning.”
    Weiland, Ione. “Typical Household: Lafayette Parish, 1825-1835.”
    “Mardi Gras in Vermilionville, 1869.”
7-14 Lafayette Parish: Cities - Broussard
    Economic Development Committee of Broussard: packet with CD
    Dean Tekell Consulting Company. map showing proposed arterial roadways, n.d.
    “A Historical Sketch of Broussard, 1919.”
7-15 Lafayette Parish: Cities - Carencro
    Invitation to Ground-Breaking for Police Station, 10 June 2005
    Map Case 31-02 place mat for Carencro Centennial, 2005
      rural scene by D. Martin  
7-16 Lafayette Parish: Cities - Lafayette
    Debaillon, Sr., Charles. “Lafayette 1895 and 1901.” 1 p., no source, (incomplete)
    Lafayette City Directory, 1940
7-17 Lafayette Parish: Other cities
    Mouton, Mona Mel “A Historical Sketch of Duson.”
    Prejean, Robert. “The Story of Milton.”
    “A Historical Sketch of the Village of Youngsville.”
7-18 Lafayette Parish: Biography - Henri Bendel
    Landry, Diane Mouton, comp. “The Life of Henri Bendel.”
    Bethard, Alvin. “Henri Bendel, “Connoisseur of Style.”
7-19 Lafayette Parish: Biography - Jimmy Domengeaux
    FBI files on Jimmy Domengeaux from Shane Bernard
    includes some correspondence
7-20 Lafayette Parish: Biography - Heymanns
    30th Anniversary of Heymann’s [booklet]
    Program: “A Man and His Dream” 19 October 1967 [Maurice Heymann]
    Duhon, Lelia and Paul F. Matthews. “Maurice Heymann, 1885-1967.”
    Cutrera, Tony. “The Heymann Oil Center.”
    “The Heymann Legacy.” 2 pp, no source
    Press release about building sold by Heymann Partnership, n.d.
    article on Acadiana Symphony Conservatory, 8 November 1995
    Turk, Leslie. “A Renaissance Man.” Times of Acadiana, 8 November 1995 [Herbert Heymann]
7-21 Lafayette Parish: Biography - Louis Stanley Martin
    compilation of articles
7-22 Lafayette Parish: Biographies
    Soulier, Stella Roy. “The Bailey Family.”
    Segura, Pearl Mary. “Jean Mouton: Pioneer, Patriot”
    articles: Edwin Lewis Stephens
7-23 Lafayette Parish: Biographies
    Life Writing Class essays: Fall 1999 (2 classes); Fall, 2003
    brief essays on Marie Himel, Jean Breaux (probably done for Life Writing Class)
7-24 Lafayette Parish: Biographies
    Civic Cup winners
    Slain Officers: Lafayette policemen killed in the line of duty
7-25 Lafayette Parish: Sources
    Mouton Family Letters, 1828 - 1910 [typescripts, 74 pp]
      letters between Mouton family (Louisiana) and Rousseau family (France)
7-26 Lafayette Parish: Sources
    Letter from T. J. Arceneaux to Dr. Georges Dumont 27 January 1955 [Acadian Bicentennial Commission]
7-27 Lafayette Parish: Places - Evangeline Downs
    press releases; publicity; legal documents
    [newspaper clippings removed to Louisiana Room Vertical File]
7-28 Lafayette Parish: Places - Magnolia Plantation
    essay (no author given) on plantation and Christian Brothers
    painting (computer download)
7-29 Lafayette Parish: Places - other
    clippings: Snnier Building; Freetown; Landmarks (19th century; 20th century)
    Convention Center press packet, 2000
    Côte Geleé: photos of general store; map
    Old Lafayette City Hall (217 W. Main St.) National Register of Historic Places nomination form
7-30 Lafayette Parish: Subject
    aviation: articles: Lafayette Regional Airport; Northwest Airlink (3 items)
    Mardi Gras: clipping
      see also 7-13  
7-31 Lafayette Parish: Education
    Educational Testing Service (cheating scandal): documents and clippings, investigation report, 1997-1998
7-32 Lafayette Parish: Medicine
    clippings; Louisiana Health System [Lafayette General Medical Center] map, 1997; Lafayette Parish Medical Society Media Guide, 2001
7-33 Lafayette Parish: Photographs [5x7 or smaller]
    People and places: appeared in Advertiser; mostly unidentified
7-34 Lafayette Parish: Photographs [8x10]
    Places, some aerial; mostly unidentified
7-35 Louisiana: History - Louisiana Purchase
    articles, mostly 19th century (photocopies or computer downloads)
7-36 Louisiana: History - Last Island
    clipping: death of last survivor of hurricane (computer download)
7-37 Louisiana: 19th century articles
    Harper’s Weekly, Scribners Magazine, etc. (computer downloads)
7-38 Louisiana: article
    Graves, Ralph P. “Louisiana: Land of Perpetual Romance.” National Geographic, v. 57, # 4 (April, 1930): 393-482
7-39 Louisiana: POWs
    Schott, Matthew J. and Rosalind Foley. Bayou Stalig: German Prisoners of War in Louisiana., 1981
7-40 Louisiana: “Louisiana Story”
    Packet from McNeese University Banner Series
    Note from Elemore Morgan, Jr.
