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Guide to Collections in the University Archives
Harry Lewis Griffin Collection
Collection 30
Griffin, Harry Lewis (1883-1967). Collection 1905-1964
2 ½ feet
Personal papers of Dr. Harry Lewis Griffin (1883-1967), long-time Dean of Liberal Arts at SLI, and materials he collected which reflect his interest in south Louisiana history. Among the personal papers are writings, speeches, and correspondence which indicate his interest in history, political science, education, and civic affairs. He was especially active in Rotary Club. The material collected on local history consists mainly of newspaper clippings including many written by Mario Mamalakis.

Donated by H. L. Griffin and Lucile M. Griffin.
A. Biographical Material 1-01 through 1-11
B. Correspondence 1-12 through 1-16
C. Organizational Materials 1-17 through 2-07
D. Speeches  
  1. Education 2-08 through 2-14
  2. SLI 2-15 and 2-16
  3. Politics and Government 2-17 through 2-24
  4. History and Current Events 2-25 through 3-05
  5. Rotary 3-06 through 3-08
  6. Miscellaneous 3-09 through 3-11
E. Writings 3-12 through 4-11
F. Lafayette History 4-12 through 5-03
G. Acadiana History 5-04 through 5-30
H. Louisiana History 5-31 through 6-02
I. Miscellaneous 6-03 through 6-08
A. Biographical Material  
1-01 Biographical essay, c. 1962
    typed, 13 pp; handwritten draft
1-02 Biographical sketches
1-03 Certificates, 1930s
    Sigma Chi Fraternity, 1908; Demeter Fraternity, 1935 [2]; Alpha Phi Omega, May, 1939: membership card
1-04 Certificates, 1940s
    American Red Cross, War Fund Drive, 1943; American National Red Cross, Red Cross Fund, 1949; Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Master City Gardener, 1943, 1944 (each with letter); National War Fund Campaign, 1944 (with letter) and 1945; Boswell Institute, 15 December 1945; Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Association, 1948
1-05 Certificates, 1950s
    American National Red Cross, Red Cross Fund, 1950; Phi Kappa Phi, 10 April 1951; Honorary Acadian, 13 September 1951 and 13 September 1955; South Louisiana Mid-Winter Fair Association, 17 January 1957
1-06 Certificates, 1960
    Fellow, Maison Acadienne Francaise, 2/20/1960
1-07 Certificates, 1960s
    Kappa Delta Phi, 9 November 1960; Chevalier Dan l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques, 20 September 1961; Honorary Member of the Louisiana Commission on Cultural Resources, 16 May 1962
  See also Map Case 16-5 for diplomas from West Virginia University, 1911 and University of Chicago, 1927
1-08 Photographs: Personal
    HLG; LMG; HLG in groups, 1920s-1951, n.d.; HLG, n.d.; LMG, 1942; HLG with Thomas H. Harris; Mrs. E. L. Stephens; HLG with A. W. Bittle; J. W. Faulk; HLG with Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, 1949; HLG at Lafayette airport with Mardi Gras queen Toni Hamilton and maids, 1949; HLG introducing Clayton Rand at 1951 Chamber of Commerce banquet
1-09 Miscellaneous financial records
    savings book with Poplar Loan and Building Company of Cincinnati, 1905- 1907; pass to Parkersburg Country Club, 1913; receipt for dues to Stratford Club, 1936
1-10 Canceled checks and other financial records, Jan., 1913 - Dec., 1914; March, 1917
1-11 Poems          
    one written by Rev. George D. Griffin, "My Appreciation in Verse," n.d.
"Ma Chere Annette," n.d., by HLG (?)
B. Correspondence
1-12 1938 - 1943
    includes: Beverly R. Stephens, 14 December 1938; telegraph from Earl K. Long, 15 January 1940; Rufus C. Harris, 31 May 1940; Marc Mouton to Frank A. Godchaux, Sr., 3 Oct. 1940
1-13 1944 - 1949
    includes: Joel L. Fletcher; re: retirement system; C. P. Higby, 20 Nov. 1948
1-14 1950 - May, 1951
    includes: correspondence, re: retirement; retirement system; SLI semi- centennial
1-15 1951: June - December
1-16 1952, 1961, 1965
    comments on writings
C. Organizational Materials
1-17 Rotary
    outline of early history of Lafayette Rotary Club, n.d.
