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Vernon Lane Wharton Papers
Collection 34
Wharton, Vernon Lane (1907-1964). Papers, 1935-1964.
5 ft. 5 in., 5 v.
Dr. Vernon L. Wharton was born 29 September 1907 in Handsboro, Mississippi, the son of Guy Vernet Wharton and Fannie Henningham Lane. He married Beverly Dickerson of McComb, Mississippi 16 June 1943. They had two sons. Wharton died 7 September 1964. He is buried at the Hollywood Cemetery in McComb, Mississippi .

Wharton earned a bachelor degree in English at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi in 1928. He received his Masters degree and his Doctorate in History at the University of North Carolina. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He taught at Millsaps College from 1935 to 1952 and chaired the Department of Sociology. He was the Dean of College and Graduate School, Texas State College of Women, 1952-1956. He was the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana from 1956 until his death.

Wharton had scholarly interest in historical, social, political, and economic issues. His dissertation which was later published was the influential work The Negro in Mississippi. As an educator Dr. Wharton was a member of distinguished academic societies such as Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Kappa Delta, and Theta Chi.

This collection consists of biographical material, correspondence, writings and speeches, lecture notes, clippings, and other materials.
A. Correspondence   1-01 through 1-13
B. Biographical Material   1-14 through 2-14
C. Writings      
  1. Wharton   2-15 through 3-20
  2. Others (history)   7-01 through 7-10
D. Research (history)   2-11 through Box 6
  1. Note cards for The Negro in Mississippi Box 4 through Box 6
  2. Book reviews, etc.   7-11 through 7-17
E. Speeches      
  1. Wharton   7-15 through 8-17
  2. Others and research   8-18 through 8-25
F. Lecture notes     9-01 through 13-02
G. Miscellaneous     13-03 through 13-07
H. Reel-to-reel tapes   13-08 through 13-09
Volumes: 5 Yearbooks
A. Correspondence
1-01 General Correspondence: 1920s
1-02 General Correspondence: 1930s
1-03 General Correspondence: 1940s
1-04 Correspondence regarding Negro in Mississippi, 1943-1947
1-05 General Correspondence: 1950-1953
1-06 General Correspondence: 1954-1955
1-07 General Correspondence, 1956
1-08 General Correspondence, 1957-1959
1-09 General Correspondence: 1960-1964
1-10 General Correspondence: n.d.
1-11 Rotary, 1957-1962, n.d.
    Correspondence, records, certificates, notes for talks
1-12 Public Affairs Research Council controversy over high school survey, 1961-1962, n.d.
    Resolutions, correspondence, etc.
1-13 PAR controversy: clippings, 1958-1962, n.d. [photocopies]
B. Biographical Material
1-14 Biography: [Wharton?] high school notebook for English class, n.d., pp 1-58, 60-132
1-15 Biography: Ph.D Exam, 1939
1-16 Biography: miscellaneous: life insurance information, 1940-1945
    booklet about returning to civilian life
1-17 Biography: Farewell Reception at Millsaps College, 12 August 1952
2-01 Biography: vita; Who's Who entry, 1959, n.d.
2-02 Biography: programs for events in which Wharton participated, 1949-1963
    Mississippi Conference of Social Work, 22nd Annual Meeting, 16-18 March 1949
    The Walter Lynwood Fleming Lectures in Southern History, 26-28 April 1949
    Introduction comments for Fletcher M. Green
    Southern Historical Association meeting, Nov., 1949
    NAPA Purchasing Agents of the Southeast, 10th Annual Conference, 13 Oct. 1953
    TSCW Winter Commencement, 31 Jan. 1954
    The Walter Lynwood Fleming Lectures in Southern History, 17-18 March 1958
    Delta Iota Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, 23 rd Annual Banquet, 7 May 1958
    USL Appreciation Banquet, 13 Oct. 1960
    Centenary College of Louisiana, formal opening, 139th Session, 3 October 1963
2-03 Biography: Wharton activities, 1947-1960
    Carnegie Foundation Grant, 1947
    Typed list of Wharton lectures, 1953-1954
    National Citizens Council for Better Schools. Summary of Members-State Leaders Southern Regional Conference, 20 June l959 [Wharton a participant]; also Yardsticks for Our Schools: A First Step in Measuring Quality, n.d. 22 pp
    Southwestern Alumni News, v.21, no.4 (Jan., 1960)
      2 group photographs include Wharton
2-04 Biography: Diplomas, Certificates, 1924-1961
2-05 Biography: miscellaneous personal materials, 1928 – 1964
    Includes transcript records: Millsaps; UNC
2-06 Biography: clippings, 1943-1964, n.d. [photocopies]
2-07 Biography: clippings, 1943-1966, n.d. [photocopies]
2-08 Biography: sympathy letters to Mrs. Wharton on Wharton's death, 1964-1965
2-09 Biography: military records, 1941-1942
2-10 Biography: Military
    U.S. Naval Training School, Hollywood, Florida, The Quarterdeck, December 15, 1942 - February 9, 1943 [Wharton in 5th Company]
2-11 Biography: military records, 1942-1945
2-12 Biography: military records, 1945-1955
2-13 Biography: military records - Navy Reserves, 1955-1956
2-14 Biography: Photographs, n.d.