    articles and clippings (photocopies)
7-41 Louisiana: 1990 census (computer downloads)
7-42 Louisiana: Tax-Free Shopping
    1997-98 articles (most connected with Franco Fête)
7-43 Louisiana: Geodetic Survey (computer downloads)
    U.S. National Oceanic and Geodetic Survey. “Geodetic Programs Needs [sic] for Louisiana and Wisconsin.” August, 2001 [incomplete]
    Press releases (2) May, 2002
7-44 Louisiana: roads and bridges, 2002 (computer downloads)
    “A Report Card on Conditions and Use of Louisiana’s Roads and Bridges: How a Modern Highway System Will Help Louisiana Prosper in the Global Economy.” May, 2002 Prepared by The Road Information Program for Louisiana Associated General Contractor, Inc.
    Courreges, Patrick. “Louisiana Roads Ranked Second-Worst in U.S.. Baton Rouge Advocate, 21 May 2002
7-45 Louisiana: The Committee for 100
    The Committee of 100 for Economic Development. “Louisiana Business Image Survey.” 24 January 2005, 31 pp.
7-46 Oil Industry: Published material
    newspaper articles on Beaumont fields; fact sheet on first well at Jennings; land abstract for Jules Clement property; Golden Oil Jubilee booklet, 1951
7-47 Oil Industry: Photographs
    8x10 used in newspaper
7-48 Oil Industry: Photographs
    8x10 company or commercial (used in newspaper)
7-49 St. Landry Parish: Report on St. Landry Parish by the Governor’s Task Force on Poverty, 2004
    fax from Elbert Lee Guillory
8-01 St. Landry Parish: Demographics
    Charitas. “Demographic Report of St. Landry and Evangeline Parishes.” 8 April 2005
8-02 St. Landry Parish: Opelousas Police Department
    Legislative Auditor. Opelousas Police Department Compliance Audit, 19 Jan. 2005
8-03 St. Landry Parish: Biographies
    Cravins, Jr., Donald - campaign flyer
    Dunbar, Bobby - clipping
    Goudeau, Morgan - material related to induction into Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame
8-04 St. Landry Parish: Washington
    Town of Washington: maps and photographs (folio)
    Program: Dedication of Michael J. Gillepin Memorial Building, 19 March 2005
    Washington Garden Club - flyer
    Newspaper article
8-05 St. Martin Parish: Towns
    articles on Breaux Bridge, Cecilia, St. Martinville
8-06 St. Martin Parish: Newspaper articles
    Many from Centennial edition of Teche News, 2 April 1986
8-07 St. Matin Parish: Brochure/Map, St. Martinville
  Map Case 31-02 St. Martin Parish: Danbroc Engineering. “Street Inventory for St. Martinville.” 1995
8-08 St. Martin Parish: Sheriff’s Department
    “A Narrative History of St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Department.” no source. 2 pp
8-09 St. Martin Parish: Sources
    “Register of St. Martin” [MG8 G16 v.2: p. 7]
    A. A. McBride to E. L. Stephens, 12 Feb. 1910 re: Field Day [TLS]
8-10 St. Martin Parish: Historic Places
    Old Castillo Hotel: flyer and article in Attakapas Gazette (2 pp)
    Old Opera House/Bienvenu Brothers Store [St. Martinville]: fact sheet
    Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site: State Parks Commission pamphlet, n.d.