1-18 Rotary  
    miscellaneous records, Lafayette Rotary Club, 1938-1950
programs; list of members; information sheets; etc.
    Lafayette Rotary Club Bulletin, Aug., 1949 - April, 1951
    correspondence, 1931-1951
    miscellaneous pamphlets and publications
  See section D in general, especially D5, for speeches on Rotary and to Rotary Clubs
1-22 Chemurgic Conference, 1936
    material on conferences held in Lafayette
includes: photographs; proceedings
  See 3-06 for speech of HLG
1-23 Chemurgic Conference, 1937 - 1939
    material on conferences
1-24 Chemurgic Conference, 1936 - 1939
    miscellaneous records of Louisiana Farm Chemurgic Council
includes: press release about industry in Lafayette
1-25 Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
    miscellaneous materials, 1944 - 1948; Annual Report, 1950; banquet program, 1951 (HLG presiding)
1-26 Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
    correspondence, 1944-1951
1-27 Louisiana Division of the Old Spanish Trail Association
    minutes, 21 April 1950
2-01 Lafayette Parish Committee on Cultural Resources
    Preliminary Report on Cultural Resources of Lafayette Parish, n.d., 5 pp
2-02 Lafayette Parish Committee on Cultural Resources
    miscellaneous materials from Louisiana Commission
drafts of letters by Mrs. C. E. Hamilton, Aug., 1962; list of officers, n.d.
2-03 Lafayette Parish Committee on Cultural Resources
    Material related to dedication of two historical markers: Battle of Vermillionville; Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
correspondence; clippings; etc.
2-04 The Ancient and Benevolent Order of the Red, Red Rose in Louisiana
    Yearbook, 11/1948
2-05 United Nations
2-06 United Nations
    miscellaneous: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace publication; New Yorker article; post cards
2-07 United Nations
    HLG notes taken at UN institute, June 1950
  See 2-22 for HLG speech on UN
D. Speeches
  1. Education
2-08 Speeches, 1930s
    "Founders Day of National Congress of Parents and Teachers:" outline, 15 Feb. 1933, 15 Feb. 1934, 20 Feb. 1935; "Schools and the Constitution," radio talk, 9 Nov. 1937; "Home Economics in the General Education Program," before Louisiana Home Economics Association, 19 Nov. 1937; "The Duties of the Dean of the College," College Section of the Louisiana Teachers Association, 19 Nov. 1937
2-09 Speeches, 1940 - 1944
    "Present Trends in High School Teacher Education," Education Section of the Louisiana College Conference, 8 March 1941; "A Well-Rounded Business Education," 2 May 1941; "Revision of Curricula for Veterans," Louisiana College Conference, 20 Oct. 1944; "The Realm of the Intellect," 20 Nov. 1944
2-10 Speeches, 1945 - 1949
    Radio talks: "The Liberal Arts College and the Peace," 23 May 1945; "Pattern for Post War Education," 24 Sept. 1945; "Post War Trends in Liberal Arts Education,," 28 Jan. 1946; "The Need for More General Education," 13 May 1946
"Relation of the Undergraduate College to the Graduate School," April, 1946, outline; "The Educated Person in a Changing Society," Lafayette High School Commencement Address, 29 May 1947
2-11 Speeches, n.d.
    "Leadership," outline; “Are High Schools and Colleges Failing to Teach Citizenship in Terms of Present Day American Life?" n.d.; "Development of Secondary Education in America," outline; "Administrative Aids to Better College Teaching," “The College Point of View - How College and High School May be Mutually Helpful in the Educational Program of the State," “Education for the Post-War Period”
2-12 Speeches, n.d.
    "The New Plan of the University of Chicago for Granting the Bachelor of Arts Degree,"’ “The Next Step in a More Selective System of Admission Requirements,"; "Liberal Education in the Post-War Period,"; "A Program for Vocational Guidance for High Schools with from 400 to 500 Students,"; "Possibilities and Problems in Improvement of the College Curriculum"
2-13 Speeches, n.d.
