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Reserve Desk Policies and Procedures
Additional policies and procedures exist that might be applicable.
The Reserve Desk is located on the first floor of Dupré Library and is a service of the Circulation Department. It is staffed and operates during all hours that the library is open (note that all public services, including Reserve, close 15 minutes before the building is closed).
The Reserve collection consists of books and other materials placed there by faculty members and graduate teaching assistants for the use of their students. The Reserve system is organized as a closed stack operation designed to control circulation and to ensure access to materials by class members.
By definition, we serve only the faculty and students of the university, as Reserve materials are held for specific purposes having only to do with courses offered through the university. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. While we cannot allow course materials held to circulation to town borrowers, alumni or Friends of the Library, we do allow those groups to have access to references such as the university budget. These "special reserves" are used only for two hours per person and only within the library.
The students must present their current, validated University identification cards when requesting any type of material. For the first three weeks of any semester, we do allow the use of other forms of identification which show the student's picture and identification number (i.e., driver's license, old university i.d., military i.d., etc.) After the first three weeks exceptions are made only for faculty and town borrowers. Also, if the course for which the material is held is a graduate level course and the instructor makes the request that the students for that course be allowed to use driver's licenses, that exception will be made.
Materials are usually placed on reserve at the beginning of the semester but they may be placed at any time. Please make requests early enough to have the materials processed before they are needed by students.
To remove items from reserve, please call the Reserve Desk at 482-6025.
The following types of materials may be placed on reserve:
  • Books from the library collection
  • Personal and departmental copies of books
  • Photocopied journal articles and parts of books (within copyright law provisions)
  • Sample exams, class notes
  • Audio and video cassettes
  • Music CD's and CD ROMS
Loan Periods
There are four types of loan periods: two-hour library-use-only, one day, three day and seven day. The loan period for materials is designated by the instructor who places the material on reserve. No renewals of any kind are allowed.
  • Two-hour Reserves: Restricted to use within the library and two hours at a time per person.
  • One-Day Reserves: Materials may be checked out at any time during the day and can be returned at any time during hours of operation the following day.
  • Three-Day Reserves: materials may be checked out for three days and returned at any time during hours of operation on the third day.
  • Seven-Day Reserves: materials may be checked out for seven days and returned at any time during hours of operation on the seventh day.
Fees and Fines
Fines for Reserve material are as follows: $.25 per hour for two-hour materials and $.50 per day for one, three or seven day materials. Maximum fine per item is $10.00. There is also a $5.00 per item fine for two-hour material due at close and kept until the following day.
Additional Services
Reserve oversees the multimedia area located on the far right side of the circulation/reserve counter. There are two music-listening rooms, the keys for which may be obtained from the reserve desk along with music cd and cassette players if needed. The bank of video monitors located in this area are used strictly for viewing video cassettes. There is no formal check-in for this area and no time limit. Headphones and remote controls for these sets are also available at the reserve desk.
Jamie R. Guidry, Reserve Supervisor
Departmental Telephone: 337.482.6025

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