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Live Oak Society Records
Collection 56
The Live Oak Society. Records, 1929 [1935-1968] -
5 inches (1 box)
The Live Oak Society was founded in 1935 by Dr. Edwin Lewis Stephens, Louisiana scholar and educator. The purpose of the Live Oak Society was to promote the culture, distribution and appreciation of the live oak tree. Membership in the Society was limited to individual live oaks known or suspected to be more than one hundred years old. Live oaks under one hundred years old were eligible for membership in the Junior League. Each member had an "attorney," usually its owner, and the "attorney" paid the annual dues--twenty-five acorns! The president oak tree of the Society was over 500 years old. This Society had stopped functioning in 1938 after the death of Dr. Stephens. Meigs O. Frost publicized the Society's revival in a Times-Picayune Sunday magazine article on January 21, 1945. Stanley C. Arthur, director of the Louisiana State Museum, took over leadership of the Society. He recorded 119 oak trees with their names, location, measurements and sponsors as members. This collection contains books, clippings, letters, photographs, notes, artifacts, pamphlets, bulletins, maps, and organizational records.

Donated by Miss Willie Wynn White, daughter of the late H. H. White of Alexandria, Louisiana.
1-01 1929, 1935,-1936: clippings and pamphlets
    includes: Blair, L. L., "Illinois Arbor & Bird Days,"State Department of Education, Circular No. 232(Springfield, 1929)
1-02 1935-1936: records and correspondence
1-03 1937: records
1-04 1937: January-October: correspondence
1-05 1937: November-December: correspondence
1-06 1937: correspondence with colleges and universities
1-07 1937: clippings, postcard
1-08 1938-1939: correspondence and records
1-09 Photographs
Map Case 25-1 Map of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana--Voorhies Addition
1-10 1944-1947: correspondence
1-11 1944-1947: clippings
    includes: Frost, Meigo O., "Most Peaceful Club Revived in Bloodiest War," Times-Picayune, January 21, 1945
1-12 1960-1968: correspondence
1-13 1960- : clippings and photographs
1-14 n.d.: artifacts
    leaves; test tube
1-15 1944- : Registration book (photocopy)
    [loaned for copying by Mrs. V. T. Bercegeay]

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