    "Putting the Student on His Own - Advantages, Dangers,"; "How to Study and How to Teach Others to Study,"; "Choosing a Vocation and College," notes; "Choosing a Vocation," outline; "My Vocation," for Rotary meeting
2-14 Godchaux, Sr., Frank A., "Revision of Educational Program," speech before Lafayette Rotary Club, 3 Sept. 1947
D. Speeches
  2. SLI        
2-15 Editorial for Alumni News, 11 May 1942; "Southwestern's Contribution to the War Effort," radio talk, 16 May 1942; "War Time Curricula in the College of Liberal Arts," radio talk, 11 June 1943; "The War Program of the College of Liberal Arts," radio talk, 11 June 1943; "A-12 and V-12 Examinations," 14 March 1944; "Standards of the Southern Association and Secondary Schools As They Affect Southwestern Louisiana Institute," address to faculty, 13 Jan. 1950, outline; "The Obligations of Honor Men and Women," to Phi Kappa Phi initiates, 15 May 1943
2-16 Speeches, SLI, n.d.
    "Counseling at SLI," outline; "Tribute to Miss Gabrielle Hebrard on Presentation of her Picture to USL," outline; "To the Alumni," outline; "The Southwestern Counseling System,"; "The College of Liberal Arts, outline; "The College of Liberal Arts," radio talk, 15 June 1942
D. Speeches
  3. Politics & Government
2-17 1935 - 1941
    "Sidelights on the Development of Business and Professional Ethics," New Iberia Rotary club, 15 Jan. 1935; "Our Changing Constitution," radio talk, 9 Nov. 1936; "Some Present Day 'ISMS'," Lafayette Rotary Club, 18 March 1937; "Schools and the Constitution," radio talk, 9 Nov. 1937; "Civil Liberty - Freedom of Speech, The Press, Radio, and Screen," radio talk, 20 Jan. 1941
2-18 1945 - 1948
    "Our Invisible Congress," New Iberia Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, 20 Dec. 1945; "Welcome to the Atomic Conference," 27 June 1947; "Our Fight Against Communism," Abbeville Rotary Club, 19 May 1948; "Why We Fight," American Legion (?), 11 Nov. 1948
2-19 n.d.  
    "The Child Labor Amendment," outline; "The Constitution of the U. S.," n.d., outline; "Decoration (Memorial) Day," outline; "The Development of American Political Democracy,"; “The Fourth Term in American Democracy," outline; "Government and Politics as Modern Occupation," outline; "National Trade Conflicts and World Peace"
2-20 n.d.  
    "The Spirit of Modern America," outline, 2 drafts; "Sources of State Revenue - 1937," n.d., outline; "Some Existing Agencies of International Cooperation," outline; Review of The Prospects of American Democracy by George S. Counts; "What Price Democracy," Jeanerette Rotary Club
2-21 Series of radio talks on American Citizenship sponsored by Lafayette Rotary Club, 1939
    outline of series
    HLG, "The Forms and Functions of the State," 2 March; Ashburn, Karl, "Some Observations on the Totalitarian State," 9 March; HLG, "The Democratic State," 16 March; Davidson, J. J., Jr., "The Founders of Democracy in the U. S.," 23 March; HLG, "State Government - With Particular References to Louisiana," 6 April
2-22 Rotary Series on American Citizenship, 1939
    Debaillon, Dan, "Local Government in the United States," 13 April; HLG, "Political Parties in Our Scheme of Government," 20 April; Riehl, Joseph A., "Suffrage and Elections," 27 April; Davidson, J. J., Jr., "Rights and Privileges of Citizens," 4 May; Malison, A. G., "The Obligations of the Citizen Under our Government," 11 May; HLG, "Some Present Day Problems of Citizenship, 18 May
2-23 "The United Nations," Women's Business & Professional Club, Franklin, 24 Oct. 1950
2-24 Miscellaneous material
    outline of speech by Alonzo F. Myers on "Fundamental Assumptions of a Democratic Society," 25 June 1940; Davidson, C. Girard, "Stare Decisis in Louisiana," reprint from Tulane Law Review, 1932; Steele, Thomas M., "Behind the Constitution - Without Faith and Personal Responsibility This Government Can-not Endure," from The Kiwanis Magazine, 9/1929
D. Speeches
  4. History and Current Events
2-25 "A Brief History of the Acadians," 1952, 2 drafts
2-26 "Dedication of a Marker - Governor Mouton's Town House,"5/5/1960, handwritten and typed drafts
"Mardi Gras," before Lafayette Rotary Club, 2/17/1949, outline
"The Country of Evangeline," n.d., outline
" Welcome to the Acadians," 1931, remarks made to welcome Canadian visitors to Acadiana; also brochure about trip
2-27 Doctors and Disease - Lafayette Parish 1800 to Present,"address before the Lafayette Parish Medical Society, 1965, handwritten draft
3-01 Same, typed draft
3-02 "The Battle of New Orleans," n.d., outline
"The Cultural Resources of Louisiana," n.d.