    many of Wharton; family; many unidentified
C. Writings
  1. Wharton
2-15 Writings: "Negro in Mississippi" - thesis, n.d. very incomplete and may be several drafts; plan of work as thesis and proposal to Rosenwald Fund; several bibliographies [may be from different works]
Box 4 through Box 6 Research note cards, Negro in Mississippi
2-16 Writings: Negro in Mississippi - corrections, n.d. handwritten
2-17 Writings: Negro in Mississippi , reviews, 1948, n.d.
    Clippings (photocopied); magazines; correspondence, D.C Heath and Company flyer for “Amherst Series” Problems in American Civilization – Reconstruction in the South includes a Wharton selection, n.d.
2-18 Writings: Fletcher Green Festschrift committee - correspondence, 1956-1962
2-19 Writings: Green Festschrift committee – correspondence, 1962-1963
2-20 Writings: Green Festschrift committee – correspondence, 1964
3-01 Writings: Green Festschrift – correspondence, 1965–1966
    [Magruder Drake did final editing on article submitted by Vernon Wharton who died in 1964.]
3-02 Wharton, "Reconstruction" 1-19 handwritten
3-03 Wharton, “Reconstruction,” 20-57 handwritten
3-04 Wharton, "Reconstruction," 1-40 typed with handwritten inserts
3-05 Wharton, “Reconstruction,” 100-111 handwritten
3-06 Wharton, “Reconstruction,” 1-29 typed
3-07 Wharton, “Reconstruction,” 1-39 typed
3-08 Wharton, “Reconstruction,” 1-20 typed
3-09 Wharton, “Reconstruction,” 1-55 typed
3-10 Wharton, “Reconstruction,” 1-55 [same as 3-09]
3-11 Writings: Wharton contribution to The Southerner as American volume, 1957
3-12 Writings: published articles
    Wharton. “The Meaning of Totalitarianism,” The Eleusis of Chi Omega , v 43, # 2 (May, 1941): 123-128
    Wharton. “The Race Issue in the Overthrow of Reconstruction in Mississippi,” Phylon, The Atlanta University, Review of Race and Culture , 4th Quarter, (1941): 362-369
    Wharton. “Population Trends as They Affect Purchasing,” The Kentuckiana Purchasor, v.8, No.11, November 1953
3-13 [Wharton?], "Reconstruction," 18 pp 2 copies
    [very different essay from folders 2-12 thru 2-20]
3-14 [Wharton], “Historical Literature of the Negro as Freedman", n.d., typed; 2 copies
3-15 [Wharton?]: "Disfranchisement of the Negro in Mississippi", n.d., 14 pp typed
  [Wharton?]: description of plantation house “Cumberland Place”; no location; 2 pp; carbon
3-16 Writings [Wharton?]: "The Republican Party and the Negro in the South, 1877-1896", n.d. 25 pp.; typed
3-17 Writings [Wharton?]: “The Role of the Negro Militia During Radical Reconstruction,” n.d. 19 pp typed; notes [TSWC stationery – on Reconstruction but not on Negro militias]
3-18 Writings [Wharton?]: "What's Wrong with History?", n.d. 15 pp.; typed
3-19 Writings: Spanish and Latin American history
  Wharton critical review of biography of Charles V, 9 pp.; typed
  Paper on Colombia in 1830s, 16 pp; p. 1 missing
3-20 Writings: Wharton book reviews – typed, published
C. Writings
  2. Others [history]  
7-01 Writings: Beale, Howard K. "Discussion of Wharton and Mabry Papers in Savannah, 15 November 1947.”, 3 pp; typed
  letter from Howard Beale
  program from Southern Historical Association meeting, 1947
7-02 Shugg, Roger W. "The Liberal Ideology of Reconstruction", paper to be read at Joint SHA, AHA session, Dec., 1953; correspondence; AHA Program; Wharton notes for commentary
7-03 Essays on the South:
    Patrick, Rembert W. “Voices of Southern Dissent?” South Atlantic Quarterly , v. 62, # 4 (Autumn, 1963): 597-606 (reprint)
    Woodward, C. Vann, "New Construction in the South", Commentary , n.d., pp. 501-508; published
    No author, “Americans Below the Potomac,” n.d., 19 pp; mimeographed
7-04 Publications: History
    Beale, Howard K. “On Rewriting Reconstruction History,” American Historical Review , v. 45, # 4 (July, 1940): 807-827; reprint, signed
    Beale, Howard K. “The Professional Historian: His Theory and His Practice,” The Pacific Historical Review , v. 22, # 3 (Aug., 1953): 227-255; review, signed
    Bridges, Hal. “Civil War and Reconstruction,” Service Center for Teachers of History, Publication No.5, 1957
