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Fortnightly Club, New Iberia, Louisiana
Collection 70
Fortnightly Club. New Iberia, Louisiana. Records, 1924-1974
5 in., 5 v.
The Fortnightly Club was organized in 1924 in New Iberia, Louisiana for literary study with a membership not to exceed twenty. All club activities were to stay within the vicinity of New Iberia.

This collection includes very scattered records covering club activities 1924-1974. It contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial records, minutes, yearbooks, and scrapbooks.
A. Records 1-01 thru 2-01
B. Yearbooks 2-02
C. Notes on topics, book reviews 2-03 thru 2-06
D. Miscellaneous 3-01
E. Scrapbooks 3-02 thru 4-02
BOX 1  
1-01 Records: constitution and by-laws [galley pages from 1941- 42 yearbook], n.d.
1-02 Minutes: loose sheets, 1931/32; notebooks: 1937/38 to 1941/42; 1942/43 to 1944/45; 1945/46 to 1947/48
1-03 Record book [bound] , 1947/48 - 1952/53
    minutes, membership lists, treasurer records, attendance
1-04 Record book, 1953/54 - 1957/58
1-05 Record book, 1958/59 - Nov., 1960 [spiral notebook]
  Record book, Nov, 1960 - Aug., 1961 [spiral notebook]
1-06 Record book, 1965/66 - 1969/70
1-07 Financial records: 1936-38, 1958-1960
    bank statements, receipts, a few treasurer's reports
1-08 Membership records: very scattered, 1940s
1-09 Material about books, 1940s
    books reviewed at meeting, 1940, 1942; list of books sent to soldiers, 1940; lists of books owned or to buy, [1940s]
BOX 2  
2-01 Correspondence, 1932 [1941-1947] - 1961, n.d.
    invitations, acceptances, resignations, much on service activities during WWII
2-02 Yearbooks: 1930-1931, 1933-1934, 1937-1938, 1939-1940, 1941-1942, 1944-1945, 1947- 1948, 1952-1953, 1965-1966, 1967-1968, 1968-1969
2-03 Topics [delivered at meetings?] n.d. handwritten
    Aviation topics; “Hilaire Belloc”; “Brazil”; "Life and Character of Robert F. Broussard"; "Dutch and English on the Hudson"; "Fort Livingston"; Hawaii; North Dakota
2-04 Papers, n.d.
    "American Realists" (Thomas Eakins and Winslow Homer); notes on Battle of Trafalgar; Louisiana natural resources [incomplete]; 19th century English authors; "Spanish Borderlands"; "Arturo Toscanini"; "Booth Tarkington"
2-05 Papers, n.d.
    John James Audubon; aviation; "Julies Gaius Caesar"; "Life of Cervantes"; "Crusaders of New France"; Lenses; "Mr. Ben Lilly and his Work"; "The Life and Work of Vincent Van Gogh"
2-06 Book reviews
    Cobb, Irwin S. Exit Laughing; Gallico, William. The Snow Goose; Hansen, Harry. The Chicago River; Heggen, Thomas. Mister Roberts; Strode, Husdon. South by Thunderbird; Varè, Daniel. The Last Empress
BOX 3  
3-01 Miscellaneous
    Obituary, William Voorhies, Sr., 1893; [list of monetary donations to servicemen's clubs] [see also 2-01]; Dedication of Iberia Parish Hospital, 11 Sept. 1960.; Vita of Mrs. A. C. Bernard [nominated by Fortnightly Club for New Iberia Chamber of Commerce Civic Service Award, 1966]; history of the Duperier family; heraldic description of Barrow; Dorothy Dix column (approved by New Iberia Parent-Teacher Association), n.d.
3-02 Scrapbook, v.1: newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, etc., 1924-1949
3-03 Scrapbook, v.4: newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, etc., 1963/1964 - 1966/1967
3-04 Scrapbook, v.5: photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc.,1962-1967 [unfinished]
BOX 4  
4 v.1 Scrapbook, v. 2: newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, etc., 1949-1958
4 v.2 Scrapbook, v. 3: newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, etc., 1958-1963

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