"Louisiana as a Land of Opportunity," n.d., outline
3-03 "The Development of the Sugar Industry in the Lower South,"1965, 2 drafts
"The Development of the Sugar Manufacturing Industry in Louisiana," n.d.
3-04 "Abraham Lincoln," n.d.
"George Washington: Elements of Greatness in His Character," for Rotary meeting, n.d.
"George Washington, The Man," for Rotary meeting, 21 Feb. 1946
"Bataan Day," for Rotary meeting, n.d.
"A Golden Age in History," n.d. outline
3-05 "The Italian-Ethiopian Crisis," n.d., outline
"Problem in Manchuria," New Iberia Rotary Club,1933, outline
"Chile - Argentina," n.d., outline
"Japan," n.d. [ca. 1942] outline
Same, before Lafayette Rotary Club, 19 Feb. 1942
Same, SLI Students and faculty, 26 Feb. 1942
"China," n.d., outline
"China," radio talk, 23 March 1942
"The Two Countries," (Sino-Japanese Crisis), n.d., outline
D. Speeches
  5. Rotary      
3-06 "History and Objects of Rotary," n.d., outline
"Rotary," n.d., outline
"What a Rotarian Ought to Be," n.d., outline
"History of Rotary," 23 Feb. 1933, outline
"History and Objects of Rotary," 15 Feb. 1934, outline
History of Lafayette Rotary Club, n.d., outline
Fate of ex-Rotary presidents, n.d., outline
Rotary, n.d., outline
Rotary Club of Vincennes, Indiana Statistics
3-07 "Function of the Aims and Objects Committee," n.d., 2 pp
"Why and Wherefores of Regular Attendance at Rotary," Jan., 1946 3 pp
"On Becoming a Rotarian," n.d., 4 pp
"Rotary and Its Application to the Individual," n.d., 6 pp
"Preparing a Rotary Talk," 30 July 1942, 6 pp
"Working in Rotary," 29 April 1948, 6 pp
3-08 Speech to Abbeville Rotary Club on zoning, 29 April 1942, outline, 2 drafts
D. Speeches
  6. Miscellaneous
3-09 Chemurgy
    "Farm Chemurgic Conference," n.d., outline; speech on chemurgy, n.d., outline; "The Progress of the Chemurgic Program in Louisiana," Education Section of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences, n.d.; same, abstract; “What a Chemurgic Conference Meant to Louisiana" [1939]; "Chemurgic Industries for Louisiana," n.d.; "Chemurgy and Agriculture," n.d.; "Chemurgic Conservation," Education Section of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences, n.d.; "The Farm Chemurgic Movement in Louisiana and Mississippi," 22 Jan. 1938; "Chemurgic Development in Louisiana," n.d.