    England, J. Merton. “England and America in the Schoolbooks of the Republic, 1783-1861,” University of Birmingham, Historical Journal, v.9, No.1, (1963): 92-111; reprint, signed
    Franklin, John Hope. “ Whither Reconstruction Hisoriography?” The Journal of Negro History , v. 17, # 4 (Fall, 1948): 446-461; reprint
    Green, Fletcher M. “Cycles of American Democracy,” Mississippi Valley Historical Review , v. 48, # 1 (June, 1961): 3-23; reprint, inscribed
    Singletary, Otis A. “Civil War and Reconstruction,” National Council for the Social Studies, 31st Yearbook, n.d.: 120–132; reprint, signed
    Singletary, Otis A. “The South in American History,” Service Center for Teachers of History, 1957; inscribed
7-05 no author, "Southern Negro Since Reconstruction", n.d., 24 pp; typed [marginalia by Wharton?; Wharton referred to in 3 rd person in text]
7-06 Massey, Mary Elizabeth, "Confederate States of America: The Home Front", n.d., 36 pp; typed
7-07 No author, "The Central Theme Revisited", n.d., 28 pp; mimeographed
7-08 No author, "Development of the Code of Negro-White Relations in Mississippi, 1865-1890,” 10 pp; typed
7-09 James, Joseph B. “Southern Reaction to the Proposal of the Fourteenth Amendment,” n.d., 29 pp, typed: Wharton marginalia
7-10 Warren, Harold C. "The Recent Action of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and Its Relations to Tougaloo College", n.d., 3 pp mimeograph
D. Research [history]
7-11 Research: published reviews of books on Reconstruction
7-12 Research: Wharton notes from publications on Reconstruction
7-13 Research: Wharton notes from publications on Reconstruction
7-14 Research: Wharton notes from publications on Reconstruction
7-15 Research: Wharton notes from publications on Reconstruction
7-16 Research: Wharton notes from publications on Reconstruction; clippings on Southern Governors Conference, Oct., 1962 [3]
7-17 Research: "Constitutional Problems: No.2: Suffrage Provisions in Southern Constitutions", 1947 [excepts from state constitutions, Alabama – Virginia]; Wharton notes on constitutional issue handwritten
E. Speeches
  1. Wharton      
      [most speeches are outlines; few complete texts]
7-18 Speech? [Wharton?]:
    “Segregation in New Orleans,” 3 pp
    “The Development of the Southern Caste System, 1865-1898,” 1 p
7-19 Speech: “Outline,” [talk on black history], 13 pp, handwritten
7-20 Speeches: education
    Wharton?. “Improving Louisiana's Educational Product.” n.d., 6 pp; typed, carbon
    “Education for a New World,” n.d;. notes/outline
    Wharton?: notes for speech on future college enrollments, n.d., 5 pp; typed
    “Education in Crisis,” Lafayette Parish Teachers Association, May, 1957
    Notes for a speech, 1 p., handwritten
7-21 Speeches: education
    “Man,” very rough outline, 5 p;, handwritten
    “To Foreign Student Advisors,” 2 Nov., 7 pp; handwritten
    Speech to American Legion, n.d. 5 pp; typed
    “Are Our Children Prepared for College?” outline, 5 pp, n.d.; handwritten
    “Are Our Children Prepared for College?” outline, 5 pp, n.d. handwritten
    “Parent-Teacher-Child Relationships
7-22 Speeches: Science Education:
    outlines or text for speeches; research materials; 1 letter
7-23 Speech: "The People of Mississippi", [1950], 13 pp typed
    flyer for Griffin, Helen. Dauntless in Mississippi: The Life of Sarah A. Dickey, 1838-1904
    excerpts "From Woman's Voice", 12 September 1896, v.7, no.37 [about Sarah Dickey]
7-24 Speeches: TSCW and Millsaps talks
    Texts: most handwritten, some typed; some fragments
7-25 Speeches: student groups, TSCW [most identified]
8-01 Speeches: on education given in Texas
    “Strengthening Family Ties,” Texas 2 nd District PTA Conference (notes)
    TSTA [Texas State Teachers' Association?], Decatur, TX, 12 Oct. 1952: handwritten notes; 3 pp
    “To PTA, Bryant School, Sherman, [TX?], 5 Nov. 1952; 2 pp; handwritten
    “Grading System and Practices,” Decatur [Baptist] College, 2 March 1953: handwritten notes; 3 pp
    “Talk about TSCW [Texas State College of Women?],” Extension Chapter, TSCW Alumnae, Bryan, TX 2 Nov. 1955: handwritten notes, 1 p
    “There Is More To Teaching Than a Book,” n.d. [TSCW] 2pp typed; fragment
8-02 Speeches: nursing, n.d.