    Oak and Pine Alley Wedding: clippings
    [St. Martinville]: Historic District News, v. 1, # 2 (Summer, 1997)
8-11 St. Martin Parish: Lake Martin
    “Facts About Lake Martin, [1997] 8 pp
    Coerte Voorhies letter: 2 Nov. 1997
    newspaper articles [partial]
8-12 St. Martin Parish: Biography: Jim Yongue
    Langdneckert, Mark. “The Life of Jim Yongue...” n.d. 8 pp. [paper for some course]
    AAU News, n.d. “American Team Named: World Trampoline/Tumbling"
8-13 St. Martin Parish: Images
    Louisiana Proud: unidentified bridge, 1982 [sketch]
    Photographs: Peter Piazza scanned (4)
      Dancers and crowd in colonial dress (5x7)
    Post cards: Robert Dafford mural at Acadian Memorial Building (3)
8-14 St. Mary Parish: articles (mainly from Attakapas Gazette)
    includes: Conrad, Glenn R. (ed.) “The Teche Country Fifty Years Ago by Francis DuBose Richardson.” v. 6, # 4: 119 - 129
    “Down Where the Sugar Cane Grows: The Reminiscences of James P. Kemper.” pts. III, III [sic], V
8-15 St. Mary Parish: Articles - Towns
    [mainly articles from Attakapas Gazette]: Berwick/Far West; Franklin; Patterson
8-16 St. Mary Parish: Articles - People and Families
    Berwick, Foster, Lyman, Oxnard
8-17 St. Mary Parish: Settlers
    Conrad, Glenn R. and Gertrude C. Taylor. “Virginians in the Teche Country.” Intro, Pts. 1, 2, 3, 5
8-18 St. Mary Parish: Cities - Baldwin
    Section on Baldwin from St. Mary and Franklin Banner-Tribune, Historical Progress Edition, 28 April 1959
8-19 St. Mary Parish: Cities - Charenton
    newspaper clippings (3)
8-20 St. Mary Parish: Cities - Franklin
    1987 Hibernia Bank calendar (photographs)
8-21 St. Mary Parish: Cities - Morgan City
    Material on International Petroleum Museum and Exposition: computer print-out; brochure; photographs
8-22 Transportation: Helicopters
    Agreement between Office and Professional Employee International Union and Air-Offshore Logistics, Inc., 1999
8-23 Transportation: Helicopters
    Accident report, 5 August 2001 [Air-Logistics] e-mails
8-24 Transportation: Railroads
    “SP Reaches Century Mark in Louisiana.” SP Bulletin, (Oct., 1952): 2-53
8-25 Transportation: Railroads
    Accident, 1925: “Report of Director of the Bureau of Safety re: Accident at Ricohoc, Louisiana, 22 March 1925.” e-mail
8-26 Transportation: Railroads
    Accident in Eunice, 2000: National Transportation Safety Board Report: Railroad Accident Report, NTSB/RAR - 02/03
8-27 Transportation: Rivers
    Chotin Transportation, Inc.
8-28 Transportation: Rivers
    National Mississippi River Museums and Aquarium (Dubuque, IA): pamphlet, clippings, etc.
8-29 University: Sources
    J. L. Fletcher letter 29 Sept. 1939 re: beef purchases
    Thomas J. Arceneaux speeches: “Southwestern’s Contributions to Agricultural Research.” n.d. (1 p. only); Cajun Agriculture, n.d. (1959): 4 pp
8-30 University: Biography - Margaret McMillan
    Invitation to 88th birthday party
8-31 University: Music
    Madrigal Dinner - press kit n.d.
