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Hours of Operation
After hours go to Reference Desk
Phone: 337.482.1612 or 337.482.6035 ·  Fax: 337.482.1176 · E-mail: ill@louisiana.edu
NEW! There is a $2.00 non-refundable processing fee for each copy request. [Implemented Fall 2012]
NEW! Electronic Delivery has arrived!
NEW! You should use your UL Lafayette email address as your ILLiad Contact.
Note: Please see our Policy Page for additional information.
Interlibrary Loan exists to provide scholars with access to the materials they need to conduct serious research. If Dupré Library does not own a book or journal article that you need, you may obtain it from another institution through Interlibrary Loan.


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This service is available to current UL Lafayette faculty, staff, students and retirees who are engaged in serious research.
Anyone having overdue library or Interlibrary Loan materials or a blocked record is not eligible until the record is cleared.
Please note: Undergraduates must have faculty signature for loans. Undergraduate students should ask the Reference Staff for assistance in finding materials available at the UL Lafayette Library. An "Interlibrary Loan Undergraduate Privileges" form must be on file for all undergraduates requesting loans. This form must be approved and signed by a faculty member. The faculty member accepts responsibility for all materials obtained on behalf of that student with their signature.
There is usually no charge for borrowing returnable materials through Interlibrary Loan. Some institutions, however, do charge. If there is a fee involved, the patron's approval is obtained before submitting the request.
Some institutions, however, do charge. If there is a fee involved we will call you for approval before completing the transaction.
There is always a handling fee for photocopies. Patrons are charged a non-refundable $2 processing fee for each article requested. This fee is charged to the patron’s Cajun Cash account (Cajun Card) at the time the request is handled.
Some institutions charge a transaction fee or as much as $10.00 - $25.00 with some charging an additional "per page" fee of $.01 - $.50 per page. The patron is notified for fee approval if the providing institution charges.
Written permission must be obtained and verified prior to a patron being able to charge to departmental account. A Departmental Charge Approval form must be on file in the Interlibrary Loan Office for interdepartmental charges. A form is provided for your convenience.
Your order can take anywhere from a few hours to one to four weeks to arrive. Time varies from request to request and there is no way of telling how long your request will take.
When your order arrives, you will be notified by E-mail or telephone. You must pick up books in the Interlibrary Loan Department. Photocopies are primarily delivered electronically via a link and password emailed to patrons using their UL Lafayette email account. If for some reason we cannot deliver your photocopy electronically, the method of delivery will default to hold for pick up at the Circulation Desk.
Status of Loan Request
You can check the status of your request at any time by logging into your ILLiad account and selecting "View/Modify Outstanding Requests" from the main menu. See "Explanation of Borrowing Status" for help in understanding the location of your request at any given time.
For orders involving a fee: Please note that if your order arrives too late for your use, you must still pay for it. If you feel the material will arrive too late for your use, you can cancel the order if it has not been shipped by the lending institution.
Borrowed items should be returned to the INTERLIBRARY LOAN OFFICE or the REFERENCE DESK on or before the due date and must not be returned to the Circulation Desk, in the book drop, or in the mail.
The patron is responsible for returnable materials from the time it is picked up in the Interlibrary Loan Office until is properly returned. Any fee or fine resulting from an improperly returned item is the responsibility of the patron.
Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library. You may request a renewal on any Interlibrary Loan material, as long as "No Renewals" was not one of the restrictions that the lending library placed on the item.You must, however, try to limit the number of renewal requests you ask for since most lenders do not look kindly upon renewing large numbers of materials.
Requests for renewals must be made within the 5-day before the due date. ILLiad will not allow renewals outside of this time-frame. Please Note: The Due Date automatically generated by ILLiad upon submission of your Renewal Request is a provisional or "temporary" due date. You will be notified of the response and/or the new due date via E-mail.
You may also logon to your ILLiad account to check the status of your request at any time. The response may be:
  • Renewal is granted (you will receive a new due date).
  • Renewal is denied (you must return the material immediately).
  • Renewals cannot be placed on overdue materials!
  • Renewals cannot be placed on "No Renewal" items.
  • We cannot grant second renewals!
  • You are allowed one re-request of a borrowed item after the first copy is returned to the Interlibrary Loan.
To submit your renewal request
You can place a renewal request by logging into your ILLiad account.
All interlibrary loan materials are subject to recall by the lending library. If recalled, materials must be returned IMMEDIATELY!
When material is due, and has not been picked up from the Interlibrary Loan Department, it is returned to the lending institution. If the material has been picked up, you will receive an overdue notice. ILLiad automatically generates overdue notices and blocks the user's account once the system deems the account extremely overdue. If the material is not returned you, will be responsible for any charges imposed upon us by the lending institution.
ILL is not a substitute for the purchase of textbooks and may not be used to fill textbook or reference requirements for course work.
The Interlibrary Loan Department reserves the right to deny privileges to anyone abusing these policies.
Violation of other libraries' lending regulations, including repeated overdues, jeopardizes borrowing privileges and could eventually eliminate the benefits of services for *everyone*.
Interlibrary Loan strives to maintain a good working relationship with our suppliers by returning their materials promptly!
Deborah L. Johnson, Head of Interlibrary Loan
(337.482.1612 or 337.482.6035; dljohnson@louisiana.edu).

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