    Correspondence, 1954; research materials
8-03 Speeches: education  
    Wharton speeches to student groups at SLI/USL [most identified]
    Phi Kappa Phi Journal, Summer, 1956 with chapter announcement about speech by Wharton
8-04 Speeches: student groups; unidentified
8-05 Speeches: SLI    
    Texts for unidentified talks
8-06 Speeches: SLI
    Texts for JLF speeches
    JLF requests ideas for talk on Modern Trends in Higher Education; VLW's response, Dec., 1957
8-07 Speeches (notes): Welcomes [events mostly identified], 1953-1963, n.d.
8-08 Speeches: Commencement addresses; Honors Convocations
    includes: letter, program [Lafayette High School, 1959]; fragments
8-09 Speeches: education
    education and segregation: outline for talk; notes
8-10 Speeches: to civic clubs
    includes: correspondence; newsletter
8-11 Speeches: church groups [most identified], 1951-1958, n.d.
    topics include: students, alcohol, religion, societal change
    text for talk by J. A. Ward given on a Sunday morning
8-12 Speeches (notes): on delinquency
    delivered to church groups and schools
    includes clippings
8-13 Speeches: sociology
    “Security in a Continuing Crisis” (notes) 2 pp
    Small towns v. Big city
    Note for speech on freedom, 1 p, handwritten
8-14 Speeches: U.S. as World Power (events identified and unidentified); correspondence
8-15 Speeches (notes): on human nature; humanism (unidentified); some partial
8-16 Speech: “Inflation, Insurance, and Insurance Against Inflation,” text/notes, 6 pp, n.d.
8-17 Speeches: family
    includes: correspondence, 1954; research materials
E. Speeches
  2. speeches of others; publications, and research materials on topics covered by speeches
8-18 Speeches: Education – others
    Crisler, Robert M. “A Liberal Arts View of the Function of Higher Education,” n.d., draft 3 pp, typed
    Hutchins, Robert M. “Remarks on Academic Freedom before American Academy of Political ans Social Science, 1955
    several Ben Kaplan speeches
    Moore, L. H. “The Place of the Woman's College in a State System of Higher Education,” n.d., typed
    Teagle, Raphiel. “Louisiana's High School Curricula,” 28 March 1958, 8 pp, mimeograph
8-19 education: research materials
    includes articles, clippings, newsletters, statistics, etc.
8-20 education: research materials – publications
    President's Committee on Education Beyond the High School, “Education, Beyond the High School – Needs and Resources,” Jan., 1956
    Ransom, Harry Huntt. “The Education Machine,” for SLI Phi Kappa Phi, 19 April 1960
8-21 education: research materials - publications
    First National City Bank Monthly Letter, Business and Economic Conditions, January, 1958
    Stahr, Jr., Elvis Jacob. “Inaugural Address,” 14th
    Keys to Greatness , Center for Southern Education Studies, George Peabody College for Teachers, 1961
8-22 education: research materials publications
    Southern Association Reporter , v.6, no.2, (Oct., 1953)
    American Council on Education. Statement of President Arthur S. Adams, Before the Special Committee of the House of Representative to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations, June 17, 1954, 12 pp
    Hunter, E. C., “Science teachers and teaching in Louisiana,” Louisiana Schools, v. e5, # 4 (Dec., 1957): 9-12; reprint
    Hunter, E. C., “Mathematics teachers and teaching in Louisiana,” Louisiana Schools, v.36, no.4, (Dec., 1958): 9-11, 25-26; reprint
    Ginn and Company, “What the Colleges are Doing,” #111, (May, 1958)
    School and Society, v.87, no. 2148, 28 Feb. 1959
    “What Should We Expect from our High Schools?” PAR Analysis, no. 103, (March, 1962)
8-23 sociological issues: research materials
    population statistics
8-24 Publication and speech on foreign policy
8-25 Social studies research: Hemleben, Sylvester John articles
    “The Special Report in History Teaching,” Education, June, 1939, 1-4
    “Can We Teach Cultural History?” Social Education, Oct., 1939
    “High School History and the Activities Program,” The Social Studies, v. 30, # 6 (Oct., 1939), 250-253
    “History: A Study of the Past or the Present?” Social Education v. 6, # 2 (Feb., 1942), 80-82
