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Library Fund
Representatives & Liaisons
Accounting K. Hsu Deal
Architecture A. Loewy Chance
Biology/Microbiology J. Neigel Curry
Bus Admin & Legal Studies (MIS) Z. Zhu Deal
Center for Cultural & Eco-Tourism J. Guidry Mosley
Center for Louisiana Studies J.Wilson Mosley
Chemical Engineering J. Garber Miguez
Chemistry A. Gallo Plaisance
Civil Engineering S. Hall Miguez
Cognitive Science S. Dasgupta Flockton
Communication D. Givens-Carroll Deal
Communicative Disorders J. Tetnowski Plaisance
Computer Science/CACS T. Maida Plaisance
Computing Support Services D. Savioe Plaisance
Criminal Justice R. Evans Flynn
Dean of Libraries Fund Triche Triche
Economics/Finance P. Das Deal
Educ. Curriculum & Instruction Y. Ma Miguez
Educ. Foundations & Leadership P. Langlinais Miguez
Electrical/Computer Engineering M. Madani Miguez
English Greene Curry
General Archives Turner Turner
General Cajun/Creole Music Coll. Himel Himel
General Canada TBA Wiltz
General Government Documents Himel Himel
General Library Flockton Flockton
General Louisiana Room Kiesel Kiesel
General Reference Miguez Miguez
General Replacement Books Flockton Flockton
General Studies P. Hayes Flockton
General Video A. Grey A. Grey
Geology B. Lock Curry
GeoSciences D. Borrock Curry
Health Info. Management C. Venable Plaisance
History/Geography S. Ritchey Gilcrease
Honors Program J. Frederick Plaisance
Industrial Technology W. Mueller Miguez
Kinesiology C. Landry Miguez
Management R. Cheek Deal
Marketing/Hospitality J. Farrish Deal
Materials Center D. Williams Miguez
Mathematics/Statistics A. Vatsala Flynn
Mechanical Engineering J. Keska Miguez
Microscopy Center T. Pesacreta Curry
Modern Languages R. Winters Mosley
Music G. Alper Flynn
Nursing and Allied Health R. Myers Flynn
Performing Arts G. Alper Chance
Petroleum Engineering S. Bougadi Miguez
Philosophy K. Korcz Plaisance
Physics I. Maor Flynn
Political Science S. Ridgeway Gilcrease
Psychology A. Brown Turner
Sociology/Anthropology T. Sims Chance
Visual Arts S. Sinclair Chance
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