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ENGL 305 (Bibliographic Research)


The course is designed to sharpen basic library skills and introduce advanced library research techniques in various formats, particularly print and electronic.

Course Outline

Week One
Schedule of classes may vary due to semester holidays.
Library Orientation & Tour
Week Two
Basic Information Organization and Retrieval: Classification/Subject Headings. Take Home Assignment #1 (10 pts.)
Week Three
Periodical Literature: Journals, newspapers, print, electronic, microformats. Take Home Assignment #2 (10 pts.)
Week Four
Internet Basics: Databases, browsers, search engines, WWW, URLs. Take Home Assignment #3 (10 pts.)
Week Five
General Reference Sources: Encyclopedias/dictionaries/atlases. Take Home Assignment #4 (10 pts.)
Week Six
No class; Fall Break
Week Seven
Specialized Reference Sources: Biographical/statistical/business. Take Home Assignment #5 (10 pts.)
Week Eight
Bibliographies/Style Manuals. Take Home Assignment #6 (10 pts.)
Week Nine
Special Collections: Government Documents; Special Collections. Take Home Assignment #7 (10 pts.)
Week Ten
Week Eleven
Semester Review/Deadline for all late assignments.
Week Twelve
Submit research topic and research plan.
Week Thirteen
Submit rough drafts of Final Research Project/Bibliography.
Week Fourteen
Week Fifteen
Week Sixteen
Final Research Project due; 30 points. A two-three page bibliography on any subject within your major and typed double-spaced in correct APA or MLA format. An "A" paper will list examples of books, journal articles (paper and electronic databases), newspaper articles, microforms, government documents and oral interviews.
Week Seventeen
Exam Week



7 Assignments (10 pts. each): 70 points

Final Project: 30 points

Total: 100 points


A=90-100 · B=80-89 · C=70-79 · D=60-69 · F=below 60

Attendance is required and will be considered in the final grading.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

A map of each floor is posted near the elevator marking the evacuation route and the Designated Rescue Area. This is an area where emergency service personnel will go first to look for individuals who need assistance in exiting the building. Students who may need assistance should identify themselves to library staff.


Jeremiah Paschke-Wood, Instructional Services Librarian, jpaschkewood@louisiana.edu