F. Lecture Notes: [handwritten, most in notebooks or tied together, n.d.]
9-01 Lecture notes on U.S. history, 1931 [UNC graduate school]
9-01 Lecture notes on U.S. history, 1931 continued
9-03 Lecture notes: U.S. Rise of the New West, 1789-1932
9-04 Lecture notes: U.S. Reconstruction
9-05 Lecture notes: U.S., 1898-1941
9-06 Lecture notes: Medieval Europe
9-07 Lecture notes: England/Great Britain, Tudor - Stuart
9-08 Lecture Notes: Europe and Industrial Revolution, n.d.
9-09 Lecture notes: Europe, 1648 – 1939
10-01 Lecture notes: Europe, 1789 – 1914
10-02 Lecture notes: European history, 1870 - 1939
10-03 Lecture notes: European colonialism
10-04 Lecture notes: Spain/Latin America
10-05 Lecture notes: Hispanic America
10-06 Lecture notes: Latin American History
    clippings on Wilson peace proposals
    outline of Roosevelt - Churchill peace aims (1 p.)
    Wharton notes on US war preparations in 1930s, 1 p.
10-07 Lecture notes: Latin America, 1830s – 1930s
10-08 Lecture notes: Latin America, 20 th century
10-09 Lecture notes: ancient history
11-01 Lecture notes: U.S. sociology
11-02 Lecture notes: U.S. sociology
11-03 Lecture notes: sociology [Chapter 15 - ]
11-04 Lecture notes: Rural - Urban Sociology
11-05 Lecture notes: Rural - Urban Sociology
11-06 Lecture notes: Sociology – Farm life
    student paper on mechanization of cotton farming, n.d.; 4 pp
    test for Economics 12 class [more cultural geography]
11-07 Lecture notes: Sociology - Family
11-08 Lecture notes: Sociology - The Family
11-09 Lecture notes: Economy – family
12-01 Lecture notes: criminal justice
12-02 Lecture notes: criminal justice
12-03 Lecture notes: Social Problems, health
12-04 Lecture notes: Social problems
12-05 Lecture notes: Social problems
12-06 Lecture notes: U.S. political science
12-07 Lecture notes: international relations
12-08 Lecture notes: Political economy; sociology
13-01 Lecture notes: psychology
13-02 Lecture notes: religion
G. Miscellaneous
13-03 Pamphlets :
    The American Sociological Society, n.d.
    General Board of World Peace of the Methodist Church, “The Meaning and Foundations of World Peace,” Chicago, Illinois, n.d.
    Peace Action of the National Council for Prevention of War, v.12, no.1, January, 1946
    McGraw Hill Publishing Company. “In the Field of Education…Who Are Today's Capitalists?” 1957
13-04 Miscellaneous: Millsaps College, 1952 – 1953, n.d.
    Tougaloo College, 1950
    Porter, Kenneth W. “Tentative Suggestions for Studies in American Negro History,” 23 Oct. 1946, 3 pp, mimeograph
13-05 Miscellaneous: TSCW
13-06 SLI: Military, AF ROTC Summer Training Unit folder, 1959
13-07 Lafayette Methodist Church [now First United Methodist Church], 1960, n.d.
H. Tapes
13-08 Tape #1 -- Founder's Day Speech at Millsaps College, by Wharton, Vernon L., Speech on Education in Colleges and Millsaps College, n.d.
13-09 Tape #2 -- Trahan Recital -- K.V.O.L., 9 June 1957
v. 1 Yearbook: Millsaps College, The Bobashela , 1928
v. 2 The Bobashela , 1942
v. 3 The Bobashela, 1946
v. 4 The Bobashela, 1952
v. 5 Yearbooks: Texas State College for Women, Daedalian , 1956

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