3-10 Miscellaneous
    "Recent Progress in Aviation," n.d., outline; "Self Management," n.d., outline; Morality in schools, n.d., outline; "Thanksgiving Day," address to Rotary meeting, n.d.; "Christmas Message," n.d.; Report on trip to Latin America, [1958], outline
3-11 Non HLG speeches
    Fousse, E.G., "Chemist and the War Effort," radio talk, 10 Dec. 1942 Belliveau, Pierre, "The Character of Lafayette," 17 June 1957
E. Writings
3-12 School Essays
    "The Panama Question. The Influence of the Panama Canal on World Progress," n.d., (West Virginia University)
"The Initiative, Referendum, and Recall," n.d. (West Virginia University for William Jennings Bryan Prize)
3-13 "History of Lafayette Parish," typed copy (part of 2 drafts)
Same, complete draft
3-14 "Parish of Lafayette - A Brief History," 2 drafts
3-15 The Attakapas Trail (Lafayette Parish Centennial Celebration, 1923) Griffin's "A History of Lafayette Parish" and pageant
Typescript of pageant
3-16 "Ante-Bellum Justice in Louisiana - Vigilante Committees," n.d., handwritten and typed drafts
3-17 "Brief History of Lafayette," n.d., handwritten, 6 pp
3-18 "History of Lafayette - Centennial Celebration of the City of Lafayette," [1936], 36 pp
3-19 "The Acadians in Louisiana," [1950s?], handwritten and typed drafts
3-20 "The Acadian Story," published version of "A Brief History of the Acadiana," similar in parts to "The Acadians in Louisiana"
3-21 The Acadian Story, handwritten draft: bibliography and foreword
3-22 The Acadian Story, pp: 1 - 141
3-23 The Acadian Story, pp: 142 - 224
4-01 The Acadian Story, pp: 225 - 276
4-02 The Acadian Story, Chapter X
4-03 The Acadian Story, Chapter X, Part 6
4-04 The Acadian Story, typed draft: pp: 1 - 67
4-05 The Acadian Story, pp: 68 - 150
4-06 The Acadian Story, pp: 151 - 224
4-07 The Acadian Story, pp: 255 - 267
4-08 The Acadian Story, typed draft: pp. 1 - 62
4-09 The Acadian Story, pp. 63 - 116
4-10 The Attakapas Country, miscellaneous material
    introduction, typed draft
4-11 Review of Winzerling, Oscar William, Acadian Odyssey
F. Lafayette History
4-12 Mouton, Jerome, "History of Lafayette," speech before Lafayette Forum, n.d., typescript, 10 pp
4-13 Lafayette Advertiser, Section A, 30 Jan. 1959
4-14 Newspaper articles by Mario Mamalakis
  See 4-17 thru 4-19; 5-12, 5-14 and 5-15 for other Mamalakis articles
4-15 Newspaper articles on various aspects of Lafayette history
4-16 Miscellaneous notes on Lafayette history by HLG
4-17 Material on Catholic Church
    Mamalakis articles
      includes: biography of Father Teurlings, other clippings
    material on visit of Archbishop Roy (Quebec), 1965
4-18 Material on St. John Cathedral and Bishop Jeanmard
    includes: articles by Mario Mamalakis and Mary Alice Fontenot; article by HLG on Cathedral Live Oak
4-19 Material on churches
    clippings; Mamalakis article; HLG notes
4-20 Lafayette Museum
4-21 Lafayette Public Library
4-22 Material on civic clubs
    clippings (series of articles from Advertiser)
4-23 Material on Masons
    clippings; program for centennial
4-24 Lafayette First National Bank
    special section from Advertiser, 5/29/1952
4-25 Lafayette Medical and Surgical Group
    announcement of opening
4-26 Obituary clippings, 1943-1959
    E. Emile Soulier, 17 Aug. 1943; C. H. Masters, 8 Aug. 1953; Mrs. L. A. Hebert, 8 Jan. 1956; Mrs. Joseph Arthur Roy, 16 Dec. 1957; Msgr. William Joseph Teurlings, 29 Dec. 1957; Lambert Oran Clark, 8 May 1959
4-27 Articles on people
    Edith Dupré; Abrom Kaplan
4-28 Miscellaneous clippings about social events, 1948-1955, n.d.
4-29 Mardi Gras: clippings, 1938-1959, n.d.