8-32 University: USL Sports - Rosters, 1910 - 1945
8-33 University: USL Sports - Basketball
    Death Penalty for USL Athletics, 4 August 1973 (photocopies)
8-34 Vermilion Parish: Articles - history
    mainly from Attakapas Gazette
8-35 Vermilion Parish: Articles - people and places
    includes article on Vietnamese in Vermilion Parish
8-36 Vermilion Parish: Williams family
    articles, documents, photographs (copies)
8-37 Vermilion Parish: Abbeville
    newspaper articles; bank calendars with photographs (1992, 1994-1996); description of flag
8-38 Vermilion Parish: Gueydan
    articles; documents
8-39 Vermilion Parish: Gueydan
    museum calendars: 1996, 1997
8-40 Vermilion Parish: Other cities and towns - Erath, Kaplan, Maurice
    includes: Bernard, Merrill. “Report of Industrial Survey Covering Kaplan, Louisiana.” 8 August 1929
8-41 Vermilion Parish: Technology and education, 2004
    publicity, photographs, CD
8-42 Vermilion Parish: Maps (photocopies)
8-43 Vermilion Parish: Photographs
8-44 Weather: Miscellaneous
    List of Louisiana extremes; tornadoes in Louisiana; signs of bad winters
8-45 Weather: 1895
    “February, 1895.” Monthly Weather Review, v. 23, # 2 (February, 1895): 47, 53, 60, 65
8-46 Weather: Louisiana data
    USDA Weather Bureau. Climate Summary of the United States, Section 62 - Southern Louisiana. c. 1925 25 pp (original)
    US Department of Commerce. Weather Bureau. "Climate Summary of the United States. Supplement for 1931 through 1952 - Louisiana.” 39 pp
    _______. “Climates of the States - Louisiana.” December, 1959. 15 pp.
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Data Service, National Climatic Center. “Climatography of the United states. No. 20 - Climate of Lafayette FAA AP, Louisiana.” (April, 1975) 4 pp. [statistics, 1952 - 1972]
8-47 Weather: Photographs - Hurricane Audrey
8-48 World War II: Soldiers - D, G
    Daigle, Joseph Russell: article
    Gautreaux Family veterans: press release; photograph (photocopy)
8-49 World War II: Soldiers - J
    Harry John, pilot of “Blessed Event” in Pacific: articles, photocopies, e-mail
    article on 307th Bomb Group
8-50 World War II: Soldiers - L
    Delery, Edna Lafleur. The Roses Have Crossed to the Other Side of the Wall: The Story of Heroic Army Chaplain Rev. Joseph Verbis Lafleur. (Opelousas, 2005)
    Langlinais, Ulysse C. “I Survived D-Day.” 1 p.
8-51 World War II: Photographs
    A. J. Higgins and Louisiana Congressmen, 1942
    Guilbeau, Russell [see letter in 8-52]
    unidentified soldier in uniform
8-52 World War II: V-E and V-J Day reminiscences
    Letters to Advertiser, 1995
8-53 Veterans: Reminiscences, A-L
    Letters to Advertiser, 2001: soldiers from WW I to Desert Storm
    includes Pershing to American Expedition Force, 28 Feb. 1919 (photocopy)
8-54 Veterans: Reminiscences, M - W
    Letters to Advertiser, 2001: soldiers from WW II on
8-55 Veterans: Oral History Project
    Bradshaw article; computer download; Congressman Chris John material; Library of Congress
8-56 Other: Calcasieu River Lighthouse
    Bordelon, Kathie. “The Calcasieu River Lighthouse, 1876 - 1940.” [eventually published in Gulf Coast Historical Review]
8-57 Other: Crawfish
    Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin (computer download); letter; articles
8-58 Other: Durand, Jr., Cliff
    Material on several subjects including Live Oaks; also translation of French song; copy of excursion broadside
8-59 Other: Indians
    Chitimacha: Gertrude Taylor article
    Houma: magazine and newspaper articles (4 items)
8-60 Other: Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
    articles (mostly computer downloads, 2002)
8-61 Other: Kreamer, George
    transcript of oral history interview, 2000
8-62 Other: LaFleur, Meus [Maius]
8-63 Other: Mardi Gras
    Courir des Mardi Gras: pamphlet; articles
8-64 Other: New Orleans Saints
    “Building the Future of the Saints in Louisiana.” [spiral bound slides from power-point presentation, 2005?]
