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Library STEP Computer Lab Printing

PaperCut quota

Starting January 11, 2013, PaperCut was implemented in the STEP labs on campus. Print quotas were set at 250 pages per student per semester at a cost of $0.10 per page. Each student is given a $25.00 credit in their account at the beginning of each semester. The quotas were set using print usage data that has been collected for the past year in the STEP Labs and was set at levels consistent with the top 90% usage of the sample. The cost per page covers all paper, toner, ink, and other administrative overhead costs. Once you have reached your quota, you will not be able to print until you obtain a quota extension.

Extensions of quotas are available in incremental amounts by adding credit to your account by using the "Details" link on the PaperCut window on your desktop. You will be able to apply the extensions to your account immediately. The only accepted form of payment is your Cajun Card.

STEP Lab Printing

Three printers are available for printouts in the library's STEP Lab. All unclaimed printouts will be discarded at the end of the day. We ask that each patron consider the economic and environmental impact of their printing activities, and act accordingly.

The rate at which printed pages can come out of our printers is fixed, so wait times are determined by the number and size of print jobs that are sent to our printers at a given time. Our student staff is always prepared to assist patrons in printing more information per page. There are also STEP-funded computer labs (see link to labs) in nearly every building, each with their own printing limits and independent supplies of paper and toner, to assist students in printing necessary materials.

For further information on printing and the PaperCut implementation, please refer to the Help Desk's announcement on PaperCut on their web site, http://helpdesk.louisiana.edu/it-services/papercut.