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LaFayette Bicentennial Celebration Collection
Collection 89
LaFayette Bicentennial Celebration Collection, 1791-1958
7 ½ in.
Marquis de Lafayette was born on 6 September 1757 at the family’s Chateau de Chavaniac in the Auvergne region of France. The name LaFayette was originally written as two words, but from 1789 on, Lafayette wrote his name as one word. On 11 April 1774, he married Adrienne Francois d’Ayen-Noailles. They had four children. On 20 April 1777, he set sail for America and arrived on 3 June 1777. On 11 September 1777 Lafayette was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. On 6 February 1778 a treaty of friendship between U.S. and France, urged by Lafayette, was signed in Paris. He returned to active duty in the Continental Army and played a decisive role in the capture of the British army at the Battle of Yorktown. After the American Revolution Lafayette returned to France. He enthusiastically supported the early stages of the French Revolution, but did not condone the descent towards anarchy or the emergence of Napoleon. He spent some of those years in prison. He made a triumphal tour of the United States in 1824-1825 when he was lionized as one of the last surviving heroes of the Revolution. He died at the age of 77 on 20 May 1834. He was buried next to his wife in Picpus Cemetery in Paris. A mound of earth from the state of Virginia was placed over his grave.

This collection consists of biographical information about Lafayette; correspondence, publications, and photographs dealing with the centennial celebration in 1957. Most of the material is from Thomas J. Arceneaux who represented the city and parish of Lafayette during the celebration in France. There is also a large collection of prints of the Marquis depicting him from when he served in the Colonial Army in the 1770s until his death in 1834.
A. Biographical Material 1-01
B. Newspaper clippings and press releases 1-02
C. Correspondence 1-03
D. Publications 1-04 through 1-06
E. Prints 1-07 through 2-02
F. Photographs 2-03
G. Poster Map Case 26-04
BOX 1  
1-01 Biographical material, 1957
    Mainly items from French Government Tourist Office
1-02 Newspaper clippings and press releases, 1957
    Items in English and French
1-03 Correspondence, 1957-1958
    Mainly involving Thomas J. Arceneaux [in English and French]
1-04 Publications: magazine, France Amerique: 1957 [2 copies]
1-05 Publications: magazine, Par Le Bontempts: 1957: Dec. 1958: Feb.
1-06 Publications: magazine, Union Culturelle Francais: 1957; 2 issues
1-07 Prints: Major General in Colonial Army, 1777-1783 [2 items]
    identified artists: Mondhre, Paris; H. B. Hall, printed by W. Pate, published by G. P. Putnam & Co.
1-08 Prints: Commandant general de la Garde nationale parisienne, 1789: on horse [1 item, colored]
    Lith de Villain
1-09 Prints: frontal bust, glancing to right, wearing wig, all in military uniform, 1780s-90s [26 items]
    identified: F. Bohn; Robell F. Goudes; Suireau â Nantes; P. Dien, Paris; published by Richard Bentley, London, 1838; Hopwood; Ethiou, published by Furne, Paris; George E. Parine, New York; Bureau, Engraving and Printing; P. A. Yarkin; Shubert, Lith; Ern Bærentzen & Co, Lith; Lith. de Gerard; I. E. Heid; Bergny, Estampes, Lambelle, Paris; I. Fielding of Angus sculpture published 26 Aug. 1785; Ducris et. Demiere; M. de Saillieth;; L. Barre, Le Clair, published by Moltens, Colnaight, London, 3 Feb. 1791
1-10 Prints: profile looking right: bust, with wig, in uniform, 1780s-90s [16 items]
    identified: Esnauts et Rapilly, Paris; Liebe J.; G. Sardi; T Clarke, Sculpt., Philadelphia; dessiné par J. Guerin, gravé par Fiesinger; Anker Smith, published by C. Forster. 1 June 1791 in Literary Magazine & British Review; Jones, sculpt., published by C. Lowndes, Oct. 6, 1792; H. R. Cook, published by M. Jones, Aug., 1806; Godefroy, del., Massard Sc. Reg. direx
1-11 Prints: 3/4 view, wig, uniform, 1780s-90s [2 items]