8-65 Other: Newspapers
    The Crider Times [excerpts from stories by journalist Bill Crider mainly done in Louisiana and Mississippi, 1948 - 1985]
    Letter, synopsis, legal documents regarding suit of Roshto Brothers v. Gary J. Hebert, 1978 - 1982
8-66 Other: Photographs
    mainly for History of Acadiana series [scanned prints; color negatives]
8-67 Other: Photographs
    unidentified individuals
8-68 Other: Reefs [Vermilion Bay]; Coastal Zone Management
    material sent by Fred Kyle, Franklin, La., 1907, 1973-2001, n.d.
      acts, correspondence, reports, notes, etc.
    Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Management Division and Rodney E. Enmer & Associates, Inc. “Louisiana Coastal Management Program - Proposed Louisiana Coastal Resources Program Enhancement, 2001-2005. Updated Assessment... (Nov. 2005)
IV. Vernon Behrhost Materials
9-01 Writings
    Joyner, Conrad and Vernon Behrhost. The Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway. Lafayette, LA: The Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association, 1959 16 pp (photocopy)
    Behrhost, Vernon. “Strategy for Survival and Renewing Prosperity in Coastal Louisiana.” 13 March 1986 [speech] (photocopy)
    _______. “Teche-Vermilion Water Quality Improvement,” 1970 (speech)
9-02 Flood control
    articles; Coast Wise, v. 8, # 1 (Mid Year, 1997)
9-03 Teche-Vermilion Freshwater District - Correspondence I, 1968 - 1973
    Correspondence, documents, maps, etc. related to Teche - Vermilion Division Project
    [Behrhost was Executive Vice President of Louisiana Intracoastal Seaway Association.]
    See also 9-01
9-04 Teche-Vermilion Freshwater District - Records, 1974 - 1983
    Correspondence, documents, maps, press releases, etc.
    [Behrhost with LISA and Administrator, Office of Water Policy under Governor David Treen; Director of Louisiana Coastal Commission]
9-05 Teche-Vermilion Project: Documents, 1966-1982
    Legislation; Board of Commissioners, Teche-Vermilion Fresh Water District, minutes: 8/1969 - 3/1970; financial projections; various statements; clippings
  Map Case 31-02:
    U.S. Corps of Engineers. “Water Supply for Teche-Vermilion Basin - General Map.” Jan., 1966; Louisiana Department of Public Works. “Teche-Vermilion Freshwater District.” May, 1968
9-06 Vermilion River Bridge Advisory Committee, 1975-1978, 1980
    Correspondence, reports, minutes; clippings (photocopies)
9-07 Vermilion River Bridge Advisory Committee - photographs
V. Media
A. Audio Tapes
  1. Chotin project
  # 1 P. Chotin, 1 August 1999: waterways, routes, Flood of 1927
  # 2 P. Chotin, 1 August 1999: family history
    Mrs. C. Landes (Patsy): genealogy
  # 3 Scott Chotin, 29 August 1999: early history; boats
  # 4 Scott Chotin, 29 August 1999: continued history
  # 5 Captain Chotin, 26 September 1999: boats and companies
      Mrs. Chotin; Joey  
  # 6 Captain Chotin, 16 September 1999: design information;; innovation; history of boats; history of Chotin Company holdings
  # 7 Captain Chotin, 28 November 1999
  # 8 Mr. Chotin: photographs; story about 1st boat built by Nashville Bridge
  # 9 Chotin, 13 August 2000: Exxon (Standard of Kentucky)
  # 10 W. H. Banner, 2 December 1999
  2. Other
  # 11 King Fisher, 17 April 1998
  # 12 King Fisher, 24 September 1998
  # 13 Helen Guillot and Marie Falcon, 1983 (Tape 1)
  # 14 Helen Guillot and Marie Falcon, 1983 (Tape 2)
  # 15 Brig. General Edward S. Ott, n.d.: World War II in Europe
  3. Personal
  # 16 Jim Bradshaw and Peter Piazza, 3 April 2000: KSLO/KOGM-FM
  # 17 Jim Bradshaw on NPR “Talk of the Nation” re: Governor Kathleen Blanco
B. Floppies (3.5)
  Chotin book (2)
C. Zip disks
  “History of Acadiana” articles

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