4-30 Mardi Gras: programs
    Lafayette High School, [1946], 1960; SLI, 1948
5-01 Miscellaneous clippings about Lafayette
5-02 Material on study of local history
    guide for public school students
rules for contest on local history
5-03 Photographs
    Lafayette buildings (homes and businesses)
half-tone, mounted, taken c. 1906
G. Acadiana History
5-04 New Iberia
    description and travel: clippings, brochure
5-05 New Iberia
    Bryant, Louis Paul, "Reminiscences of the 60's and 70's," series in Weekly Iberian, 1935
5-06 Burman, Ben Lucien, "Mysterious Marshes," Collier, 12/24/1954
5-07 Abbeville
    program for dedication of Vermilion Parish Court House, 1953
5-08 Jeanerette
    early reminiscences, articles from Jeanerette Enterprise, 1965
  See also Collection 9
5-09 St. Landry Parish
    papers by SLI students, [1920s]
5-10 St. Landry Parish
5-11 Opelousas
    student papers, [1920s]
5-12 Sacred Heart Convent and St. Charles College
    paper by Mrs. S. Levy, Sunset, Louisiana, probably 1920s; Mamalakis articles; paper by Mrs. Frank Sibille on St. Charles College
5-13 "Acadian Exiles," author unknown, n.d., 22 pp
5-14 Acadians
      includes: articles by Mario Mamalakis and Mary Alice Fontenot
5-15 Evangeline story
    article by Mario Mamalakis
genealogy of Louis Arceneaux
5-16 Acadians
    HLG notes
5-17 Photographs
    St. Martinville area
"Evangeline," Longfellow
5-18 Photographs
    College and Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau, Louisiana
scenes near Bayou Gross Tete
Jefferson Island
5-19 Photographs
    unidentified persons (Blacks)
5-20 Sugar  
    clippings; Glenk, Robert, "Milestones of Progress in the Realm of
Sugar," Louisiana Conservation News, April, 1934; report from sugar experiment station, n.d.
5-21 Sugar  
    HLG notes from secondary sources
5-22 Rice  
    HLG (?), "History of Rice in Louisiana," n.d., 7 pp; bibliography and outline; Jenkins, J. Mitchell, "Rice," Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Immigration, Dec., 1934
5-23 Rice  
    clippings from Crowley paper, 1930s
5-24 Rice  
    HLG notes
5-25 Sulphur  
    History of the Sulphur Industry," n.d., 12 pp; Moresi, Cyril K, "Louisiana's Sulphur Mines," Louisiana Conservation Review, Jan., 1934, typescript
5-26 Sulphur  
    HLG notes
5-27 Sulphur and salt
    bibliography of sulphur and salt industries in Louisiana, 1934
5-28 Salt  
    Avery Salt Company, "History and Description of the Production of Salt," n.d., typescript
5-29 Salt  
    HLG notes
5-30 Cotton  
    HLG notes
H. Louisiana History
5-31 Plantations
5-32 New Orleans
    clippings: Ursuline Convent; Battle of New Orleans, 1962; etc.
drawing of French Quarter Scene
post card
5-33 St. James Parish
    material related to dedication of historical marker at site of Valcour Aime home
      correspondence; clippings; HLG remarks
    clipping: St. Michael's Convent
5-34 Shreveport
    newspaper article on centennial, 26 May 1935
5-35 Port Hudson
    folder on preservation of battlefield
5-36 Civil War
    memoirs of Captain E. T. King, Times-Democrat, 27 June 1910, typescript
memoirs of General Gustave Mouton, Advertiser, 26 Feb. 1935
5-37 Railroads
    SP Bulletin, "A Century of Progress in Louisiana," Oct., 1952; clipping, July, 1921; Landsdale, John, "Southern Pacific Lines in Louisiana," 14 March 1923, 12 pp
6-01 State constitution
    Times-Picayune, section on new state constitution, 19 July 1921
6-02 Dr. James M. Smith
I. Miscellaneous
6-03 National politics
    Publications: platforms of major parties, 1856-1924; Democratic platform, 1912
caricatures of Senators, 1910 (HLG drawings?)
6-04 State politics
    text of Sam Jones' inaugural speech, 1940 (incomplete)
sample Democratic Party second primary ballot, 1940
clipping: song written by Jimmie Davis (from pro-Morgan newspaper)
6-05 Miscellaneous
    souvenir Confederate money; drawing with saying
6-06 Pamphlets on state retirement system, 1940s
6-07 Record for Lafayette Parish Centennial Pageant, 1923
    (Strauss Waltzes in Dance Tempo)
6-08 Postcards
    Georgia; Alabama; West Virginia; Nova Scotia
6-09 Plaque from South Louisiana Mid-Winter Fair Association, 1938

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