    Raffel del, Hopwood, sclpt., imp F. Chardenaine, Paris; Geoffrey, de Gonet, Editeur
1-12 Prints: wig, bust, profile looking left, all but 1 in military uniform [15 items]
    identified: D’après physiontrace de Quenedey, Ed. Gosselin, sculpt. 1895; F. Bonneville, del, Duchemn, sculpt.; ; Levacher, sculpt, Lefebvre, fecit.; Antonio Latta e Figli, Venezia; A Fullerton & Co.; S. C. Miger, del, Paris, G. G. Endner, Lipsic, 1781; G. G. Endner, del et sculpt., Leipzig
1-13 Prints: profile, bust, looking left with cockade hat in uniform, 178s-90s [3 items]
    identified: J. F. Bolt, sculp, Berlin, 1792; Bollinger, sc., Zwickau bei Gebr. Schumann; Rick, sculp, Berlin
1-14 Prints: full view, in uniform, 1780s-90s [3 items]
    identified: Bosio, dis, Sasso, inc. [Italian]; A. Lacauchie, Lith. Jules Rigo et Cie.; P. Adam
1-15 Prints: no wig, frontal looking right, 1800s- [6 items]
    2 in uniform, 4 in civilian clothes
identified: Lith. de Delpech: Ern Bærentzen & Co., Lith. Inst., Figaro 1842;
1-16 Prints: no wig, 1/4 profile, looking left, 1800s - [20 items]
    7 in uniform, 13 in civilian clothes
identified: E. Lequay, sculp, Dupain, Impr, R. Collard, Paris; Grahistich von Carl Mayor, Stuggart, J. Scheible’s Buchhanlung; Rosselin, Editeur, Imp. Lith. Formetin & Cie., Paris; Al. Massard, del et sc.; publié par Blaisot; A. Scheffer, P. M. Fontaine, Sculp; Scheffer, del., Dequevauviller, sculp; C. G. Childs, sc. on steel, published by S. C. Atkinson for the Casket; Ary Scheffer, pinx., Cyprien Jacquemin, sc., imp. Chardin Amé et Fils; Lith de V. Batier; Lith. de Ducarme, publié par Blaisot
1-17 Prints: no wig, 1/4 profile looking right, 1800s - [21 images]
    8 in uniform, 13 in civilian clothes
identified: Julien, del., Ch. Ransonette, sc.; Fortier, sculp., Ambroise Tardieu, direxit.; L. Bridi, inc., per Vin. Ferrario; Gerard gez., aus d. kumstanstalt d. Bibliogr. Institute in Hidluh, Eigenthum d. Verleger [German]; Gerard, druck verlag von Bibliographischen Institute zu Hildburghausen. Zeitgossen No. 28 (H. Jarig) [German]; Handry Libraire; Hopwood; engraved by T. S. Engleheart, John Cumberland, Camden New Town;; Mme. Meyer, Del., Boudron, Sculp. (2); Samuel Maverick; Lith v. Baisch, druck v. Ed. Pievisch und Co., Dresden; Fath, del., Ballin, sc., Gilquin et Dupain, imp., publié par Dufour, Mulat, et Boulanger
2-01 Prints: 3/4 or full figure, no wig [9 images]
    2 in uniform; 7 in civilian clothes
identified: desiné et gravé par Parquèt, Paris chez Bittner, London published by Charles Pitt; peint per Court, gravé par Aug. Blanchard, dessiné par Girardet, diagraphe et pantographe Gavard; from an original painting by Chappel, Johnson Wilson and Co., Publishers, New York, 1874; drawn and engraved by J. B. Longacre from a portrait in possession of Mrs. Bloomfield; portrait painted by A. Scheffer, engraved by Ed. Giraruet; engraved by Annin and Smith from the admired print of Leroux, after painting by Scheffer, 1824
2-02 Prints: other [8 images]
    Présenté à Monsieur le Marquis de la Fayette par son très humble servieur Lagardette, inventé et composé par Lagardette fils du Graveur;
Ludwig Phillip I, General Lafayette, Marschall Gérard
page from Mémoires hist. Pol. du règne de Louis XVI, Tom II [36 figures, 6 identified in pencil]
Généraux de la Garde Nationale
Lafayette and Rochambeaux, dessiné par Pol. Justus, gravé par Morinel, diagraphe et pantographe par Gavard
Coin commemorating Lafayette, front and back: W. L. Ormsbys, Pantographer
Lafayette en Amérique [1824-25]: Tony Johannet, del., Frilley, sculpt
United States, General Lafayette’s Visit
Landing of General Lafayette at Castle Garden, New York, 16th August 1824: Imbert, Del., Samuel Maverick, sct.
2-03 Photographs, 1957
    Thomas J. Arceneaux’s trip to France for Bicentennial of Lafayette’s birth
Map Case 26-04 Poster
    Ministere des Travaux Publics, des Transports, et du Tourisme. “France: La Fayette Year - The Bicentenary of His Birth, 1757 -1957.” imp. La Photolith I. Delporte, Paris

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