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Heywood Oil Company of Jennings
Collection 81
Heywood Oil Company of Jennings, 1901 - 1974
2 ½ feet
The Heywood Oil Company of Jennings was founded on April 29, 1901 by W. Scott Heywood and his brothers Alba, O.W., Clint and Dewey.

The first oil was struck in Louisiana near Jennings, September 21, 1901. During 1902, 548,000 barrels of oil were produced. In 1904 operations continued to increase steadily and by February of that year 35 wells were producing. The peak of production was reached in 1906 when over 9 million barrels of oil were produced. It continued to increase over the years. In 1951, Jennings held a big celebration -- Louisiana Golden Oil Jubilee which was a big success.

Drilling five miles northeast of Jennings, on a tiny 1/32 acre tract of land [rice field], brought in a monumental oil well which flowed 100,000 barrels daily. That was the start of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana.

This collection contains personal and business correspondence, photographs, newspapers of the Heywood family and oil related scenes, and publications written by W. Scott Heywood and also reports done.

This collection is on permanent loan to USL at the request of Tom Hays, by Jennings Heywood Oil Syndicated.

A. Miscellaneous Newspapers    
Box 1
B. Family Material    
2-1 thru 2-4
C. Photographs    
3-1 thru 3-3
D. Business Papers    
3-4 thru 3-5
E. Business Correspondence    
4-1 thru 4-6
F. Miscellaneous    
  a. Publications    
4-7 thru 5-1
  b. Reports    
  c. Programs, certificates    
5-3 thru 5-4
Box 1
1-1 Miscellaneous newspapers dated 1901 thru 1969 related to the Heywood family and to the oil industry.
    120 sheets microfiched
Box 2    
2-1 Handwritten inventory of Heywood Collection.
2-2 [item removed]
2-3 Poem about Scott Heywood by Patricia Miller. Framed.
2-4 Copy of Scott Heywood obituary from the Southwest Citizen, November 30, 1950 and the Jennings Daily News, November 29, 1950.
Box 3    
3-1 Pictures of people, mainly Heywoods, and oil fields.
    Identified in the inventory [2-1]
3-2 Same  
3-3 Same  
3-4 Memo book, property of Dewey Heywood, Grand Rapids, Mich., c. 1889.
3-5 Jubilee Guest -- Identification Tag of Mrs. Scott Heywood.
    September 21-23, 1951.
  Old Map of Jennings Field, Acadia Parish. 1920. Located in Map Case 13-1.
Box 4    
4-1 Correspondence, 1905 - 1907.
4-2 Correspondence, 1908 - 1910, undated.
4-3 Correspondence, 1912 - 1920, scattered dates.
4-4 Correspondence, 1931, 1932, 1938.
4-5 Heywood family correspondence.
4-6 Successful American April, 1902.
4-7 Kerr's Report and several copies of the Oil/Investor's Journal.
4-8 Certificate of W. Scott Heywood as a member of the Louisiana State Mineral Board, 1941.
Box 5    
5-1 Louisiana News Digest. September, 1951.
Code of Fair Competition for the Petroleum Industry, 1933.
Statement of the Oil Situation by W. Scott Heywood, n.d.
Report, Louisiana Tax Reform Commission, 1932.
Truth About the Oil Situation. W. Scott Heywood.
Louisiana's Golden Oil Jubilee. Program. 1951.
5-2 Report of Scott Heywood to Governor of Oklahoma, 1931.
Views of the Jennings Oil Field. n.d.
Executive Report, July and September 1962.
Report. Louisiana Dept. of Conservation. 1962.
Oil and Gas Map of Louisiana.
If Not A Compact Why Not? Mark L. Requa.
Report. Louisiana Tax Reform commission. 1933.
Copy of House Bill #4.
Report. Louisiana Tax Reform Commission. 1934.
5-3 Certificate. Memorial to Southwest Louisiana Boys Village in the name of Scott Heywood.
Program: 22nd Annual Convention of the Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, 1941.
Program: Opening, Zigler Hotel, Jennings.
Program: Independent Petroleum Association of America Banquet, 1937.
Program. Conference on Conservation of oil and gas. 1929.
Certificate: Sure Shot Oil Co. Unlimited.
5-4 Facts...Showing the Necessity of Tariff on Foreign Crude Oil by Scott Heywood. (1930s)
Abstracts, 1904.

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